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.ODT file extension What are and how to open such files?

.ODT file extension What are and how to open such files?

Because the dominant companies in the job software market such as Microsoft Office are very enveloping, there is a wide variety of types of unknown file formats that are very useful.

So the safest, thanks to this centralization by large companies, do not know the files with ODT extension that may have reached you in a document by mail or in an important download .

If you want to know how you can open this type of little-known documents or how to edit its content and work, all you have to do is read this tutorial in which we explain everything according to your type of computer and operating system.

What is it and what files with extension are used for. ODT?

archivos con extensión .ODT

The ODT extension is an open file format belonging to the ODF family. It is based on XML, and with this we get the idea that it is a text storage format, and it’s completely true.

But this in turn is able to create and save more specific data such as spreadsheets, graphs, presentations and finally documents in text, the latter being its specialty.

This type is original from Open Office and Libre Office, is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office because they are free. It is also one of the best ways to transfer data from one operating system to another, because it is compatible with all the most prominent.

How to open and view .ODT files on smartphones or computers?

You have probably tried different applications and none have been useful to you, that is why we are going to propose the best ways to open and edit these documents quickly and easily from any system and equipment that you use.

On Windows PC

One of the easiest ways to open an ODT document is with its native program which is Libre Office, in this you can download for free and without payment licenses on any operating system from its official website .

But as here we are prepared for everything and we know that you need to have all the options at your disposal we have a second method a little easier.

All you have to do is right-click on the document located and click on “Open with”, then you must select accounted forordord.

abrir archivo ODT con word

A third way to open this type of documents is through Google Drive. For this, the first thing we should do is open our account in Gmail and in the “More applications” icon located in the upper right corner click on accounDrive•.

abrir archivos ODT con drive

Then in the + button on the left panel we will click on “Upload a new file”. There we will upload our ODT file.

Once this is done, we will right click to open it with Google Docs, and once opened in the “File” section we will click on “Download as” and we can choose the format that suits us to download the file and open it on the PC. It should be noted that the most recommended format is the .docx of Microsoft Word.

Descargar archivo en cualquier formato

A final and simpler method to open ODT documents on your computer without having the Office Book installed, is with an online document converter like Freefileconvert .com , this consists of just selecting the file and choosing the format with which we want and ready.

Convertidor de formatos ODT en linea

On Mac computers

Unfortunately, neither Mac nor Pages nor IWork can open ODT documents, so the solutions we have left are very similar to Windows.

Of course, it is best to download the Libre Office program in its version for MAC from the official website, and open it as any document.

LibreOffice Writer

The other method is to use the Microsoft Office package for MAC and open the Word and in the “File” section select “Open” and locate it to see it. We will probably get a confirmation message which we must accept to indicate that if we want to view the content.

Another way can be using a online converter as we mentioned in Windows.

On Android mobile phones

Despite the many applications found in Play Store that claim to be destined to open and edit documents in ODT format, there is no more complete and better one for this function like Google Docs, that as we saw in Google Drive opens this type of formats perfectly, all we have to do is download it. Once opened we must locate the file in ODT format and open it to start working.


On iPhone devices with iOS

In the case of wanting to view documents in ODT format on our iOS devices, what we should do is download an App from the App store, which is OOReader. Although this has some limitations, one of them is that the free version only lets us visualize the content, despite that it can be easily resolved with the Premium version where you can also edit the document and work perfectly, not only with ODT but with all ODF formats.


Another way is by using the online converters mentioned above such as the Google Drive cloud or even the Microsoft One Drive cloud. The process is similar to that explained in the previous cases.

Apache OpenOffice

This is an office document suite with which it is possible to open, edit and work with the full range of ODF documents. Includes word processor, presentations and spreadsheets. This is open source software that supports a large number of languages ​​compatible with almost all computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and GNU / Linux . No doubt this always seeks to maintain the similarity and compatibility with its Microsoft Office counterpart in the Open Office XML format types.

Libre Office

Libre office

It is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office, another office suite. The same gives rise to ODF files, among these ODTs with the Libre Office Writer word processor, which is another free and fully functional software with the main operating systems, it is free and does not require payment of licenses so it is an excellent Option to work documents such as texts, spreadsheets and presentations. It has the advantage that being ODF files can be viewed on any device either offline or in the different clouds online.

OpenDocument Reader

OpenDocument Reader

This open source option will make it easier for you to view and edit any document from your Android device, which is excellent if you work with your mobile. The advantage of this application is that it is compatible with different apps such as Gmail, Dropbox and Google Drive, so you won’t have any problems. Also you can open OpenOffice documents such as .ODT text, .ODS spreadsheets or even .ODP presentations.

AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office

This is another option we have for Android operating systems, it is a family of the OpenOffice office suite. It allows us to work with all kinds of documents, from text documents, spreadsheets, database, presentations and others. Its advantage is that it shows us some additional tools to those mentioned as drawing and equation editor, so it’s quite complete.

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