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Newpct closes What alternatives to download Torrents are still open? 2022 list

Newpct closes What alternatives to download Torrents are still open? 2020 list

Every day a greater number of people prefer to watch their favorite movies and series from the comfort of home. This is due to many and varied reasons, ranging from the possibility of interrupting the film to perform other activities that require your attention at any given time, such as serving the kitchen or going to the bathroom, or answering a phone call. In the same way you take advantage of the privacy aspect .

For a while now, different platforms have been appearing that make it possible to enjoy our favorite movies without any limitation. One of them, Newpct, has enjoyed the preferences of a broad sector of moviegoers . However, due to legal restrictions some operators have been forced to block this and other movie download pages . Although Newpct has defended itself from the blockade by making another website available to the public with the name of Newpct1 , in practice it can be said that it is also blocked.

We are not interested in participating in this type of controversy. What really interests us now that Newpct closes, is to inform you of alternatives to download torrents content that are still open and online to the public today , so you can continue seeing your Always movies and series for free.

What happened to Newpct? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

Despite how useful they are for us, the torrents portals are not exactly legal. It is for them that they are always persecuted. This is what happened with Newpct, which reached such a high popularity that they decided to hunt down and knock down their server. At the time they were able to protect themselves from these legal attacks, but over time they decided to take out the white flag and stop fighting the current.

The Pirate Bay

That is why the .com domain of this website is currently unavailable . However, the programmers decided to use the same domain but with other extensions, thus allowing the brand to be maintained in the community of users they already had.

List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to Newpct

Mejores alternativas a NewCPT Torrents

The torrent business is not new, so Newpct’s were not the only ones working in the same sector. You can find dozens of portals in which to get P2P download files from series, movies and software .

Here are some of the most relevant portals that are still open…. for now:

One of the most used torrent sites worldwide, thanks to its high quality content and a simple download process. RARBG is also characterized by having the latest updated titles and series available. It is certainly a highly recommended destination to maintain privacy when browsing using the VPN connection, with tools of this type of last generation.

To improve your browsing experience it is advisable to use a proxy or a RARBG mirror , which allows you to access the content of the site from anywhere and at any time.

This torrent site is seeing its number of users rise steadily, mainly attracted by the organized presentation of its offer of titles, which in addition to being updated are available in several languages ​​and with subtitles if you prefer . When you use it, the impeccable organization of torrents allows you to enjoy a better user experience through an intuitive and easy-to-use design.

On the issue of security and privacy, the founders and administrators of 1337X have made sure that these problems are part of the past . The increase in its number of users is a good sign in terms of improvements in that regard.

This site takes time in the preferences of the public, who see it as a highly reliable torrent provider. The Pirate Bay has been avoiding government interference in all matters related to torrents for more than 15 years, something that has been achieved with the constant change of ownership. We do not need to say that it is one of the sites with the largest number of users around the world.

The site provides a list of websites with proxies to quickly access your favorite torrents. Pirate Bay allows you to find what you are looking for just by ordering the content you want, since its offer includes thousands of movie titles and series in all categories.

Bit Torrent Scene

From the moment you enter the Bit Torrent Scene download platform , you have the feeling of having entered a highly reliable and secure site. In addition to that, the constant updating of the contents makes it a page to consider. The site has more than 250 million users , which should give you an idea of ​​the quality of the service.

It is interesting to know that it allows you to download files quickly and continuously , although it does not include any file search mechanism. This makes it necessary for you to search the torrent files that the protocol needs on your own.

This is an ideal platform for the millions of followers of television series from all over the world. We already know that sometimes we miss some chapter of the series that we are following, and EZTV is not to lose any incidence.

Despite some recent problems that reveal possible portal cloning, in addition to the possible infection by malicious viruses, the EZTV portal remains one of the most visited to download the chapters of popular television series.


When looking for options to download torrents in Spanish, do not forget about DropCatch, a page that before we met with the name of DameDivX . The platform, in addition to having an interesting offer of movies and series, has many links to find titles in Spanish.

Another reason why this portal is seeing its number of users is its attractive search engine, which many consider one of the most attractive.

With EliteFreak, in addition to an interesting catalog of free torrents, you have a news section to be aware of the latest developments that are incorporated into the web. This lets you know in advance the new titles or series that come online , even before they are released.

That and much more make EliteFreak one of the most recommended download platforms for torrents, with abundant content and the best quality. All done in the simplest way and without any limitation.

This is perhaps the safest site for all those who provide torrent download service globally, something that has a lot to do with their slogan of “ No Fake Torrent ” (No more Torrents false or of poor quality). Torlock allows you to keep up to date on movies, music and books, all through a web that is incredibly fast.

This .com domain allows you to find practically everything you are looking for in a simple way , which we must combine with a quality that very few can match. All this for free.


Very attractive for the ease of downloading movies with one click, LimTorrent has managed to remain among the best places to download torrents to the computer despite the setbacks had to overcome.

While the most downloaded content is movies, the platform also allows you to do it with music and series. Those responsible for the web ensure that through it the user can access all kinds of online entertainment , in addition to giving some guidelines to help you unlock the service in case it has been banned in your country .

There is no doubt that Torrentsdepelicula is a great solution for the Spanish-speaking public. The user has available torrents of movies from 1950 to the present , all in Spanish or English with subtitles in our language, whether peninsular or Latin.

Its intelligent system guarantees that you will not miss the titles on the billboard or those movies that you always want to see again. All through a simple and easy to use design, as well as totally free.

Some things you should know before downloading free content span >

Peligros descargas torrent ilegales

Always keep in mind that this type of downloads is considered illegal , as it is a form of piracy. Therefore, the download runs under your absolute responsibility. Before making the decision to download the contents, make sure you have a good updated antivirus, since the files often include viruses, which others are telling you all the damage they cause to your computer. In that sense, it is very important that you have sufficient knowledge to know which torrents are verified and which are malicious .

We all know the importance of protecting privacy when we browse the internet. In that sense, we recommend protecting your privacy using a VPN , without making a distinction whether it is free or not. This brings as an additional benefit that the torrent service provider in turn feels more secure and allows him to remain open and active without taking risks.

You should also know that by downloading some torrents you can compromise the performance of your PC. There are many sites where it is possible to download, but we hope you take into account our recommendations , since these are download sites where you will not find major problems to enjoy your favorite movies or series.