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OTT Service: What is it, what is it for and what are the best providers?

OTT Service: What is it

Internet changed the world in every possible way. You have probably heard this before, but that is why it is still true. One of the things that have changed most with its emergence is undoubtedly the distribution of content , especially audiovisual.

Previously the only way we had to watch series and movies were the cinema and television, outside these media there was no other way. But with the Internet there appeared platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, HBO Go and the like that gave this scenario a twist.

This is how OTT services are born. If you want to learn more about what they are and how they work, Continue reading so you learn everything you need to know about it and so you know what platform to hire for you .

What is an OTT video and why is it better than traditional television ?

It is known as OTT, On The Top or On Demand video platforms to those that allow you to watch streaming audiovisual content without it being distributed by traditional operators. This in turn allows users to see what they want when they want it.

The advantages of this system of distribution of audiovisual content over television are evident. To start, the costs for the lack of infrastructure are much lower, allowing you to hire services starting at € 9 / month. On the other hand, there is the fact that you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you want. But we’ll go deeper into this in the next section .

How do you surpass On On Top video services to traditional TV ?

The reality is that OTT services have put television in check, and a clear example of this is that major television networks and operators are beginning to migrate their services to the Internet. This is due to the following advantages:


On an On The Top video platform you can customize everything about the content you will consume, from your favorite genres to your favorite series. All this allows you to create a homepage perfectly suited to your needs and requirements as a user .


An OTT platform does not require physical offices beyond those where its servers are hosted, which is considerably cheaper. Also, when distributed over the Internet, does not need a radio spectrum either. All this translates into a cost reduction that can amount to up to 90% compared to conventional television .

Access to content

With an OTT video platform you can access all the content you want whenever you want from any of your devices. So you won’t have to worry about being unoccupied at a certain time to see that premiere chapter you’ve been waiting for for weeks.

What are the models of the OTT content and how do they differ?

OTT video services have 3 well-designed business models that differ especially in the way they monetize, there is the real dilemma between each of them.

Here we present them all and show you their most important characteristics:


Advertising Video On Demand. In this OTT business model the user does not have to pay anything to enjoy the content he consumes, it is completely free and can reproduce it as many times as he likes. The way they monetize is with advertising, so that between their videos and on the same website there are ads everywhere.

These features fit perfectly with platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo , which are considered the most important AVODs in the world . Only in advertising, between them they generated more than 25,000 million dollars in 2018, a figure that is expected to be overcome in the coming years.

Another feature of these platforms is that consumers themselves can create their own space on the platform and share their own content, which will be protected by copyright and can be monetized.


Suscription Video On Demand . This is the OTT subscription service, in which users must pay a monthly fee and can access all the content they want as long as it is available on the platform. Currently, these have a price that rarely exceeds € 10 / month , being quite accessible to most users.

In this category are platforms such as Netflix or HBO Go , which have a huge number of series and movies available to their subscribers. YouTube recently opened its Premium version, which is subject to this monetization model as well.

The only disadvantage of this type of services is that in them not all the series and films that exist are available, but those on which the platform on which you are entitled is entitled , being exclusive of is. So in HBO Go you won’t see Netflix content and vice versa. But it has the advantage that in them you will not see a single drop of advertising.


Transactional Video On Demand. These are platforms that monetize you by charging you specifically for the content you see. That is, if you only want to watch a movie, then you will pay for the cost of it individually, and not for all the content of the platform.

This is an alternative to SVOD and many platforms offer both services, such as Hulu or Amazon Prime .

List of the best OTT services to watch TV via Internet that I can watch TV online today

Now that you know the main models of OTT services, it is time to introduce each and every one of them so that you decide to hire the one that best suits your needs as a user:



Netflix is ​​one of the best VOD platforms currently available. It could be said that it was the one that initiated all this of the OTT services, or at least the one that massified and popularized it to the point that we know today. In it we can see all kinds of content; from series, movies and novels, to anime and documentaries, without doubt one of the best there is today.

Your SVOD system offers three plans to the public; the basic (€ 7.99 / month), the standard (€ 10.99 / month) and the Premium (€ 13.99 / month). In addition to Content mentioned above, you will also have access to features such as being able to visualize everything on basically any device with a screen and Internet connection such as a SmartTV, smartphone or computer.

