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Microsoft Word Cloud Services What are they and how do you get the most out of them?

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The cloud service It is a tool that has been used for several years and more and more Internet companies that add to this type of service. All this thanks to this cloud storage offers a lot of advantage to usersthis being the reason for its success.

When using this type of storage the user must forget about full hard drivesince now you will have all your information closer and at any time and place. Cloud is nothing more than that service that allows you to store and access data and programs from the Internet without the need to use the computer hard drive.

According to all the importance of this function, since a while ago Microsoft Word has also begun to use it, that is how in this post we are going to teach you a little more about this service and how you can start to take full advantage of it.

What are the main cloud services offered by Word?

For some time now, Microsoft has started to implement the cloud service to each of your programs including Wordthus allowing its users to be able to save all your information in an easier way and in turn be able to enter it in anytime, anywhere as long as they have a network connection.

This is how it offers different types of functions where what is cloud storage and online document editingin this way, here we are going to explain what each of them consists of.

Cloud storage

Also know as cloud service, cloud computing or cloud computing, is the one that will allow you save your information without having to take up space on your computer’s hard drivethis is because such information will be saved in the cloud. This means that for To access all your data and files again you will need to have an Internet connection.

To make use of cloud computing You do not have to have advanced knowledge, since its operation is very simple. The most important thing in this case is that you can disput a stable Internet connection at high speedsince of this It will depend on the operation of the cloud. Among its main advantages the following can be found:

  • Its services are provided to world leveloffering greater storage options, as well as backups.
  • you won’t have to install any softwareso it requires a minimum investment.
  • It can be easily integrated into other programs and business applications.
  • Constantly It updates.
  • You can work on it any time and any day.

Editing documents online

One of the great advantages of this service offered by Word is that it allows its users to be able to edit documents onlineand it is that power work online offers you two very important things, the first of which is that you can access your information at any time and place regardless of the device where you do itthis can be a smartphone, tablet or computer.

And the second is that the person will be able to work on those documents without the need to download them. Also, everything you edit will be gone automatically savingavoiding the existence of any kind of loss of information. But keep in mind that you must have a stable network connection for this to work properly. Among its main advantages the following can be highlighted:

  • You may work on your documents without the need to perform downloading them.
  • easy access to them anywhere and from any device.
  • Everything that edit in your documents online it will be stored automatically.
  • You have one excellent platform so you can work comfortably.

Steps to connect to a cloud server to store my Word documents

If you are one of those people who constantly works with Microsoft Wordthen you will be interested to know how you can start connecting to cloud computing and so begin store each of your documents in an easier way. Please note that this service offered by the carrier microsoft is available for most of your programs as they are Excel, PowerPoint, Wordamong others.

Can connect to cloud service It is very simple to do, for this you just have to follow each one of the steps that we will explain below:

  • once you have your writing in the text sheet and it is ready to be savedthe next thing will be to select “File, Archive” and then “Save as”.

Steps to connect to a cloud server to store my Word documents

  • Here you will open Windows Explorerin the menu on the left you will find the option of “OneDrive” which you are going to select and click on “Save”.

Steps to connect to a cloud server to store my Word documents

  • If you haven’t yet signed in to OneDrivethen just access the tool e sign in or sign up if you haven’t already. In the same way it happens with microsoftin case you have not registered you must also do so.

Steps to connect to a cloud server to store my Word documents

  • Once you have registered and signed in to OneDrivethen if you proceed to “Save” your document.

List of the best cloud storage services to save your Word documents

Currently there are many cloud storage servers where you can save each of your word documents and thus access them whenever you want and from any device. you can also save programs, pictures, videos, notes, musicamong many other files that you think are necessary.

According to this, here We are going to show you a list of the best cloud computing that you can start using today:

google drive

google drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage offered currently by Google company and with which you get a 15 GB memory space at the time of registration. In this memory space available you can save any type of files and data you think necessary and to which you can easily access.

If you have a registration on the YouTube portal or Gmailthen automatically you already have a google drive registrationsince with these same data from Login you can enter said online platform. Also, here you will be able to save high-quality photos and videos for freeand it will also allow two people to use the same account simultaneously.

drop box

Currently drop box has managed to become one of cloud servers most important in the world, it offers a free plan and other paid, the difference of each of them will be storage capacity available. In the case of the free version the memory capacity is quite small, but you will have the opportunity to invite friends and for each one of them that is added to the service will receive a memory boost award.

Here you will not only have the opportunity to save all your documents and files, but you can also work onlinethus preventing you from having to download your information from the cloud plus allows you to access from any device and at any time.


This platform has not achieved all the popularity that they have achieved Google Drive and Dropbox, but which continues to grow thanks to the fact that it offers an excellent service. It also has a free and paid versionin the free version you will be able to enjoy 10 GB of available memory where can you store all kinds of files.

Box is currently used by large number of private users and companieswhere its main advantage is that it offers a maximum security in each of the data included in your system. It is important to mention that since it is a online service the risks of cyber attacks there are many, so safety becomes a very important factor.

Next Cloud

Next Cloud is another of the most popular cloud services todaydespite being one of the most recent, already has a very large portfolio of users. This platform offers you different options so that you can store each of your files and thus free up space on your hard drivealso offers you synchronization options with all your files on the Internetwhich will allow you to access them at across different devices.

Like Box, It is used by a large number of companies who store your important data on their platform. For this it offers a highly advanced security system that allows you to have all your data and financial files completely safe. It has different types of storage plans where you simply have to choose the one that suits your needs.


East cloud service is used by the platform Microsoft Word and Outlook and is currently one of the most important and popularwhich is used almost everywhere in the world by your excellent services. It has a free version that only offers you 5GB of memory but which you can increase by hiring some of your payment plans.

It has different types of plans where you can reach get from 10 Gb of memories up to 50GB memory at very low cost. All this has led it to become one of the best options currently available in the market.