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Paint 3D What is it and how to use it? Tutorial and tricks to get the most out of it

Paint has accompanied Windows since version 1.0 and in the same way it has done with a lot of us from the first approaches to the computer. It is difficult for a PC operator to exist that has never used this program.

In the unlikely event that you are one of them, you will be interested to know that it is a two-dimensional drawing software (at least initially). the same it has been evolving as the operating system versions progressed.

If you are a fan of this image editor, we have bad and good news. The first is that this it could be the last time that Microsoft incorporates it to the OS. However, has launched a reversal of it with great news. You can see them in this post.

What is Paint 3d and what is this Microsoft software for?

This is the new image editing program that has been included in the update Creators Windows 10. Along with 3D View, Mixed Reality Viewer, Holograms and 3D Builder make up the three-dimensional modeling package of the operating system.

It comes to try to replace the traditional drawing software. For it, has retained much of its predecessor's profits such as shapes, brushes, text, and canvas. However, the interesting thing is the added tools and the redirection of their function.

Paint 3D is used to paint, transform, model and share three-dimensional objects. They are managed with very intuitive utilities. It is compatible with the entire suite that we mentioned at the beginning and you can upload our creations in the same way that those of other users are downloaded.

Paint 3D tools What are they and what is each one for?


It is perhaps one of the tools that has changed the least since its traditional version. With it you can choose between different types of brushes and elements to draw freehand. What is new is that a parameter of transparency and a more realistic color palette. It includes bright, matt and metallic colors.

2D shapes

Within this tab we find a wide variety of predesigned symbols and shapes that are already classic in Paint. Moreover, it adds line and curve functions reminiscent of the tool Photoshop "Bezier". These can be straight or curved in three, four and five points. They can be modified once added.

3D shapes

Shapes and brushes Paint 3D


A very interesting tool, since it works both in two-dimensional drawings and in three-dimensional objects. This option is divided in three categories. The first contains stickers with simple shapes, like eyes, muzzles and others. The second offers textures that can be used to decorate the bottom of our creation. And finally "Personalized stickers" in which we can load images from the computer, which can be in formats png, jpg, gif, among others.


This utility will allow us to add plain and also extruded text. For this it has two well differentiated buttons. In both cases it is possible to choose between all the fonts installed in Windows, as well as their size and other properties. Something important is that once we finish modifying our text, it can only be used as an ordinary 3D element. That is it will not be possible to add or remove letters.


Here we can play with color filters as well as light direction. Which will give a personalized setting to our composition.


As in visual editing programs, the canvas is a kind of work sector. Similarly you can change size, ratio and transparency. It is necessary to mention that all 2D elements that we have added, will be attached to the canvas. And if we rotate, scale, disable or any other modification, it will be reflected in the mentioned objects.


It is a huge online bookstore of designs (so it is necessary to be connected to the Internet). They are divided into categories, although we can perform a search by keywords in the text bar. It is important to mention that all these downloaded objects can be modified and use freely.


This utility we allows browsing between all modifications that we have done to our work. Also, add a recording option, which will save all the movements we make with the history slider. Unfortunately offers a single camera, which is fixed and cannot be modified, unlike other more powerful softwares like Maya or Cinema 4D.

Magic pick

What a tool! At the level of photographic editors like Photoshop. This utility allows select elements of a two-dimensional image, trim them, take them to a new layer and fill the gap that leaves with an interpretation of the background.

3D view

With it we will access the depth axis perspective. With which it would be impossible to transfer or modify any object in three dimensions.

Learn step by step how to make 3D models with Paint 3D

Paint 3D is a versatile software that will allow us to create basic three-dimensional objects. And it works like a great introducer to the basics of three-dimensional modeling. Which is very useful, since it does not consume large resources of your computer and is incorporated into Windows 10, so you will not have to pay anything extra.

