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PWA: What is a Progressive Web APP and how is it different from a Native one?

PWA: What is a Progressive Web APP and how is it different from a Native one?

In the world of computing, the main obsession is undoubtedly to optimize the user experience, referring clearly to me from a developer’s point of view. This is especially important in the mobile ecosystem, where the competition is huge .

Therefore, new ways of offering content to the mobile user are developed every day. Native applications seem to dominate in that sense, but apparently the PWA could put that into question because of the multiple benefits of these .

Don’t you know what a PWA is? Well, right now we will show you everything you need to know about them; from its definition to its operation and how to make one for your company or business, since they are a powerful marketing tool .

What is a PWA (Progressive Web Application) and for what does it work?

A progressive web application, or PWA, is a web page programmed in HTML5 or CSS that behaves just like a native mobile application, which optimizes the experience to the maximum by offering greater speed to offer content . In this sense they look a lot like a normal web application, but this one has the peculiarity that it can be installed in the browser, in addition to other much more powerful features.

Seen in this way, one could say that a PWA is an evolution of the web application that we know so far in services such as , which allows you to use an interface similar to the native app but from your browser. Progressive apps can also be hosted in a web domain and read from any browser, but can be installed in this , as if it were an extension of it.