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.OPUS file extension What are and how to open such files?

.OPUS file extension What are and how to open such files?

Very surely at some point in your life you have encountered some file with a .OPUS extension, but you may not know what it is and much less how they can be opened.

In general, files with this type of extension are very scarce, a format that is rarely used but which, however, we can get on the market and that is mainly used for audio files , either music tracks or voice sounds.

This is how we are going to teach you a little more about this type of .OPUS format and how you can start to open them either in your computer or mobile device.

What is it and what files with extension are used for. OPUS?

archivos con extensión .OPUS

This is a lost audio format , which has been created and developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) with the main objective of supporting transmission over the Internet. An extension that is encoded by Digital codec and designed to encode voice and audio . However, this format is very scarce, which makes it quite rare to see or find on the Internet.

It should be noted that files with OPUS extension are characterized by being of better quality than other audio formats, such as MP3 or AAC . OPUS is used both in the SILK algorithm and an algorithm based on the MDCT CELT , all this means that it has a level of flexibility and low complexity at the time of use. All this allows this type of file to be able to encode the sound in real time.

In general, this type of format can be found on mobile devices that have the WhatsApp application installed , since all audios generated through the app are .OPUS extension. A type of format a bit unknown to users where most do not know how to open them, compared to other types of files better known.

How to open and view .OPUS files on smartphones or computers?

One of the most complicated things in relation to this type of extension is to be able to open it, since it is a rather complicated process but we know how. Being an uncommon type of file and perhaps we have never seen, we may not know how to play this type of audio , which we will usually find in WhatsApp audios .

That is why here we explain how to open this type of audio either in your computer or Smartphone, to do so follow each of these methods.

On Windows PC

If you are a user with a Windows computer and you have come across a .OPUS file and you do not know how to open it, here we will explain step by step how to carry out This whole process. However, it is important that you know that you should make use of a program that reproduces this type of extension.

To do this follow the steps that we will explain below:

Download VideoLAN for Windows

  • The first thing will be to install the VCL Player application on your computer, this application can be downloaded for free and is very popular in the market thanks to the fact that it supports a wide variety of video and audio formats.
  • To do this you will have to enter the official “VCL Player” site from the browser of your choice.
  • There you will select the option to “Download VCL” and wait a few seconds for the download to begin.

En PC Windows

  • In some cases you will be asked for an address to save the download of the program, if this does not happen it will be automatically saved in the “Download” folder on your PC.
  • When it has been downloaded you must start the software installation, for this you will have to select “Allow” for the process to start.
  • One Once the VCL Player software has been installed on the computer, the following will be to search the file. OPUS on your PC.

En PC Windows

  • Then you must enter VCL Player and select the “Medium” tab and then “Open file”.

En PC Windows

  • There you have to find the location of the OPUS file and select it, and finally click on subsequentlyAbrirrd.

En PC Windows

  • Automatically start playing .OPUS extension audio. This way you can start opening your files with this format from your Windows PC.

En PC Windows

On Mac computers

In Mac computers the process to open this type of file is very similar to that of Windows, in this case it is also necessary to use a third-party application. In this way, we use VCL Player again, as it is considered the most effective tool to carry out this process in a safe, fast and simple way.

To do this follow these steps that we explain below:

Download VLC Player for Mac

  • To start, you will need to download the “VCL Player” app for Mac, a completely free application that works with a large amount of audio format and video.
  • Enter the official VCL Player site and click on the “Download VLC” button to start the download.

En ordenadores Mac

  • Once downloaded the software on your PC, you must double click on the VCL Player icon to start its installation.

En ordenadores Mac

  • Now you are going to look for the .OPUS file that you want to open, in this case it is stored in the folderApplicationsEND.

En ordenadores Mac

  • Finally, you can drag the file to the program window so that is automatically imported and VCL Player starts playing it immediately. In the event that it does not play or is not detected, click on “ Medium” and then “Open file” and then select the OPUS audio strong> to reproduce.

On Android mobile phones

In the case of Android mobile devices it is also necessary to use an application to be able to play this type of files. It should be noted that at the moment of opening them directly from the WhatsApp app these usually reproduce without any problem.

When we want to play it outside the app it is impossible if we do not have an application that allows us to carry out this. Therefore, here we explain how to play OPUS audio on your Android device.

  • Go to Google Play and download the application called “Opus Player”.

En teléfonos móviles Android

  • Once downloaded the app will appear in the menu of your device.

En teléfonos móviles Android

  • The following will be to find the path where the OPUS file is stored on your mobile. To do this, go to “My files”.

En teléfonos móviles Android

  • Then you select the option of “Internal storage”.
  • There you must scroll down until you find the folder of “WhatsApp”.

En teléfonos móviles Android

  • Now select the folder clearlyMedia†.

En teléfonos móviles Android

  • In the new menu that will appear on the screen you select “WhatsApp Audio”.

En teléfonos móviles Android

  • There you will see your OPUS files , simply click on one of them.

En teléfonos móviles Android

  • The audio will automatically start playing in the Opus Player app on your device, so you can start listening to each of your files with an opus extension.

En teléfonos móviles Android

On iPhone devices with iOS h3>

On the iOS devices it is also possible to open this type of OPUS file outside the app of WhatsApp Messenger, for this it is also You need to download an application from the App Store .

To do this follow these steps:

  • To start this process you will need to go to the App Store in your iPhone.
  • There you will have to download the VLC for Mobile app. This app is free and specializes in opening any type of audio or video format. Therefore, through it you can start playing your OPUS extension WhatsApp audios outside the instant messaging application.

En dispositivos iPhone con iOS

  • Once downloaded the app icon will appear in the menu of your applications.
  • Then you must enter it and select the option “All Files.”

En dispositivos iPhone con iOS

  • There you should look for the OPUS file inside your Smartphone.
  • When you have found it, you must click on it so that it plays in the VCL for Mobile app, so you can start opening your files with OPUS extensions from your iPhone device.

List of the best applications and alternative programs to open a document with .Opus extension

As this type of extension is very little used, it is almost impossible to get any computer or mobile device that brings a factory program to open this type of .OPUS file without the need to use a third-party application.

Therefore, here is a small list of the best programs that you can download for both your PC and Smartphone to start opening this type of extension quickly and easily. p>


This program is specialized to open and convert different file extensions, which is mainly based on the .OPUS extensions . This is how it provides all the command line utilities to encode, decode and inspect the .opus files on both computers and mobile devices.

Opus-tools has become a software that has improved over time and is betting on becoming one of the best in the future, which is why it provides developers of applications a high level API to be able to decode and find any OPUS file . Therefore, it becomes one of the best options to open this type of extensions without much trouble.

VLC Media Player

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