To start creating with this program we recommend that you read this step by step:

  • Once you open Paint 3D for the first time, it will teach you a short introductory tutorial, in which you must add an adhesive to a pre-designed model. However, we will show you how to do it from scratch.
  • At the beginning a blank canvas and 2D view. We can take advantage and create a fund that will serve as an environment for our model. It is also possible to import an image from the button "Menu" and "Insert".
  • Next, we will select the tab "3D Shapes". Here we will find four tools that we will use to design our object.
  • With "3D Models" it will be possible to insert shapes such as people with a half torso or some animals.
  • However, to do it from scratch, we will use "3D Objects" and "3D Doodle".
  • With the first, we will add basic shapes such as spheres, cubes, cones, etc. While with "3D Doodle" we will make freehand strokes. This can be very convenient if you want to practice with your drawing tablet.
  • Choose the fill color of the object, and then select the shape you want to add. To do it alone drag the pointer inside the canvas until the size and shape are correct. You can use the Control and capital keys to do it uniformly.

Learn step by step how to make 3D models with Paint 3D 2D View

Once this is done, it is time to locate the object on the Cartesian axes. To do this press the button "3D view". From here you can continue adding elements with the same tools. To move them you just drag them from the place. If you do it by holding down the key Máyus will move anchored in two axes. If you want to change its size, use the corners of the box. It can also be rotated with the neighboring buttons. All of these values ​​are governed by the perspective you are using.

Learn step by step how to make 3D models with Paint 3D 2D View

  • When you have finished positioning your objects to create the final shape, it is time to paint. Although each one has a color, we can add more visual richness using the tools on the tab "Brushes".
  • The mechanics of coloring is similar to that of real life. For example, the spray will spread on the surface of the object in a non-flat way. With the great advantage that you will not go over the edges and return after wrong actions.
  • Once these steps are completed, you can export your model. You can do it as a traditional image, as a video as we explained before or in 3D format, which you can go to the real plane with the help of a 3D printer.
  • To do this press the button "Menu" in the upper left corner of the screen and choose "Save as".

Paint 3D tricks to get the most out of your creations

If you have been interested in the world of 3D modeling and are also excited about the latest version of Paint, We will give you some very useful tips to use it as an expert:

Import models from the library

The best way to start learning about the software environment while creating amazing compositions is work with existing models. Find them in the 3d library and play with the positions, sizes and surfaces. With this, in a short time you will achieve great results.

Remove the background from a photo

Use this program as a simple flat image editor. The tool "Magic Selection" it will permit you remove the background from an image in two simple steps: define the area and press "Following". It only works in 2D view and you can further refine the selection.

Create stickers

Take advantage of the previous step and generate your own stickers. To do this click on the cropped image and then on the button "Create sticker". You can use it to add it to other images or even 3D models.

Add lighting effects

Inside of Effects tab you can choose dozens of filters and light directions. They will apply to flat images and 3d objects.

Take advantage of it with a stylus

Take advantage of it with a stylus

List of the best 3D modeling tools alternative to Paint 3D

There is a wide variety of computer aided design programs, also called CAD (Computer Aided Design). Each one of them targeted to a specific segment.

Thus, after using Paint 3D, Maybe you want to dedicate yourself more seriously to design and choose one of this list as your next software:


It's about a free program for the design of three-dimensional pieces of intermediate level. It supports a large number of formats and has the same size of functions. It is intended for the realization of technical parts with precise measurements. However, it is not difficult to use and may be your next step.


Destined to artists and graphic designers. Requires advanced knowledge and it can be obtained free on the Internet. With him you will create complex objects with a wide variety of textures and illuminations.


Is about one of the first 3D creation software. The program is directed to engineers and architects or like-minded students. Although it is not the easiest to use at all, it has a wide variety of tools and it is in continuous development.


It is without a doubt one of the most powerful programs for the design of three-dimensional characters. It is widely used in the film industry. It is capable not only of modeling, but also of give them movement. It also has a huge library of textures and functions. You can use a student license for free.


Continuing with the Autodesk software, we recommend this one, which is ideal for fans of 3D printing. With it you can optimize the models by filling, cutting and adding special supports among other functions. it's possible download it for free from its official page and it's very intuitive.


The closest thing to sculpting with clay you'll find. If you have a stylus and you want to get the most out of it, this is the right program. You need to have a previous knowledge about three-dimensional modeling before diving into it. And although its price is high results are exceptional.