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Microsoft OneDrive What is it, what is it for and how to use it to get the most out of it?

Save files and data on our computer it has become a big problem in most cases. This is because on many occasions we need to see a file and we do not have the pc available, or there is a risk that the information will be deleted and lost by mistake.

The cloud is a very useful virtual space that is becoming more and more integrated among us. Compared to a hard drive, it allows us to collect data in an online field and then access it from anywhere and from any PC or device.

For that reason, We bring you a post where you can learn a little about Microsoft OneDrive and the different qualities that this cloud presents to safeguard your information.

What is Microsoft OneDrive and what is this Windows operating system tool for?

OneDrive is known to be a very useful application today. Its development was based on creating a hosting service that allows users to save any type of file in the cloud. Microsoft OneDrive brings with it a host of great features for working online – and away from home. How to view and edit office documents, synchronize with your email to send and receive files, among others.

Its main function allows storing information with an Internet connection, in order to keep those files on the network, rather than on the computer’s hard drive. In this way, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. At the beginning of its founding it was given the name Windows Live Folders, only for programmers in the United States. Some time later, its use began to spread, changing its name to Windows Live SkyDrive.

Over the years, the platform was already suitable for a wide variety of countries, and its storage capacity was increased respectively by its due large-scale updates, which in turn provided new features and better performance. Currently, its website and its applications are available for iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, it is included in Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.

OneDrive Features What can I do with Microsoft’s cloud computing tool?

Microsoft OneDrive It is not only recognized for its online storage service, it also brings with it many advantages that can be used to the maximum.

For that reason, we present the multiple functions offered by its platform:

Create and view documents with Office Online

One of the most notable features of OneDrive is the compatibility with the office suite of Microsoft, This has provided great benefits to many companies internationally. Office Online it is a very useful space, Compared to the desktop version, this it is managed through the browser.

So you can create Office documents from scratch in the field of OneDrive, and you can edit those that are uploaded to the server. Further, OneDrive you are not only able to view office documents, you can also be used for editing PDF formats, this can be from your computer or smartphone.

Save and tag photos

With OneDrive can automatically store the photos and videos you generate from your mobile device, In this way, you can have your multimedia content and organize it in the cloud, and then view it from your computer. In addition, its service of great ease has an automated system that is responsible for making labels for the photographsThus, it is much easier to locate the content that is uploaded.

Organize information

One of the main characteristics of this cloud is its utility to manage all the data that is on our PC. In such a way, that we can have each of our files ordered to simplify the search.

Share files

OneDrive it has the ability to distribute files, and even folders to anyone and from anywhere with an Internet connection. Also, if you configure this function properly, the document you want to share can be viewed and edited by the recipient.

Communication via Skype

Among the different functions offered OneDrive, this is the one most used by its users. Its platform allows working with Skype to send messages and make video calls online. This method can be used from your web browser, while working on an Office document or presentation.

Windows Backup

Another advantage of this online store, relies on your ability to save Windows settings, like, from programs in the cloud, as a backup. This will allow you to have a copy of the important files that you want to protect, in case they are deleted or you have to use it on another computer.

Learn step by step how to use OneDrive to create backups in Windows

The Information protection is vital for anyone, regarding failures and accidents that may occur unexpectedly.

Therefore, we bring you a simple guide on how to make and configure your backups:

Create backup

The first thing to do before backing up is to ensure files are synced with OneDrive in Windows. This you can do by signing in to OneDrive with your Microsoft account. After starting the section, a tab will open where you will be notified of the creation of a OneDrive folder on your computer, where the files you want to protect will be saved automatically. Then click next.

You can then choose to sync all your files and folders to OneDrive, or simply, you can choose the folders of your preference, and click next again. At the end, folders and files that are generated or downloaded will be automatically saved in the OneDrive folder, in this way, you will have the benefit of viewing these files from another device without any problem.

Schedule backup

To manage a backup, click the blue cloud found in the lower left panel of the desktop. Then you must click on the option “plus” and later head towards settings ”.


Therefore, a new window will open, enter the tab that says “Backup” and select “Manage backup”. In this step, you must choose the folders you want to add to your backup and then click “start backup.”


You can too stop backing up a folder, from the same settings panel, by clicking on the option “Stop backup” so that the folder is stored only on your computer.

The best alternative cloud services to OneDrive you should know for Windows

There are a wide variety of alternatives to OneDrive, that have many unique benefits and services for storing and synchronizing information in the cloud.

We present the most prominent ones that you can use in Windows:

Google drive

Google drive

The Google Cloud It is one of the most effective and similar alternatives to the Microsoft service. It is available to anyone with a completely free registration, including a storage capacity of up to 15GB to hold files.

Google drive can be used with Gmail, for downloading documents. In addition, it can preview audios, images, documents, among other file formats. Moreover, your hosting service has a great synchronization speed and allows file distribution with permissions to view and edit them. An ideal option to protect your information.



The Dropbox platform it is one of the oldest and easiest to handle, which can be used on any computer or mobile device to quickly synchronize folders and files. Although Dropbox is one of the most popular alternatives for this field As a backup, its capacity has only 2GB of storage.

However, this is not your limit, since by inviting new users to join this service, you can get a total of 16GB of storage. The software is able to share files and folders with other peopleTherefore, if you are looking for a service that meets your expectations, Dropbox may be an option to consider.


At the other end we have Mega, who offers a fabulous service in relation to file hosting capacity. Among the qualities of this cloud, the most outstanding is that it provides 50GB to store all kinds of files, and for free.

Its development was used to be the successor of the Megaupload hosting service, but with an anonymity system included. This encryption function is very important and effective to prevent any intruder from accessing the uploaded dataTherefore, it is considered one of the safest services for storing information.