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Web closes What alternatives to watch online series are still open? 2022 list closes What alternatives to watch online series are still open? 2020 list

Reconstitution of the period, history lessons, controversial issues, policy racks. More than entertainment, movies and series offer the opportunity to entertain with topics such as: General History, Biology, Chemistry and even current affairs in a light, fun and dull way. All these conditions mentioned above allied with the growing popularization of the Internet, led to the emergence of watching television series and online movies .

That is why we all love the portals of series and movies on the Internet because they let us access the episodes we want when we want it and without having to pay anything. One of the most beloved sites by the serial-addicted community was, which unfortunately has suffered a serious mishap . Unfortunately, the producers that spend millions to create those audiovisuals that we like so much do not agree with pirate portals “giving away” their content, so they report them to the authorities to close them.

Fortunately, the internet is an endless factory, so there will always be a new portal to watch series of all kinds. If after the problem of you became depressed and sad, you have reached the right place. In this article we will present a list of websites that serve as an alternative so you can continue enjoying the stories you like so much without any limitations.

What happened to Doesn’t work or have they closed?


Last December, decided to withdraw its links to comply with the Intellectual Property Law , effective since January 2015, and leave only the information section on series, news, movies and other social content.

The closure of the website was due to the complaint filed by the main producers and distributors against those responsible for this website for a crime against intellectual property . The statement written by the owners of was addressed to them in December where they proposed to establish a dialogue with the content distribution industry and the administration.

These pages offered audiovisual works, such as films or series, protected and unauthorized. To allow access to them, used both links for direct downloading of files and streaming viewing from specialized servers , according to the researchers.

So they decided to start a new project and after a year and a half of development, the team presented , a tool that puts all content within the reach of viewers audiovisual with broadcasting rights in Spain. The platform allows you to find series, movies, television programs and documentaries among the entire range of online video clubs and open TVs.

It allows to customize the channels and compare prices. In addition, generates recommendations for each user . It arrives only a few months after the announcement of the withdrawal of links from its old platform with millions of users.

List the best pages to watch series online alternatives to Series. ly

pirata de pelicula

In order to watch series and movies in freedom without risking ending up in the illegal pirate circuit and, therefore, without breaking any laws, there are several web platforms that issue series and movies in compliance with the law and without the need to pay any subscription. Here are several web platforms that allow you to watch series and movies legally. Another alternative would be to visit some torrent movie download websites how are you.

Allows more than 5 million users to easily import their entire collection of favorite content . Within the platform, users can configure the content sources they have available (TdT, pay-TV packages, subscriptions to online video clubs or other platforms) to start receiving relevant recommendations according to their preferences.

VVVVID is a television channel created by Mperience SLR , with more than 200 titles, with free access thanks to the registration you can make faster through Facebook . In addition to the movies on this free online television, you can also watch TV series, Japanese anime and children’s cartoons. On the platform you can also create a community with registered users to exchange suggestions and tips.


This web platform is among the best to watch free series: the titles are in Italian, the catalog consists of more than 500 movies , does not require any registration for use or access and does not require Flash Player . The free catalog was created by Delat Pictures and can also be used on your phone or tablet with both Google Chrome and iOS Safari .

OpenCulture is a legal and free website for true enthusiasts and connoisseurs that offers a catalog of the most sought-after and independent films. In the archive, the site has more than a thousand that have marked the history of the cinema . Most of them are in the original language, this is to maintain the originality of the film. In addition, you can also listen to audiobooks , read e-books and take online courses.

It is a platform that collects links of television series and movies that can be watched for free and legal . In fact, the site does not directly publish the content, but the link that links to the selected movie or series. Some films are available for a limited period of time, approximately one week, but the site is constantly updated.

YouTube? Yes. This social network gives so many freedoms that its users can make it practically what they want. In it you can find specialized channels to publish audiovisual content of all kinds; from movies and series, to anime, manga and comics . While the quality may not always be the best, simply being able to see all the content you want for free is already a plus. If you want to see the content in maximum quality, you must be subscribed and activate the notifications so that you can enjoy series in maximum quality before the platform takes them out of line .

With MoviesFoundOnline you can find all the content that is legal on the web and free, mainly from Vimeo or YouTube. The only limitation is that the movies or series, and even the short ones, that the system finds online are in English, but you can always activate some good subtitles. Like many websites on this list, does not require any registration and is completely free . It is currently one of the most monopolized users, especially English speakers.

It is as if it were a real, but virtual cinema: You can book the movies to see them in the virtual rooms where, as in reality, even here the places are limited. How limited is also the day and time to see the show. If you want unlimited access, you must pay , with a subscription, which with a defined amount of money per week allows you to watch films with no time limit or places.

Is it dangerous to watch series from these portals without paying? span>

Feliz por las series gratis

The Internet allows everyone to access thousands of different content at any time: among these, an important part of the traffic generated daily is given by the high-definition transmission of movies, TV series, anime, etc.

However, what you should ask yourself is Is it legal to watch streaming multimedia content without paying? What are the risks involved when visiting sites that offer free streaming movies? To answer these questions, it is important to know, on the one hand, what the law establishes and, on the other hand, all the inconveniences Additional ones you can find, even unconsciously, while browsing for a movie to watch online for free.

But, are there risks for users too? Actually, at least on paper, the user who simply watches a movie or series on stream, without sharing it with others (for example, to through a link or by exchanging files and sites peer-to-peer), is not subject to punishment by the state .

Now, if you are one of those “smart guys” who downloads films and then sell them, then you are breaking the law and are more than likely to go to jail if they discover you . So before doing something like that, think better. There are many better ways to earn money without stealing from anyone.