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Proxy Server What is it and what is it for? Types and uses – Free Prox List 2020

At the time of surfing the Internet It is important to take into account several factors, among them the most important are privacy and security. Every time a user surfs the net, he ends up leaving a trace somehow, which can be taken by others and so see each of your movements and the websites you visited.

That is why today browse from anonymity It has become a very frequent activity, for this netizens make use of tools like VPN or Proxy they are able to ensure a navigation without any trace thus offering a greater privacy and security in user data.

So, if you are looking for a way to be in Internet and leave no trace of your movements, here we are going to teach you what are the best free proxies and what is this type of tool for, For this, follow in detail everything we will teach you in this post.

What is a proxy server?

Usually when a network connection is established it is made through a communication of two computers, that is, the information goes from one team to the other directly. But, when using a proxy all this changes, since the information goes first to the intermediate computer which this time will be the proxy and this will be the one in charge of transfer the information to the final computer. As you can see, this tool prevents the existence of a direct contact between the first and last team.

So, every time you visit a web page from your browser it cannot identify your IP, since it will not have any information from you. All this will allow you to navigate completely anonymous and without any risks. These types of tools are used very frequently to enter geo-blocked sites, like VPNs.

However, proxies are much more insecure than VPNsbut these act at a higher speed. In addition, it gives you the possibility of lock items how scripts, cookies and many others that are hosted on different web portals. Finally, it is important to mention that you must use proxies that are from really trustworthy sites, since these are simply dedicated to hide your IP reason why it could be other information of yours without hiding and that could be within the reach of someone who gets a access to your network.

What are the reasons why you should use a proxy server to surf the Internet?

Without a doubt, using one of these tools can offer you a great number of benefits and advantages when browsing the Internet, and that is to be able to be in the network anonymously will always provide a greater security and privacy. Especially today when cyber attacks and information thefts they are becoming more frequent.

All this has led to all network users being in danger every time they visit an unknown website or receive some kind of information online. However, use a proxy doesn't always mean alone Benefits, you should bear in mind that sometimes they can also cause risks. That is why we show you below what are the main advantages and disadvantages to use these elements.

Benefits and advantages

Among the main advantages that a proxy server offers to improve the user experience are the following:

  • Offers better control: In this case it is the intermediary who is responsible for the actual work, which in many cases restricts the user's rights to access proxy permissions.
  • It offers better speed: One of the advantages of using this tool is that it offers you a higher browsing speed to users, for this it is in charge of save answers of some requests and then offer them directly when the client requests themThis avoids having to contact the destination again to be able to give a response.
  • Better filtering: In the event that detect something strange or prohibited the proxy will not make any type of request with the aim of avoiding any type of danger.
  • Anonymity: It offers the possibility of browsing the Internet from anonymity, for it hide your IP by changing it for another. In addition, in case you want to access a blocked site in your country you can use the IP of another where such access is allowed.
  • Modification: How the proxy acts as an intermediary the same can falsify information or modify it following an algorithm, this in order to hide data.

Risks and disadvantages

As previously mentioned, using this type of elements does not always turn out to be a benefit for The cybernauts. Thus, Here we are going to show you what are the main disadvantages that can be obtained by using these servers:

  • Load: These servers generally do the work of many users.
  • You can abuse its functions: Being servers that perform the work of many users, sometimes they may end up doing work that does not correspond to them, since it is they who they have control of access to their services.
  • Mistakes in your service: These servers usually cache so that later offer information in a faster way and increase the speed of your service. But, on many occasions it can end up giving old answers when there are more recent ones.
  • Meddling: Not all users like the idea that proxies cache and store information or data. Therefore, not all the time it is very favorable to have this type of intermediaries.
  • Problems: When a server represents more than 1 user this can end up generating many problems in different scenarios.
  • They are not completely safe: If we compare them with other tools like VPNs we can say that proxies are not completely secure, since they do not encrypt all traffic that goes through it.

Types of proxy servers that we can use

Currently you can find different types of proxy servers which can be used to obtain anonymity in web browsing from our computers. Each of them is responsible for carrying out a different process, This is how we will explain what are the most common types of servers that you can find today:

HTTP proxy servers

They are in charge of power interpret all traffic passing through the network, therefore they are responsible for cache the web portals to later be able to facilitate them and streamline user access to them. All the speed this generates causes a full encryption, since it would end up reducing its speed.

