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SlideShare What is it, what is it for and how to publish content in this tool?

Surely ever while you've surfed the internet you have found more than one website what does some type of information through slides which can be from PDF, Word Documents, Open Office, PowerPoint, among many others. All this in order for the user to be aware of important news that is shared through the network.

SlideShare it's a kind of social network that has more than 16 million users who use its support, in this way they can archive, publish and share presentations privately or publicly. In addition, these presentations may be accompanied by Images downloaded from the web or own.

In the same way it can be said that this website has multiple uses, which is considered as a platform similar to YouTube but this time with slides. This is how we will explain a little more here about this platform and what are its main benefits. For this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What is SlideShare and what is this LinkedIn tool for?

This website stands out mainly for offering its users the possibility to upload and share content publicly or privately through presentations. As already mentioned in the post, you can add information from programs like Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Open Office, among many others. It is worth mentioning that this Web platform was created mainly for the business management, who could transmit any type of information through presentations in a very simple way.

But since then, this portal has become a entertainment site which is used today as a tool of the social network on LinkedIn. Bearing in mind that it is Slideshare, here we are going to tell you what is this LinkedIn tool and how can you get the most out of it especially possible for your business or personal project.

Let's see the features of this tool below:

Easily share your corporate presentation

The first objective of this tool is to allow the person to be able share your presentations from Slideshare in an easy and simple way, in this way they can transmit your information back and forth without so many complications. This will make all this series of shared data available to all those interested in your business.

Visually present your products or services

As just mentioned, this is a very attractive way to display any type of information to the publicespecially if you want show some products or services that you offer. Creating presentations for this type of article is always a very good alternative, since everything you want to share will reach the public in a much more effective way.

Share dynamic content with your followers

To the power share visual content, like what are the infographics and presentations, your followers are going to show more interest in your publications, so it will be much easier to be able attract their attention until you become one of your clients.

Helps you improve SEO positioning

Finally it should be mentioned that Slideshare it helps you to improve your SEO positioning, you achieve this through the use of keywords in the title and description, which will allow you to be able position yourself on Google.

What are the benefits of publishing your presentations in this tool?

Without a doubt, being able to use this tool will provide you with some extra benefits, especially because it gives you the chance to display content visually, which is much more attractive to most people.

Accordingly, here we show you the main benefits of publishing your presentations on Slideshare:

  • It allows you position your content in the main web search engines.
  • It helps you to improve the positioning of your brand or company.
  • You can get a higher traffic for your website.
  • This tool allows you demonstrate and expose your specific knowledge on a specific topic.
  • It helps you generate a greater trust in your customers.
  • It gives you the possibility of link your presentations to your LinkedIn profile and in this way share more content that may be relevant to a recruiter who is interested in you.
  • It helps you to viralize your content fairly quickly, this allows the theme you have created to quickly reach Recruiters, recruitment companies and companies looking for a profile that dominates a certain topic.
  • It helps you to generate quality contacts, people who are interested in your content and at the same time they can contact with other people who are interested in you.
  • It also helps you enhance your online presence and it is a tool to service of your personal brand.

Learn step by step how to share your presentations on SlideShare

Considering everything mentioned, now we are going to explain what are the steps you must follow so you can start sharing each of your SlideShare presentations and in that way begin to enjoy all the benefits this offers you.

To do this, follow each of these steps:

Copy the URL from SlideShare

  • The first thing you will have to do is enter the Slideshare platform and log in with your data.
  • The next thing is to look for some of your uploaded presentations, for this you must hover over your profile icon which is located in the upper right part of your screen. Keep in mind that if you click on your image will be sent to your profile page. Here you should see a drop-down menu with various options.
  • Now in the drop-down menu that appears on the screen select the item "My burdens", The presentations you have loaded will appear in a new tab.

  • In this case there is only a single presentation loaded on the platform. Now move the cursor over the slide title and at the bottom of the screen you will see a drop-down window with the url, here you can right click on the title so that said menu stay fixed.

Copy the URL from SlideShare

  • Here you must click "Copy the link location" so that copy the URL of the presentation uploaded to the website. You can also click on the title and copy the url using your keyboard, for this use the key combination "CTRL + C".

Copy the URL from SlideShare

Add SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile

Once you have copied the URL of the slide to the clipboard of your computer, then everything will be ready so you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

To do this, follow these instructions:

  • The first thing will be to enter LinkedIn and enter your details to log in in your social network account.
  • Once you are inside the platform you must click on the word "ME" which is just below your located profile icon at the top right of your screen.
  • Then click on "View profile" located under your name so that the profile opens on your screen.
  • Now click on "See more" located at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile so you can see more. Here you can find three different areas of your profile that allows you add multimedia files, as is the area of "Summary" which appears below your name and description, "Experience" which is a list of various professional positions you have had and the "Education" which describes your education history.

