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Microsoft Word tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

Microsoft Word tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

Microsoft Word is the word processor most accepted by all users worldwide. It was the first that generated major changes and advances regarding its functions and compatibility with other platforms .

It is based mainly on a typewriter that existed in the past, offering very similar functionality, although much more complete by the way. In Word, we can find the most varied tools, from inserting a video to writing a « Work Certificate «.

In this article we are going to show you the different features that make Word a word processor of excellence. We will also teach you the best tricks so you can increase your efficiency when writing writings.

What features make Microsoft Word a unique word processor ?

Características convierten a Microsoft Word en un procesador de texto único

Word presents many features that we could spend hours reading about them, but in summary mode we want to tell you what are the most outstanding features of this word processor.

Here are the details :

It is a very complete word processor because it allows, among other things, to check our spelling and grammar , highlighting errors with red and blue underlines. Other features is its compatibility , because Word can be installed on different platforms, even on Android.

It is ideal for works developed for the APA model , which is mandatory for the submission of writings. It has different preset formats , which can be found at the beginning or when we open the program and look for a new document. These highlight the different templates that exist clip art.

The functions are universal , therefore, you can print and send documents, inserting different letters or hyperlinks without changing them in your recipient.

What types of documents can I create or edit in Word?

Tipos de documentos puedo crear o editar en Word

Among the different types of documents that we can edit we will mention the following:

  • Web Page : if we need to save a web page we can do it through a filtered web page for this case Word will only save the content and the interface of the same thus obtaining a very file small.
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) : created by Microsoft in 1983. With this we can write in Word and save it with an operating system and open it in another.
  • Encoded Text : To encode a text, a numbering scheme is used, which assigns an alphanumeric combination to each text character.
  • HTML : You can open files with this web page language format.
  • Notepad : We can edit and dump your content into a Notepad file .
  • Document Template : it is all those templates previously designed which already exist the sources determined the predefined styles and the assigned margins, for example, a service invoice, or a curriculum vitae templates that are already assigned in Word itself.
  • Word document : for logical reason we can edit a document of Windows operating system text.
  • Word document for devices from the manufacturer Apple .

List of the top 50 Word tricks to get the most out of it

Los mejores 50 trucos de Word para sacarle el máximo provecho

Here are the best Word tricks so you can really be a professional on these topics :

Insert table

When we need to insert a table our text so that it is more neat and the data can be exposed in a better way we can do it this way:

  • Insert
  • Table choose the columns and rows by moving the cursor.
  • The way to do it is by drawing the table for it we will do the same steps but choose «Draw table »

Insert an Excel spreadsheet

When we have an Excel template and we want to send it through a Word document to show the advantages of graphics or other data that we obtained with the accuracy of the spreadsheet.

We can do it this way :

  • Insert
  • Excel spreadsheet table
  • We look for the reference file
  • We paste it

Insert calendar

When we want to write a text in Word and insert some calendar or dates so that it is neat we will have to do this procedure :

  • Insert
  • Tableblade/li>
  • Quick Tables
  • We choose the one we like the most

Designed template

Truco de Word. Plantilla diseñada

When we need to work through pre-set designs, Word offers us the possibility to choose some of the ones that have presets.

For this we will have to go to :

  • Design
  • Style set
  • We choose the one we like

Water frame

If we need to establish a water frame with our signature or with some other identification of ours we will have to follow these steps :

  • Design
  • Water frame
  • Custom watermarks …
  • Image watermark
  • we can choose also, text watermark

​​ Page background color

To change the background color of our page we will have to do these steps:

  • Design
  • More colors
  • Standard
  • we can choose «Custom»

Set margins

One of the major complications that novice users have is to give the correct margin to the document they are writing.

In order to define a correct horizontal and vertical upper and lower margin we will have to follow this guide :

  • Disposition
  • Margins
  • Custom margins …
  • Margins
  • Choose between « Superior > «,« Left «,« Lower «,« Right «,” Binding “and” Internal margin position «

Horizontal orientation

Many times we present our documents in a landscape or also called horizontal orientation.

In order to do this work we will have to do the following :

  • Disposition
  • Margins
  • Custom margins …
  • Orientation
  • Horizontal
  • Accept

If we need to apply it to the entire document or just « Hereafter «, we can also choose these options.

Insert bullets to our list

When we work with different lists or want to enumerate a series of elements that have a statement we need to use bullet points, which can be points or an enumeration.

To do this we will do the following :

  • We select the paragraph or the elements we want to enumerate
  • We go to « Home «
  • And we select the bullets


Truco de Word. Notas al pie

These kinds of texts are used for when we do work in which we need to add a call or make a note of us.

If we need to do this we will do the following :

  • We select the place to go to give the note
  • References
  • Footnotes and immediately Word show a number below a horizontal line with which we will have to write directly.

It should be clarified that this number will be correlative therefore we will not have to worry about assigning the number 2 to control its numerical correlation.

Another issue to consider is that Word will not change the place where the note was inserted and I took it will be fixed to the sheet where the appointment exists

Smart search

Without another document it is large and we need to perform a search for recommendations related to what we are working on, Word allows us to do this work.

For this we will go to :

  • References
  • Help

We write what we need, for example, we will write « Bullet » and we will see results of how to remove a bullet or how to add it. We can also see the bullet point, among other results.

Once we know our result we click on it and it will show us all the help we need by clicking on each of them will give us the precise indications.

Insert title to an image

When we put in the image it is our job and we need to add a reference title we can do it this way :

  • References
  • Insert titles
  • We write what we need

Now what we need is to insert cross references, we will do the same job, but we will add insert cross references in this way we can obtain the hyperlinks with which the automatic image is labeled.

Document protection

If we need to protect our documents, we will perform the following guide:

  • Review
  • Proteger
  • Restrict edition
  • Edition restrictions
  • Start applying, in this field we choose « Yes, apply protection «