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SeriesDanko closes What alternatives to watch series and movies online are still open? 2020 list

SeriesDanko closes What alternatives to watch series and movies online are still open? 2020 list

SeriesDanko is a well known website, but this has been presenting some technical details that have caused discouragement and concern in some of the users who practically made life in it, although the owners still did not They have given statements as to why, it has been seen that these failures have diminished. However, they remain a problem that affect the user experience considerably.

SeriesDanko is a reference for the Spanish and Latin American consumer since its portal contains a extensive database with movies and TV series that for years have given entertainment to its wide audience. That is why people are anxious to know if they can continue enjoying the service or it is about to close, since the precedents are not good with other portals that have had the same symptoms in the past.

However, in case of a definitive closure you should not be so worried. On the Internet there are other Torrents websites that for years have provided an equal or better service than this portal. That is why in this article we present a list of 10 portals that are the perfect alternative to SeriesDanko . So you don’t have to rely on a single brand to entertain yourself in your free time.

What happened to SeriesDanko? They don’t work or have they closed?

tristeza por seriesdanko cierra

SeriesDanko is one of the most popular pages, where you can download movies, series or documentaries, and also has the streaming mode that allows you to watch everything online . But in the beginning of 2018 this page has been presented many failures that prevent entering the site and enjoy them. The owners have not yet informed why these failures.

We do not know much about this page since the owners take good care of their information to avoid being caught by the law that persecutes all websites that violate the author’s right. But it can be speculated that its failures are caused by lack of maintenance . As we already mentioned, we don’t know what its cause really is, what we can say is that it is not out of order, you can still find it with the URL of

However, the fact that developers have it so “abandoned” is perhaps an indication that it will soon be completely closed and that what they are doing is detaching themselves from it to avoid legal problems. That is why you should be handling other options to continue accessing this type of content .

List of the best alternative websites to Series Danko to watch movies and online series

If you are one of those who always use to download your movies, and for reasons of technical failures you have not been able to access it, we tell you not to worry as we leave you a list of 10 pages which you can use to download everything you want .

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

This is a web page with a very complete table of contents. You can find it in the market at just $ 5.99 / month, and it offers you a period of 30 free days . This is Amazon’s response to the Netflix success and is presented as a direct competitor of this.

While we know that you are waiting for a free option, it is not surprising that you know this payment alternative that will guarantee you to have quality content always without ads . Amazon Prime Video has its limitations since it does not have such a large database since it always tries to abide by the law and respect copyright.

However you can find very award-winning series that are trending in the world and attract the attention of millions of people around the planet. Also, you have the advantage of being able to try it completely for free for a month and if you don’t like it you leave without paying anything .

HD Full TV

HD Full TV

It is a site that turns out to be an excellent one, with the latest movies and series released. Its design filters all its contents very well allowing us to make a quick and simple search of what we want to see. Unlike the previous one, this is a completely free portal where you can access almost all the series of the market as well as the films since they are not interested at all in complying with copyright of content.

HDFull with one of the largest databases you can find on the internet and in addition to that it allows you to download everything via torrent with one of the fastest and safest servers currently. As the name implies, all its content is available in HD and 4K. So if you have the necessary equipment and connection speed you can watch your favorite series and movies in the best audio and video quality on the market .

It is an excellent alternative since it has an extensive catalog of content suitable for each person and all ages. You can find series and movies in the highest possible quality without paying absolutely anything in the process, although the bad thing about this is that you will have to endure a lot of hilarious advertising that can annoy your user experience a bit , but you can solve this with a good advertising blocker.

Among its extensive database you can find the best current series and movies, as well as classic and anime titles with all the chapters in Latin American Spanish and Spain. In addition, you can easily access them thanks to its effective filter system with which you can find whatever you are looking for in moments .

It is a good site to watch your movies and download them, although it will not allow you to download all the content you want, but this detail does not obscure the attractiveness of the page. In it you can find an extensive content of comedies, documentaries and children’s films, all so you can spend time with family .

Its database is one of the largest in the market today and what you can download can be done via torrent, which makes the process extremely easy and fast. Also, you can be sure that everything you download is verified and virus free . Its Streaming servers are the best, allowing the loading speed of the series and movies to be very good. Of course, like the previous option, you will have to deal with a lot of publicity.


At first glance it is a common page, like all those that allow you to watch online movie content and download it. It is not a page that stands out much in its design and interface, however it is the best because it allows you to see its contents without so many restrictions or details. It has categories for all tastes where you can even see material for XXX adults .

This is a reference brand worldwide in terms of Spanish-speaking content. He has been active for more than a decade during which he has always provided quality service. The only detail is that being so popular is in the spotlight of the authorities since last year when one of its domains was blocked in Spain. That without forgetting that they also abuse advertising, but it’s nothing that can’t be solved with a good AdsBlock .


It’s a good place to go to download your series, movies or documentaries. It has a section so you can listen to music. This is a very comfortable website when browsing it, and it is always kept up to date with the latest content of the cinema and series .

Its database is one of the most extensive and varied, which is the least that can be expected from a portal as famous as this one that has and with more than a decade active. In addition, offers you the option to download all its content by or via torrent , with the total security that each of your files are verified and free of threats. < / p>

It has a wide range of content for all types of ages, offering you the latest movies and series released so you don’t get outdated in the film world for a second. You can access all this content easily with its search bar and countless filters that make your job easier in case you don’t know the name of the title you are looking for.

This is another old school website that has several years in the market and that unfortunately is persecuted by the authorities. Although it must be said that they have managed to evade the blockade in recent years. To enter it without problems, it is best to use a VPN that hides your IP address , so that you stay safe in every way. Like the other portals, it offers you the option to download each of the contents via MEGA, MediaFire or by torrent.

This is the new domain of the old Pelis24 portal that was finally closed last year. Fortunately, it retains the entire database of the old domain with the same quality as before. Here you can enjoy streaming the best audiovisuals on the market, both cinema and TV , with the option that you can download everything without problems via Mega or its P2P link via torrent.


This is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives of the list since in it you can find the most updated content. The recommendation again is that you use a VPN so that your IP is fully secured, especially if what you want is to download. In addition, it is also convenient that you install an AdsBlock so you do not have to deal with all the advertising that monetizes the web .

Many think that this site died, but not really, just change of address. It is a page for those who do not know it, it is very intended by users thanks to its large amount of content and the quality of them. Most of the movies and series that are uploaded on this page are available in English and Spanish, as well as being of good audio and video quality.


A site that does not have much fame or the best page designs but that does not mean that it is not a recommended page, this allows you to enjoy the latest movie releases, and leaves aesthetics aside and he worries about updating his billboard .

These are the best famous pages for watching movies and many other things. We show you from the most famous to the least known but they all have content that will interest you.