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Organic images on Google Images What are they and how are they different from ads?

Worldwide, Google is rated as one of the largest and most important companies that exist. Since, for being the web browser more used, It consists of one of the most basic aspects when talking about the Internet. Well, it refers to a business focused on the different technologies that interact in said environment.

However, beyond being the most relevant online search engine of all time, it also stands out for being a service that offers numerous functionalities to Internet users with the aim of optimizing your user experience to the highest possible level. One of those functionalities is known as “Google Photos” which is defined as an ideal section for find photos and any visual element.

For its part, it stands out for being a section that returns searches effectively plus, allows segmenting the results by size, color, use rights, image type and publication date. But, beyond that, currently in this functionality organic images are evidenced that have caught the attention of various people. Therefore, here we will explain what they are about.

What are organic results in Google Images?

Generally speaking, organic results in Google are defined as the search results that show up in search engines naturally. This means that, under no payment, are influenced on the platform by an advertising element. Therefore, the organic results present in Google images refer to all those photos, infographics and visual elements that have achieved a native positioning.

Reason why, they are not based on paid ads and encompass a set of techniques through which it is expected that a web page will increase its positioning in Google, without spending money on advertising campaigns. Thus, by default, these organic results are classified based on its relevance to the search term in the individual algorithm of the search engines.

Taking into account that, its main objective lies in reach the top positions of Google Images results through keywords or with an image (for reverse search) without using advertising systems. Now, since the organic results come from all those websites that provide those images, their natural positioning offers greater growth to these platforms because they will also be found through this section.

In addition to appearing in the usual results. Likewise, increases the chances of showing up in the first positions of text searches, they manage to generate much more traffic to your website and optimize the content consumption experience by your potential audience.

Since when does advertising exist in Google image results?

Just as there are organic images on this platform Google or the organic results; too Advertisements are evident among Google image results. Which, some time ago, was only typical of the text results provided by this famous search engine.

Consequently, there are many Internet users who wonder how long has advertising been in Google Images results. Therefore, in this section of the post, we highlight that, since the end of 2016 The announcements of Google Shopping or the inventory announcements (PLA) within the search of images of Google.

This being, a proposal that, although for many advertisers it was extremely useful; was criticized by numerous users. Because, it is a fact that it would provide the drop in organic traffic because with the input of the image ads, the search results in Google Images would only present a total of 41% organic positioning, compared to 66% who previously provided.

In this sense, it is worth noting that, today, it can be stated that advertising in Google image results is much more relevant than natural results. Considering that, by having extra information that may be attractive to Internet users, automatically, more clicks will be taken from organic results.

However, it is also considered a plus for user experience. Since, in general, people who enter the image search engine are not looking for websites to visit, but rather, they prefer view images of products that they can compare for future purchase, for example. Reason why, it is a tool that has marked the different in the world of ecommerce, in a powerful way.

How are organic images different from ads?

How are organic images different from ads?

While it is true, the results of organic searches they are not paid ads. Which, basically, are elements that are differentiated by the technique they use to be able to exhibit themselves in the top positions of the platform. Whereas, while organic images do not have to pay anything to be presented there, sponsorship blocks they have to pay a certain amount of money to Google to show themselves where they want.

Therefore, non-organic search results do not require any effort to show off among the first places of the results. Instead, the organic results available in Google Images reveal a remarkable effort, perseverance and work on the part of the managers of the website in question to achieve this. For its part, time is another distinguishing factor between organic images and ads.

In view of the fact that, while the advertising results they only need a minimum time to appear there, organic search results can take a long time to pop up on Googleeven several months. In addition to this, as paid ads do not need to make any effort to appear in Google Images, do not have to depend on the different factors that affect natural positioning, default.

Taking into account that, on the other hand, the success of organic images will be determined by the following elements that influence their visibility:

  • Link structures internal and external.
  • Participation in the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).
  • SEO positioning of the website through which they were shared.
  • The quality and structure of the content on which they are based.
  • Various technical factors (loading time, quality, among others).

For all this, get the optimization SEO to improve the positioning in organic searches of Google Images, today, it is considered an extremely complicated task. Well, apart from the increase in competition in the online environment, the introduction of paid advertisements in this Google has also downplayed the success of organic results for visuals.