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Mobile cleaner: what is it, what is it for and what are the best apps? 2019 List

Mobile cleaner: what is it

Surely, your mobile phone started to work slowly overnight without you knowing the reasons. He began to consume more battery than normal and the worries and discomforts in you began to be present more and more every day.

This happens because many applications that you have on your smartphone run in the background, that is, they are not active on the screen , but they continue to occupy the RAM of your phone for when you have new notifications or you want to use them again. An example of this application is WhatsApp.

In this article you will find everything related to applications that are dedicated to cleaning our mobiles and you will know if it is convenient or not to download one of these applications. When you finish reading, you can manually do what the cleaning apps do.

What is a mobile cleaner and how does it work?

Limpiador de móvil ¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cuáles son las mejores apps? Lista 2019

A mobile cleaner is an application that is designed and developed to act on your phone to perform a cleaning activity and thus optimize your mobile phone .

In summary, what it basically does is:

  • Clean RAM memory by closing all those that are loaded and not running.
  • Control the battery , that is, the objective of these apps is that your battery last as long as possible without recharging. This point is related to the aforementioned, closes those applications that run in the background because they consume battery.
  • Empty the cache , generating more space in the phone storage.
  • Some applications provide an antivirus among their services , which when it is executed inspects everything that exists on our phone and eliminates those risks that it considers important.
  • Reports large files and gives the option to delete them.

A mobile cleaner what it does is do the work for us , that is, it performs an internal management in all the computer processes that our phone has in relation to the applications we have installed closing all that is open and emptying the RAM.

Why is it important to keep the cell phone free of viruses and residual files ? Benefits

Having a cell phone free of viruses and residual files is important because in the absence of these harmful enemies of our mobile we will get a operation almost perfectly when we are using it , in other words there will be no pauses Strangers or slownesses that make our user experience not one of the best.

When we use a cleaner our operating system starts working better because it doesn’t have to work to work with files and applications that we have installed idle.

All this will result in our phone working for longer in an optimal way, it will not waste time or concentration when we want to interact with applications that are slowly slowing our cell phone.

Are smartphone optimizers really effective or are they a fraud?

This theme is really a point of controversy between users and app developers , as many experts say that cell cleaners are useless and do the same tasks that we can take care of ourselves personally.

These people point out that having a cleaner all it does is take up space on your phone and close all the applications that are open in its path, making the phone really slow down since When you open that application, which the cleaner has closed for a while, you need to reload your cache to function according to the user’s preferences, consuming phone memory and user time.

They say that when a cleaner is installed becomes a police officer of our phones , it does not allow us to do anything without authorization of this app. It causes some inconveniences and setbacks when using applications that have less daily use because when we open it again this cleaner does not allow us and we do not know many times why .

Many cleaners, as a point for or against too, brings among its antivirus packages . This is not always as good as operating systems are generally designed so that they are not damaged by intrusive files.

Limpiador de móvil ¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cuáles son las mejores apps? Lista 2019

Another point of view of many users encourages the use of these cleaners , because they argue that by periodically programming them they forget to do it by themselves and above all things they save time This criterion has a strong point because we understand that not all users of tablets and mobile phones have enough knowledge to be able to do it themselves.

List of the best applications to clean your mobile and keep it optimized on Android iOS

There are many apps in the application stores that are dedicated to cleaning and optimizing mobile phones, we want to show you the best applications to clean your mobile and keep it optimized for both the Android or iOS operating system.

Here’s the list of the best apps to clean your device:

Clean My Android

As the name implies it is developed for Android operating systems , it has more than five million downloads and has “garbage cleaning” «administrator services of applications », « cpu » and « garbage cleaning ». Its interface is simple and user-friendly and can accelerate your device in a matter of seconds, that is, with this you will be able to use your mobile in a constant way.


This app was developed by Google, allows among other functions to show those duplicate files and which can be deleted. Also analyzes those apps that we use a little and suggests eliminating the one from our phones. It has a great point in favor that is that it occupies little place in the storage of the phone.

SD Maid

Limpiador de móvil ¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cuáles son las mejores apps? Lista 2019

Among many advantages that this cleaner has one is to provide an alternative to remove residual application files and that remain in our phone when we delete them. It’s a good thing when it comes to watching our slow phones.

