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Skype chat What are they and what are all the actions that I can do in them?

Skype is part of a calls and video calls application, a tool to converse via text with your contacts, making available to the user colorful themes, the personalization of the chats, different fonts for the letters, updating the profile and many other features.

In that world of instant messaging, the competition between Skype and other companies is tenacious, therefore Microsoft seeks to create new tools every day so as not to lose market space and that users keep it installed on any of their devices, since it has both desktop and mobile versions.

In this tutorial you will learn the usefulness of chats in Skype, some of the most important actions you can take with them, and the commands available to improve your experience when sending text messages online.

What are Skype chats and what are they for in the Skype app?

How Skype chats work

A chat is a private message between two or more users who have an account in the Skype application, being able to maintain end-to-end encrypted conversations in which only the participants will have access to them. Through chats, you can send attachments of images, audios or videos, even if they are large. The content of the conversation is available in the inbox and can only be consulted on one device at a time.

Learn step by step to perform the most important actions in Skype chats from any device

The functionality of the chats is extensive, They practically fulfill functions similar to those of other messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram when communicating with different people.

So that you know the most important actions that can be carried out from Skype chats, we have chosen eight of them and here we are going to explain them to you step by step:

Start Chat

Start a new chat in Skype

Starting a private conversation in Skype is very simple, once you log in and are in the inbox, you must perform the following actions:

  • Tap on the button “New chat” in the top left-hand corner.
  • A new window opens in which you must select the contact with which you want to communicate.
  • One time selected, a window will appear to start the conversation.
  • At the bottom, “Write a message”.
  • You write the content and Click on the send button marked in blue.

Delete a message in chat

Remove a message in Skype

To delete a message sent to a contact, which we no longer want to be available, we must enter the inbox and then do the following:

  • Find the contact to whom you sent the message.
  • Click on the message you want to delete.
  • With the the right button of the mouse on the computer or holding down on the mobile we click on “Put off”.
  • Asks you Do you confirm that you want to delete the message?
  • You give in “Put off” and the message will disappear.

Edit a message

How to edit a message in Skype

Change the content of the text we have sent, removing or adding information is very easy in Skype chat.

What you should do is the following:

  • Locate the message that you sent.
  • We press on it and with the right mouse button we click on “Edit”.
  • It appears at the bottom the message you want to modify.
  • You give send and it will appear to your contact already the new message edited.

Use chat commands

List of best shortcuts in Skype

The commands they will help you make communication on Skype easier and they can be used in both individual and group chats.

To use one of them, you have to do the following:

  • You are looking for a contact with whom you are going to chat.
  • At the bottom where it says “Write a message” you’re going to place the backslash.
  • Once you put it on a list of commands will appear that you can use by selecting one of them.
  • After selections, you send and I know execute the requested function.
  • Keep in mind that some may not be available on the mobile version of Skype.

Empty chat message history

Delete a chat in Skype

To keep your inbox clean, especially if many messages arrive when you are in a group chat where there are conversations that no longer have any relevance, you can delete them by following these steps:

  • Locate the chat that you want to clear of all conversations.
  • click with the right mouse button and click on “Delete conversation”.
  • Then you must confirm and all history for that chat will be erased.
  • You also have the option of right-click on the conversation and hit on “Select messages”.
  • Can select individually the ones you want to delete and at the end click on the trash can icon at the bottom.

Delete a chat

How to leave a chat on Skype

In this case we focus on deleting an entire conversation with a particular contact.

You do not want to leave any trace on the device or computer of the content, to do this, do the following:

  • In the left sidebar locate the contact.
  • With the right button of the mouse click on “Clear conversation”.
  • If it is in a mobile, press above the conversation until you see the option to remove.
  • A pop-up window appears in which you must click on “Confirm”.
  • At that moment all chat content will be deleted.

Send emojis and custom emojis

Send emojis in Skype

Skype has a wide list of emojis, emoticons and gif that you can share during a conversation, either personal or group to express your thoughts at that time.

To do it, follow this route:

  • Within the chat you are going to write to, a smiley icon appears on the left.
  • Select and it opens a window for you showing the variety you have for Send.
  • Select one of any of the categories that are shown to you.
  • And this way will be sending to the conversation.

Mention someone in a group chat

Skype group chat mentions

To refer to a particular member of a Skype group chat and get their attention, you must make a mention and in this way they will respond to your concern faster.

You can do it in the following way:

  • Within the chat, write the message that you need to send.
  • Before or at the end of the message write the name of the person which you want to mention preceded by “@”.
  • You can also do it writing your name starting with capital letters, This will bring up a list of the people included in the chat.

Mute notifications from a chat

Notification settings in Skype

Notifications can sometimes become a nuisance, since they constantly fill the device with notices, even at times when we are doing other activities or need to be disconnected.

Here we show you the correct way to deactivate them:

  • Choose the picture of profile.
  • Login to “Setting”.
  • Choose the section “Notifications”.
  • There you go to Activate or deactivate the notifications according to your preferences.

List of all the chat commands that you can use in Skype from any of your computers

Accessing keyboard shortcuts in Skype

The Skype commands are functions that are not visible but are very useful for quick tasks. It should be noted that they can be used in both personal and group conversations, being able to be used according to the updated version that is in the equipment.

Here are the commands that can be used within Skype chat:

  • /me [texto]: it is a way of sending a message about the activities you are doing, since your name is placed followed by the text you send.
  • /poll [título], [opción1], [opción2], [opción3]: this command allows you to create a survey. The first thing is the question and then each option always separated by a comma.
  • /leave: to leave a group chat.
  • /showmembers: used to list the group members according to their function.
  • /setrole [nombre de Skype] [Administrador/Usuario]: with this option the roles are assigned to the members of the chat. Administrators have the management functions and users can send messages or participate in calls.
  • /golive: to invite a group call.
  • /clearmru– To delete personal content that you have recently sent.
  • /versión: indicates which version of Skype is used.
  • /addreaction [Nombre del emoticono]: with this option you customize the way you react to messages using emoticons.
  • /addreactions [Nombre del emoticono]: this command is used to add various reactions using emoticons or emojis.
  • /removereaction [Nombre del emoticono]– Otherwise, using it removes the reaction from the message reaction selector.
  • /removereactions [Nombre del emoticono]: If multiple reactions have been added, they can be removed together using this function.
  • /resetreactions: sets the reactions as they are predetermined in the program.
  • /kickban [Usuario de Skype]– Admin permanently expels a member from the group and prevents them from rejoining.
  • /getbanlist: with this command you can see all the people who have been expelled from a moderated chat.
  • /setbanlist [(+)|-] [Usuario de Skype]– Shows members who have been pulled out of a chat moderated by an admin.

How did you realize With the commands you can perform quick actions just by placing them in the space to write. These must always be accompanied by the / function so that they can appear available.