SSL proxy servers

SSL proxy servers take care of provide SSL supports what is it for the connection between sender and receiver in a secure way. These servers have little chance of being blocked by your ISP, because they use TCP port 443. They are also known as HTTPS proxies and not being blocked by your ISP allows them to be done shopping or reviewing online banking.

SOCKS proxy servers

In this case, the SOCKS server not responsible for reviewing or analyzing web traffic, it just lets it go. These servers are considered very versatile, capable of handling different types of traffic such as FTP or File Transfer Protocol, SMTP and POP3 e-mail, IRC or even Torrent traffic.

Transparent proxy server

They do not require any kind of configuration in your system, but they only have basic uses.

Web proxies

These servers can be used inside the browser, for this they do not require no software installation. These types of connections can become HTTPS or HTTP, where the security level will vary depending on the connection. However, these proxies have drawbacks to work with the scripts java, javaScripts or Flash, so I have a hard time teaching them completely web page designs.

How to configure a proxy server in Windows 10?

If you are looking for the way to power configure a proxy on your Windows 10 computer, You should know that this OS offers you all the options so that you can do it easily and quickly.

To do this, simply follow the steps that we will explain below:

  • To start you must click on the button "Start" and there select the menu "Setting" which is represented by the icon of a wheel.

How to configure a proxy server in Windows 10

  • When you have entered the "Setting" you must select the icon "Internet and network".

How to configure a proxy server in Windows 10

  • Now, in the new window that appears, you will find a menu on the left side of your screen, here you must select the proxy option located at the end of the menu. This will allow you access server settings.

How to configure a proxy server in Windows 10

  • Once you are in proxy settings, you must go to the option of "Use proxy server" and check that box as "Activated". Just below this option you will find a section where you can write the proxy IP address that you want to use and your port. In case you want exclude some web portals You can also add them in the box below.
  • When you have finished all this configuration, just click "Save" for changes to occur in your OS.

How to configure a proxy server in Windows 10

List of the best free proxy servers to surf the Internet anonymously

To finish, we want to offer you a list of what we consider, at the moment, the best free proxy services that you will find:

Proxify "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" 800w, 720x450.jpg 720w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "src =" https: / / "></p>
<p>This is a completely free website that offers a <strong>completely unique proxy service,</strong> this is how users have the possibility of being able <strong>communicate on the Internet completely from anonymity. </strong>Regarding this service, it makes all your information <strong>record matches a WHOIS database</strong>, as a kind of <strong>warranty</strong> For your customers.</p>
<p>Also has <strong>three options preconfigured on your system</strong> and that can be modified by the client, these are <strong>compatibility, top speed and security.</strong> In the same way<strong>, proxify</strong> uses what is <strong>the HTTPS protocol</strong>, which offers a <strong>greater security</strong> and the ability to be on the web without being discovered. But despite this, its main disadvantage is that it makes <strong>users connect to very common IP addresses</strong> they can <strong>be easily discovered and blocked by firewalls</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class= "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" 800w, uploads / Proxy.org_-720x450.jpg 720w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "src =" "></p>
<p><strong></strong> is able to offer Internet users a <strong>increased privacy online</strong> and one <strong>completely anonymous browsing</strong> in a very simple way. for this it offers a lot of <strong>elements capable of improving your web experience.</strong> In addition, it offers you a <strong>full list of working proxy servers</strong> so you can select the one you think is most convenient.</p>
<p>Therefore, with this site you can start enjoying a <strong>Internet connection without being detected or discovered by third parties, </strong>thus achieving a <strong>greater privacy and security in each of your data</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class=

Proxy Hidester

Currently regarded as the fastest browsing web proxy in the world, it offers its services without any cost type and it also has an ease of use, so it will not be a problem to use it if you are a beginner in these topics. For this you simply must open it in your browser and copy the web address you want to visit, this will your connection is instantly encrypted thus increasing your security.

To make use of hidester it won't be necessary install any software, it offers both a desktop and mobile version. Therefore, you can also start to carry out a completely safe browsing from your smartphone. Please note that with hidester your activity on the web will be completely anonymous, so everyone your movements and data they will be fully protected.

Xrosy is another of the proxy services that can be found currently available, it can be used in almost all the world offering its services completely free. However, also offers premium payment plans that will improve even more the experience of its users.

To ensure excellent performance, they have a team completely specialized in the development of this service, thus allowing to have anonymity during web browsing. In addition, it has a global rotating IP database where you can select your proxy server. It is important to mention that XRosy currently has a 1% failure rate, which guarantees its effective operation and safety.