Add SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile

  • Here you simply have to choose where you want add your presentation, note that this will also depend on the content of it. You can too attach your presentation is more than one section of your profile, although preferably it is recommended to do it in one.
  • In the event that the content of the slide describes your work, then select "Summary", If she talks about your professional positions, it will be best to add her to your "Experience" and if it is some educational project then in "Education" It will be the best option.
  • No matter which section you end up selecting, the procedure will be the same for all. In this example, "Experience".
  • Here you must scroll down in the LinkedIn section where you want to attach the profile.

Add SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile

  • Now move your cursor on the right of the screen, select the icon "Edit" that appears there and is shaped like a pencil. On the screen of "Edit Experience" the following will appear.

Add SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile

  • Here you use the "Scrollbar" which is located on the right of your screen, this will allow you to move within the page. At the bottom you will find an activation button labeled as "Share profile changes". This button is enabled, your LinkedIn contacts They will see that you have updated your profile.
  • In order to add the presentation of Slideshare to this section of your social network profile you must click the button "Link". The next thing will be to select the "Add" and you can see the title and description of your SlideShare.

Add SlideShare to your LinkedIn profile

  • Now make sure that you are adding the presentation that you want to upload to the social network. You can also make changes to the description or title if you want and click on "Apply" located on the right side of the screen.
  • The system will send you back to the "Edit Experience", there click on the option "Save" located in the right corner of your screen so you can complete the procedure for uploading your content to your profile.

Add directly into SlideShare

  • It is also possible that add your SlideShare presentation to LinkedIn from the same SlideShare platform. For this you can continue again the instructions from step 1 So you can find the url of the slide, but when you find yourself in the tab of "My burdens" you should go to the bottom of the screen and select the button "Add to profile".

Add directly into SlideShare

  • When you click there the following will appear.
  • In this case select "Okay" the SlideShare presentation will automatically be attached at the bottom of the "Summary" from your LinkedIn profile.

Share your SlideShare slides on social media

You not only have the opportunity to share it in LinkedIn social network, but you can also share them in other social networks easily. All this will allow you to be many more people who can reach see your presentation, so the chances of getting leads increases. Note that social networks are considered as one of the best digital Marketing strategies.

Luckily, this platform allows you easily share your content on it on any other social network, For this you must find the presentation you want to share. When you have found it select the option "Share".

Share your SlideShare slides on social media

This button is located under the title of the slide. You will also find buttons that allow you share SlideShare on popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can explore the button "Share", once selected the screen will appear "Share Slideshare".

Share your SlideShare slides on social media

On this "Share SlideShare" screen you will find five ways to share your SlideShare presentation which are the following:

  • The buttons to share through social networks: To do this you must create a publication with a link to your Slideshare on the most popular sites, that is, the most popular social networks.
  • Field to share via email: Another way to share your content is through the e-mails, an easy and fast way to get each of your presentations to other users.
  • Embed fields: This option is used for when you want add the presentation to a website.
  • WordPress code field: In this case it provide code WordPress so you can add your presentation on that website.
  • Link field: You can finally use the link so you can share in any way other than those already mentioned, this will allow you to do that your content can be transmitted to many more people in different ways.

List of the best alternatives to SlideShare to publish slides

It is not a secret to anyone that SlideShare It is considered as one of the best platforms at the time of Post slides and share them on social media. However, many users they don't like working with such a platform or just want try other alternatives and then compare with which of them feel better.

This is how we are going to show you a list of the best alternatives to this program so you can start publishing presentations:

PowerPoint Online

The first option that we present to you is about Microsoft Office program, but this time of the online version of PowerPoint, which you will be able to work completely online and with a cloud backup, so everything you do there will be Completely sure.

Here you will have the opportunity to get yourself a large number of templates so that you work is much easier, it also has a very easy to work interface. You can too create presentations of all kinds and then share it online with anyone without requiring much time for it.

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<p>This is another one of the <strong>online programs</strong> that they will allow you <strong>create and share</strong> <strong>interactive presentations</strong> in a very easy and fast way. This is another tool of <strong>Microsoft,</strong> but this time it is a <strong>independent application</strong> that will allow you <strong>create slides in a very easy and fast way</strong>, for this it offers you a <strong>lots of modern features and elements</strong>.</p>
<p>Here you can <strong>add your own images, videos, audio and text</strong>, all this with the objective that you can <strong>create the presentations completely to your liking</strong>. As for the interface, it is very easy to work thanks to the fact that it is very well designed, being considered a <strong>modern Microsoft interface</strong>.</p>
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<p>If what you are looking for is <strong>alternative to Slideshare </strong>so this is one of your best options, it has already been on the market for several years and it is getting stronger, for this it constantly adds <strong>new tools </strong>that allows users to have a <strong>completely updated platform.  </strong>It stands out for being very simple to use and allows easy loading of presentations. Also, you can <strong>add videos, images, narrations, audios, </strong>among many other elements.</p>
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