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My WhatsApp has expired How can I renew the version of my app?

My WhatsApp has expired How can I renew the version of my app?

The ways of communicating have changed a lot over time and, above all, with the arrival of the internet in our lives. The network of networks has made sure that users find solutions of all kinds, from the payment ones that offer voice or video calls to those that are completely free and allow you to talk as much as you want with such just have a stable internet connection .

Of all the alternatives that are available s today, the one that has become more important is WhatsApp . In fact, it is so popular that you probably used it shortly before reading this. This instant messaging app has sneaked into smartphones across almost the entire planet for its usefulness, for its lightness and for a versatility that continues to increase. The ability to send and receive text messages without paying is just the tip of iceberg of what it is capable of offering. You can also send files, voice messages, images, videos, gifs and even make calls or video calls , and without paying anything.

All these functions, like many others that will arrive with the passage of time, are something that lands based on updates, patches and revisions that renew the application completely to improve its operation and incorporate these novelties; but that also leads to a fairly frequent situation, that you discover that your version of WhatsApp Messenger has expired and, immediately afterwards, you ask how to renew the version of your app with the in order to continue using it as usual.

What can I do when the WhatsApp expires? solutions here

In this guide we explain everything you need to do when your “wassap” expires to continue using this application on your terminal. There are small tricks that do not have to install revisions; as well as other programs as much or more interesting than Whatsapp Messenger .

There are several ways to ignore WhatsApp updates , or at least respond when it expires. In this section we will analyze several possible solutions and explain them so that you put them into practice when that fateful message appears that prevents you from continuing to talk with friends and family from your smartphone.

1 – Update WhatsApp

The first solution is the simplest and, in the end, the most practical. If Whatsapp expired and, every time you want to open it, ask that you make an update to install its newest version, do not hesitate and do it.

If now the question is how to do it, follow the steps that we are going to leave you below to do it quickly:

  • Enter Google Play Store (Android) or APP Store (iOS) by clicking on the corresponding digital store icon inside your phone.
  • Then, go to the search engine and type in it, the name “WhatsApp Messenger” . Choose the first result that will appear, which is the official one.
  • Within the tab, you will see the “Update” button available for you to perform the update manually. Click on it .
  • Wait now for the necessary files to be downloaded and for the installation to complete and you can use this application again.

If what bothers you is the number of times you are asked to update, go directly to section 3 of this section and follow the instructions to exit of the Android beta test program with a good trick.

2 – Change the date of your phone

Another method, which doesn’t always work, is to “cheat” the application . WhatsApp, like many other applications and programs that you have installed on your terminal, is set at the date and time indicated on the terminal to know if it is time to renew or not . In these situations, there is a very useful and practical alternative, which consists in changing the date and time of the terminal manually, to return to a point before the renewal request.

Desactivar fecha hora automatica android

How? We explain it to you below. You just have to follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the “Settings” menu of your phone by pressing the icon that has a gear inside.
  • Now, descend until you reach the part of “Advanced settings” or “Advanced” without further ado. Click on it to enter.
  • Find the “Date and time” section and access it by pressing.
  • Here, you have to make sure that the date automatic deactivate by clicking on the corresponding button. After doing so, you must manually set one that is appropriate for you. Think of the WhatsApp message , which indicates the date on which the update is necessary, to return to a period before this one.
  • Done this, already you can use the messaging app again as normal .

3 – Stop being beta tester

In general, the beta versions of WhatsApp expire much earlier than the normal ones , so it is inevitable that the expiration message appears and you have to update yourself. In case you want to reduce the number of times this application appears, take a look and follow the steps indicated here:

Salir de la version Beta Tester Whatsapp Messenger

  • Enter Google Play Store inside your Android terminal. You just have to click on its icon.
  • Now, within the digital store, look for the WhatsApp application by entering its name in the search engine. Choose the first result that appears .
  • Go down and you will see a message with the phrase “You are a Beta tester” in bold. Within its box will be the “ Exit ” button to stop being part of this testing program. Press it and you’re done.
  • Now, reinstall whatsapp on your smartphone and you can use it normally.

Better alternative apps to the problem of having WhatsApp expired

Alternativas a Wassap Caducado

If you have WhatsApp expired and you want to find an alternative app to continue communicating with friends and acquaintances through free text messages, we can show you some very interesting names that, in fact, are clear competitors for what this company belonging to Facebook offers.


The candidate par excellence. Telegram is an app that works in a similar way to this application that we want to replace, but that offers much more in every way. It is better to make groups, to send files of any kind, to create informative channels and even to create absolutely private conversations, whose content is deleted within a few seconds to avoid other people’s looks.

Totally free , also adds an application that runs freely on the PC, without the need for the mobile to be connected to the Internet, to finish taking advantage of WhatsApp. In case you are looking for another name to try, this program is the best candidate you can turn to.


This application, although not very well known among users, is used mostly in high places, even in the White House . This reduced use is due to the fact that, although it does not have as many tools as telegram or whatsapp, it is totally committed to the security and privacy of those who use it. The conversations are fully encrypted and deleted shortly; but, in addition, in case someone tries to take a screenshot, it blocks it, protecting and notifying the other party that it has been trying to do.

Going further, the one who tries to capture sees how their conversations are deleted as “ punishment ” for trying to violate the privacy of the chat they were in .

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