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Mozilla Thunderbird What is this email client and why should you use it?

If you want to know why Mark Zuckerberg uses Mozilla Thunderbird on his computer, you will have to continue reading this post. We will explain why it is one of the most important and secure encryption mail services available today.

Further, you will be able to find information about Thunderbird Addons, especially Enigmail, and you will know how to organize your agenda with Lightning Calendar in a safe way.

Do not miss anything if you want keep you safe when you send and receive an email from your computer because you can also analyze other email clients alternative to Mozilla Thunderbird.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird and what is this tool for?

Mozilla Thunderbird it’s an email server which is developed with open source and can be downloaded for free for protect privacy through data encryption of the emails. It is available in more than 50 languages. It was created by the Mozilla Foundation in 2004 and is used by default in various distributions of Linux, for example, in Tails. This is done thanks to the reliability and versatility offered by the mail server to protect the anonymity of the user.

Thunderbird Addons What are they and how do they enhance the platform?

Thunderbird Addons What are they and how do they enhance the platform?

Addons are plugins that are used as an extension of the mail server of Mozilla to improve the appearance and customize the graphical interface. In addition, it allows you to configure chats, tags and the reading of news. There is a large number of Addons that can be downloaded from the official page, which are separated by categories and classified according to the opinions of users.

Enigmail What is this Addon for?

One of the most downloaded Addons is Enigmail. It is complement encrypts messages and gives authenticity to them through OpenPGP. This task is performed automatically and requires implementation GnuPG for its funtionability. It can be downloaded and used for free.

Download Enigmail Addon

What are the advantages and limitations of using the Mozilla email client?

One of the advantages of this mail server is that it offer add-ons that allow you to customize different aspects graphics and security. The latter being one of the most important reasons to download and use Thunderbird. Being open source it is possible to contribute ideas as a user, which leads to updates that significantly improve the version.

This increases the versatility, the functionality and above all the security of use. This is a very comfortable option due to its interface, which allows adding a customizable calendar. Among the disadvantages of this email server the incompatibility of use with other users is found. That is, a calendar event can be shared as long as the recipient uses the same platform.

Further, options for filtering searches are a bit limited. This means that its use is rudimentary for advanced users. Finally, one of the most important disadvantages of the Mozilla Foundation email client is that it does not have the possibility of downloading a mobile version. This prevents accessing new emails anywhere the user is.

Thunderbird Security How secure is this platform?

Mozilla has reported these vulnerabilities throughout the existence of this mail server:

  • JS SubScript Loader. Which means an imminent danger for attacks through webs prepared to increase the privilege of the untrustworthy user.
  • Shift-JIS. With this weakness it is possible to suffer Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.
  • Denial of services when using JavaScript files.
  • Affect certain drivers internal hardware boards, which significantly weakens security.

All this shows that the security of Thunderbird is not 100%, which happens with all mail servers. But this does not mean that the service Mozilla for emails is not reliable.

Lightning Calendar How to organize your schedule with this tool?

Lightning Calendar How to organize your schedule with this tool?

Lightning is a tool that is used, in an integrated way with Mozilla Thunderbird mail, to keep a record and organize events by means of a calendar. Provides the ability to share tasks with other users, configure alarms and modify any event through email.

The development is from an open source program therefore, its update is permanent and offers users the option of improving the design, contributing ideas or modifying the code for continuous improvement. Its installation is done for free and the interface it presents allows to create assign a follow-up in a simple way. The best thing about this calendar is that it aims to maintain privacy and increase user safety to the maximum.

To organize this agenda you will have to follow these steps:

  • Head that with your browser to the official Web site. For this you will have to write
  • Then find the button DOWNLOAD BETA and press the same. You can also do it from direct way below.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird Windows

Download Mozilla Thunderbird MacOS

  • Enter all data that the wizard asks you to finish the installation task.
  • To add an event you will have to go to the top menu and click on Events. Then you must choose the day and time to start and end.
  • When you need incorporate a task, you will have to press Task and do the same steps as the previous point.
  • If what you are looking for is edit any element, you can select it from the calendar and choose the option Edit.

List of the best alternative email clients to Mozilla Thunderbird

We will show you below the best alternative email clients to Mozilla and that you can use safely:


Is a email client that offers users a password manager that allows an ideal use for those users who need a reliable email and who protect the information in the best way. It has a graphical interface that allows chats to be stored according to users or by theme. But, as a disadvantage, it can be mentioned that you will have a 30-day free trial.

Download GcMail Windows

You can use this email for communications in your company in a very simple and secure way, since provides an end-to-end encryption service for messages. The interface it offers is pleasant and you can quickly find any message, access the calendar, tasks and contacts. It is one of the best email servers in terms of security, but its use is not available for mobile applications.