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P2P TV What is it, how does it work and what are the best tools to watch Peer to Peer TV?

P2PTV technology will help you save money and watch TV over the Internet. For this you will need to maintain some security protocols so that your data remains safe.

But this is not the only benefit you will have with streaming, We will show you the other advantages in the following paragraphs of this article. In addition, you can read a list with the main tools to watch P2P TV without problem.

If you want to know how to watch TV through a Peer to Peer network systemYou will also find it in this post. Take a look and get the most out of this protocol.

What is the P2PTV protocol and what is this technology for?

Even before the massive emergence of the Internet, architecture P2P it was already taking its first steps. This protocol Peer to Peer (peer to peer) it’s based on use computers with direct connection between them without the help of intermediaries. In this way, it is possible to share files of all kinds only with a secure connection, which in many cases is the Internet. For example, can be shared without third-party interruption issues any video, images, music, cryptocurrencies and financial operations, among other elements.

The P2PTV content broadcast streaming technology that exists today works the same way. Through an Internet protocol, it shares information between 2 or more components of a network to access the streaming transmission, which makes it more private and decentralized way. Therefore, it does not work the same as other television media under a central server that distributes the transmission to the other computers (clients).

Thanks to this audiovisual resources are cheaper for users. In fact, using this technology, anyone can have their own transmission channel. With good reason it is one of the most recognized ways to send and receive data between users. Plus, the more material is shared, the more material can be easily received.

This is the philosophy behind it is actually what sustains this kind of network. If users only consume they would jeopardize the purpose and resources of P2PTV. For this reason, many software must guarantee the availability of content. Another feature of peer to peer on TV is that it is sought that more viewers tune into the channels, with this improves the speed and fluency of broadcasting.

What are the benefits of watching television using a P2P transmission protocol?

What are the benefits of watching television using a P2P transmission protocol?

This type of technology has become popular due to its great advantages, one of which is the vast storage capacity it offers to users. This is because it works in a decentralized way, especially because it involves streaming.

That is to say, content is distributed across multiple points or nodes (computers that participate in a network and are connected to each other), which means that there is no need to occupy storage space in the Pc or in the mobile. Further, there is a low latency of the most demanded content. Therefore, if it is something seen by many users, there will not be a greater delay.

The question of distribution also benefits to maintain connection stabilityIf one of these transmission points has a failure, the other equipment is fine to continue operating. To these benefits is added how easy it is to get free content. If you are looking for an audiovisual broadcast that be legal and free Here you will find it without problems! This also happens because the broadcast data is spread over several sites or nodes.

But these are not all the advantages that you can find in P2P television, its benefits are:

  • In addition to people with few resources to create a television channel, the Large networks such as the BBC or TVK00 also use this technology. In this way, the audience increases because they broadcast their programs after the original date and time of broadcast.
  • Increase geographic boundaries. Therefore, users can access programs that are distributed anywhere in the world by simply connecting to the peer to peer network.
  • As we told you before, this transmission system is much cheaper than traditional technology, this is due to the lack of intermediaries in the chain. Which it’s generates another additional benefit and it is the decrease in people and organizations that know their activity, thus causing greater privacy of your data.

Is it safe to watch TV over a Peer to Peer network system? Main risks

Even if you take extreme measures, completely avoiding risks in a P2PTV protocol is almost impossible, since you will always be exposed to the inconvenience that the files contain computer viruses or any other harmful files. Some users can even camouflage their malware with false names, so you could be looking for a soccer game and ending up with spies on the pc.

This they do for steal private information or with the aim of damaging or completely damaging the files on the hard disk. If they cannot send misleading or invasive advertising, disabling antivirus or even plagiarizing our identity is the task of these malicious programs. But you should keep in mind that These dangers can be kept to a minimum if you have a good antivirus.

On the other hand, there are the ethical problems (more than legal, as these networks are not illegal in themselves), since the transmission is taken from a paid broadcast. Therefore, in some countries there are no higher penalties, while in others there may be some type of violation. However, it is important Investigate whether certain content infringes copyright in your country.

The use that you will give to this incredible tool depends on each person. The truth is that to take advantage of it you will not have legal problems, at least in Spain. All of this is closely related to whether or not it is done for profit.

To finish this point, if you are actively using programs of this class, never disable your protection. It is still wise to use trusted sources to share content. For example, if you use files of the format .torrent choose qBiTorrent or Tribler. Also check how many times the material has been shared, so you will have a reference to the probability of incidents.

List of the main tools to watch P2P TV without problem

Knowing the benefits of a P2P TV network it is logical that you ask yourself What programs can make it easier for me to find and watch channels?

Well, look at at least 3 completely legal and updated options that will surely work for you:

Ace stream

Ace stream

Leader of this top 3 P2PTV stream clients is Ace Stream. Wherever you go you will see that it is the favorite and forerunner of this kind of emissions. You can use it if you have devices with operating systems Android, MacOS, Windows or Linux, since it is a legal means in many countries to enjoy free and safe content.

Sure, you have to be careful because not everything that circulates is legal, but in general it is an excellent resource. Ace Stream is based on the Bit Torrent protocol so a central server is not required. Its interface is very attractive and modern, quite similar to the Windows 10 design. To use this player you will have to enter and choose the tool you most want.



Using it responsibly TorrenTV is one of the most recommended computer software. It is multiplatform, as it has full compatibility with Linux, Windows or MacOS. This program has its advantages because it has a multimedia center for playing files in the .torrent.

Also, you can use it later as a standalone media player. Yes, any video that you have stored on your computer can be viewed using TorrenTV. Along with this, it supports Chromecast for you to use with your home SmartTV. Due to its many functions, it is one of the first options for those who do not need to use a mobile phone. You will be able to download it by entering the link


Finally, another quality alternative is the Fixtor program. Its interface is one of the most intuitive that you can find, with this, anyone without computer knowledge can learn to use it. In addition, it is compatible with computers with OS Windows, MacOS and Android.

This open source project facilitates the visualization of multimedia material linked by Torrent. All the reproductions are via streaming which does not require downloading any file. With so many options to watch TV channels from your computer or SmartTV you can now use P2PTV networks safely.