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Security and privacy in Slack How to make your account much more private and secure? Step by step guide

Keep your data and files protected on any platform, it is something essential today. Therefore, the team of Slack gives priority to this area, so that its customers can trust the security it provides.

Based on that, there are different policies that apply to ensure the security of the information in your workspace. In addition, they have slightly more advanced tools in case the person requires it.

If you want to learn more about this, continue reading our post about Security and privacy in Slack How to make your account much more private and secure?. Besides, we share some apps that you can integrate for greater protection.

What are the top security and privacy risks in Slack?

What are the top security and privacy risks in Slack?

Regardless of whether you have a small, medium or large company, it will always be a priority keep data encrypted and protected. The reason is that the theft of information represents a gateway to your business strategies, projects, customer data, etc. Make sure at all times that only the appropriate and authorized people have access to your company data within Slack. Therefore, they offer features like single sign-on, domain claim, and compatibility.

In addition to that, if you require a more advanced level of protection, tools such as Slack Enterprise Key Management (Slack EKM), audit logs and even integrations regarding data loss prevention (DLP). Similarly, remember that all changes are made with your safety and that of your company in mind. Therefore, you should always take advantage of and implement the protection measures that the platform indicates to you. This way you will avoid future problems.

Tips to make your Slack account more secure and private to protect your business information

There is a series of procedures that it is recommended to apply in your account to keep your company information secure and private.

If you are interested, take note of the following tips:

Use two-factor authentication

Use two-factor authentication in Slack

Have you heard about this before?. It is a security procedure that most web platforms incorporate. Its purpose is offer an extra layer of protection when you log in. When you enable the feature, members must enter a code that is shared with them through their mobile device, along with your Slack password.

Thanks to this it is ensured that if a password is compromised, access to the platform is denied. The exception to this is that the user who logs in verifies their identity from their device. This option is enabled by members, if they wish.. But workspace administrators and creators have the option to make two-factor authentication mandatory.

Manage apps with caution

Manage apps with caution in Slack

By default, members have the ability to install applications in their workspaces. However, owners have the right to restrict permissions on how members can install or use apps. You must be cautious when using some apps, because they could compromise the security of your account. Make sure to use them correctly, and with the permission of the workspace owners.

Limit access to your workspaces

Limit access to your workspaces in Slack

Slack It is designed with the work environment in mind, so it is normal for confidential information or private details to be shared. Consequently, the ideal is to adopt a series of measures to limit access to data to only appropriate people.

In this sense, some tips for this are:

  • Only invite people you know: To have complete control of this, keep the default setting to allow only admins and owners to send invitations to new members.
  • Share channels with external organizations: If you are going to work with external organizations or external partners, it does not mean that they must access all the information in your workspace. To do this, it is best to share channels. That way, you can collaborate without compromising private data.
  • Deactivate member accounts that no longer need access: You may have members who are no longer active, so in those cases it is best to deactivate the account of any user who leaves. In case of those who have Plus and Enterprise Grid plans, owners optimize deactivation through an identity provider if they use SCIM member registrations.
  • Use guest accounts and limit channels: some members of your workspace may not need access to all channels on some occasions. The best solution for these scenarios are guest accounts, since they allow you to manage who has access to the information.
  • Manage email display: the email is displayed in the members’ profiles, but can be kept private if the user so wishes.

List of the best applications that you can integrate with Slack to improve the security of your account

List of the best applications that you can integrate with Slack to improve the security of your account

Slack has the option to integrate other apps, so that its use is more complete. In this sense, there are different types that fit different purposes.

In terms of security, we will give you a list of the most recommended:

Avanan Cloud Security

This is one of the most comprehensive security applications available today, because it includes a series of tools from other providers on the same platform.

Some of its outstanding features are:

  • Scan the files that go through Slack, in malware search.
  • Filter URLs to block content that comes from dubious websites.
  • Browse data and check for compliance problems, blocking information such as personal or financial content.
  • From the control panel, monitor possible Phishing attacks.

Moderate Content

Most applications meet a range of options, however, this one is different. It only focuses on one thing, but in an area that is often overlooked. In this sense, scan image files sent via Slack and censures those who violate company policy.

Those who receive the image, will be able to see the content in broad strokes, because many pixels are added to it and an explanation for it. Thus, it is possible to control what is shared. It should be noted that it is a configurable app, so administrators adjust the filtering as they wish.

DBOT by Demisto

In short, it is a bot that scans data such as URLs, IP addresses, files and much more, to detect malicious content. One thing in favor of this application is that it warns users when it has found a file that is served from an unreliable IP. Added to that, it’s free and open source. Thanks to this, it can be added quickly to any installation of Slack so you get an extra layer of protection. You just have to look for it in Slack App Directory.

MetaCert Security

It is also an app focused on protect everything related to messaging within Slack. Therefore, it checks links and compares these results with its internal database of categorized URLs. It contains one of the largest in the world, so the search will be effective. In addition to that, it provides protection against identity theft.


Finally, you find this option a little different. What sets it apart is that it focuses on train users to use Slack safely. So when inappropriate file sharing, abusive language, protected data, etc. are detected, it will notify administrators. In addition, it provides offending users with a short training session. It is recommended for new members of the platform, because it helps them become familiar with cybersecurity policies and tips in general.