MAX Cleaner

If there is a mobile application that really cares about your phone, it is this, MAX Cleaner, since it is focused on protecting all the security of your phone because it allows you to block applications with a password and as well as block phone numbers You don’t want to be called.

Delete unusable files, clean the cache and delete those APK files that are not useful for our operations . It also offers a powerful antivirus to protect the operating system.

Clean Master

Clean Master is an application that is used as a mobile cleaner that works by optimizing the operation of RAM by deleting all residual and garbage files . It is constantly analyzing the cache to clean it and make your phone work faster.

This antivirus detects and removes malware and adware. It has very good user recommendations, its «Intruder selfie» tool is very prominent because it allows you to get a picture of the face of the person who wanted to violate the security of your phone.

Wondershare MobileGo

If what you need is to organize your applications by managing APK files, or by uninstalling apps that you don’t need or simply by making backup copies, this application is ideal for you .

The functions it has are very advanced and it has a great advantage when files have been accidentally deleted, because it has a previous step that allows you to recover them without wasting much time.

Super Cleaner

The applications overheat the phone battery and other components of the phone, this cleaner is ideal for those Android systems , since it has a tool called “ CPU cold > ”Which lowers the temperature to normal parameters.

It has a game booster that allows to eliminate the processes that run in the background and the games increase their performance in this way up to 30%.


It is surely the best application for cell phone cleaning, this comes from CCleaner for Windows on desktop computers . Which is highly valued among its users. Its version is free and they come for Android systems

Cleaner eXtreme

This simple app, works for those people in which they are afraid of causing damage to the operating system for having deleted some file or other data because they did not know the real work they had in the processing of the phone.

Saar Baruch

Specially designed for iOS operating systems which helps free up space and optimize device storage by organizing multimedia files and removing trash.

It has an additional web cleaning mode to protect Internet browsers from advertisements.

How to keep my mobile optimized and free of garbage without cleaners? Tips

To keep your mobile device clean we will give you real advice that will help you not waste time or concentration when you are interacting with your cell phone.

Follow our advice:

Keep the download folder clean Limpiador de móvil ¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cuáles son las mejores apps? Lista 2019

Many times, without realizing it, we download multimedia files or documents in formats such as PDF for example, and once we use it we forget to delete them remaining in the downloads folder . This slows our phone because it occupies RAM and the cache is also damaged by this folder.

So that these things do not happen you will have to perform the following procedure:

  • Verify that you no longer use the files you have in «Downloads» and that you have a copy of it in another place if you need it for the future.
  • Go to accounConfiguration account,
  • go to «Storage space» and touch the «Downloads» ( there you will find all the files and documents since the last time you deleted them),
  • Press and hold the item you want to remove and a warning will appear for you to share that file or send it to the trash.

You must do one by one, designed for safety this procedure.

Clear cache

Limpiador de móvil ¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cuáles son las mejores apps? Lista 2019

When we use the phone inevitably, the applications leave files in the cache so that when we use them again, the phone takes its files deposited in the cache and runs the application faster. This generates a better user experience, but it also makes the phone slower.

To erase the memory we go on our phone to «Settings» and we touch the word «Applications» , at this moment all the applications that deposited will appear In the cache of our mobile your files, we press and hold to select the app we want to choose and we accept to delete. This is the procedure to delete one by one.

An easier and more direct way is to go to the top of the screen where the three horizontal points or lines are and press «Clear all application cache»

Remove apps we don’t use

Limpiador de móvil ¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cuáles son las mejores apps? Lista 2019

When we download apps for a certain task, a special game or to obtain specific information and leave it on our cell phone and we do not realize that we will no longer use it.

As is logical to understand these applications take up space in storage, cache and RAM, making our phone slow down without any need.

For this we have to delete all mobile applications that we do not use , we have to enter “Settings” , press “Storage space” where a list will appear and we choose “Applications” .

We keep selected for a few seconds and it will give us the option to press «Uninstall» , we click with our finger and it will ask us if we are sure to uninstall that application, we answer “ Yes ”and ready, we have more space on our phone.

Another quicker way to do this is press and hold the application icon on the desktop and a red trash can will appear on the top margin of our phone , we carry with our finger while still pressing the screen up to that tacho. You will ask us, as in the previous case, if we are sure you want to delete the application, we answer that “ Yes ”.

Remove duplicate photos

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