HBO Spain

HBO España

This is one of the main alternatives to Netflix that currently exist. However, as far as content is concerned, it is not as varied, and has a fairly limited number of series and movies. It’s basically like having HBO Chanel audiovisuals on the Internet, to access them whenever you like.

The main advantage of this is that you have access to possibly the only series that are not on Netflix, such as Game Of Thrones, in addition to being cheaper with a single plan of € 7.99 / month.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Although he does not have much time online so far, it is one of the most promising to give the Netflix giant, as they produce their own series (many of which have won Emmy and similar awards) and have rights to a huge amount of movies that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

In addition, it is considerably cheaper since you simply have to pay an annual subscription of € 36 .

Movistar +

Movistar +

This is an excellent SVOD website that has a lot of audiovisual content thanks to its alliance with Netflix itself, which means that in it you will be able to watch several of the exclusive series and movies of this one. In addition to series, it provides an extensive offer of cinematic premieres that you can enjoy on virtually every smart device you have.

The only mole of this is that to have it you will have to pay a Fusion rate, which is nothing more than having a subscription to the Movistar satellite TV service, which makes it a much higher service, but if you already have this one in your home, it will also be a way to hire SVOD and even Netflix cards at a lower price .



Sky is one of the most important television networks in the entire United Kingdom, which has spread throughout Europe over the years. How could it be otherwise, it offers an excellent SVOD service that will allow you to access a huge amount of streaming audiovisual content from any of your smart devices , for just over € 7 per month.

It’s not as varied as the giant Netflix, but it has the advantage that you can also watch exclusive content such as the football of the main European leagues, which you don’t have in all the OTTs on this list.




Possibly the most unknown platform of this entire list. What you can find in it is British independent film content, as well as a lot of well-valued series and movies that will give you hours of guaranteed entertainment. It is a web that is just emerging, and there is speculation about the possibility of an agreement with other OTTs to expand its catalog of audiovisuals .

Their rates are quite accessible, with a basic plan of 7.99 euros for each month and another Plus subscription of 14.99 euros per month , with which you will have access to a certain exclusive platform content. Another bonus that it offers is the possibility of being able to download all its material to be able to view it ofline .

Rakuten TV – WUAKI

Rakuten TV – WUAKI

Rakuten is a Japanese ecommerce store that would be like the Asian Amazon. A few years ago they acquired Wuaki, one of the most popular streaming platforms in Spain, and turned it into their own OTT service, for which they also got the rights to several Disney movies and series , so that in it you will find a lot of content aimed at children and teenagers.

This is also one of the platforms that combines SVOD and TVOD models, being able to pay a monthly subscription to see all the content within the platform, as well as the «Box office» mode that you It allows you to pay only for the series or movie you want to watch. That without forgetting that you can obviously access it from any of your smart devices.

YouTube Movies

YouTube Movies

Well, by now you should know that YouTube is in virtually everything related to audiovisual content. This time we talk about one of its lesser known platforms such as Movies, which allows you to rent movies or buy them so you can watch them whenever you want.

Their catalog is quite extensive since they have commercial agreements with many international producers , although there is still much to evolve to offer a complete OTT experience.



This is one of the websites that you will most like on the list since it works under the AVOD business model, which means that it is completely free. This platform arrived in Spain in 2012, and has since only grown and grown , considerably expanding its catalog of audiovisuals for its huge audience.

This offers you a complete OTT experience as it has more than 800 films from major producers such as Disney or Paramound, so if you are one of those who prefer commercial and fun movies, this is your special place in the world.

In addition, you will be able to download each and every one of its contents in MP4 or MKV formats , so you can enjoy them whenever you like being without an Internet connection.

Orange TV

Orange TV

One of the largest telephony and TV operators in Spain. This company followed the example of Movistar and created its own video platform on demand, which allows you to see a huge amount of exclusive content for only € 7 / month, being one of the cheapest. Also, if you set up a merger rate, in which you hire their satellite TV service, you can get discounts on services such as Netflix .

On Orange TV you can create your own personalized platform where you can watch audiovisuals of all kinds, as well as streaming sports, which frankly is one of its biggest attractions. Yes, for this you will have to have a merger rate, which can be somewhat expensive .

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