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Softphone: What is this type of software and telephone combination and what is it for?

Softphone: What is this type of software and telephone combination and what is it for?

Many people who work in companies must have two cell phones, of which one belongs to the company and the other is for private use, they also need to have benefits that unfortunately cannot be provided by common phones.

With a softphone system this will stop happening, because being connected in the cloud goes outside the normal telephone system , therefore, you do not need a phone number but a name of user or some protocol that identifies that mobile. And best of all, this advanced technology can be incorporated into a smartphone.

If you want to save money on telecommunications , please read this article, we will tell you what this new telephone system consists of and the advantages that it has.

What is a softphone and what are these tools used for?

Softphone is a communication-oriented software , which allows calls to be made through the Internet voice protocol, commonly called VoIP.

In order to establish a communication you need another softphone or any conventional telephone , for this you will need to install software on your computer, which needs to be permanently connected to the Internet to establish the call without any interference .

Your computer will become, from that moment, a multimedia phone, being able to use your computer while making telephone communication. An example of this technology is the Skype application.

Softphone is widely used by companies, since they can have in a single integrated system the control of the data packets that travel through the protocol and dial through a landline. In this way they also save a lot of money and gain in control of incoming and outgoing data.

What are the benefits of making your calls using a softphone?

This technology offers many advantages when using them, some of them are :

  • Calls can be made to any other device with softphone software installed or not.
  • It has advantages for mobile phones with the softphone system, because you can access the central that is located in the company , for example, and in this way transfer calls, make videoconferences, among other things.
  • The cost of calls is reduced considerably , because using the Internet this VoIP service is much cheaper than the rates charged by the companies providing telephone services.
  • No need to invest in facilities or in other hardware that takes place or physical aspects.
  • The interface provided by these software is really very easy to use causing a very good user experience.

Cuáles son los beneficios de realizar tus llamadas mediante un softphone

List of the best software to make free and paid VoIP calls

There are many software on the market that provide the softphone service through VoIP technology.

In this part of our report we want to give you the 10 best softphone programs to make calls. They are:


Zoiper. Los mejores software para realizar llamadas VoIP gratis y de pago

It is a free software for non-commercial use, to use this system you will need a computer or smartphone, Internet connection and a VoIP or PBX provider.

It can be downloaded for Android and iOS, as well as for Windows, Mac or Linux .

It has a paid version for 39.95 €, in which it offers an interactive interface and dial in two steps.


This famous creative company, among other things of X-Lite, offers software for € 7.25 .

In its services you can find encrypted call recording through TLS and SRTP, call recording and call center among others. It is considered one of the best softphone for Android phones.


It can work on any SIP system, but it is designed primarily to work with the 3CX software . The way to handle this simple softphone is simple, simple and secure.

SIP Simple

This software for softphone has unique characteristics for its integration, among its features we can emphasize the inclusion of Codecs type G722, GSM, iSAC and SILK among others.


Sipdroid. Los mejores software para realizar llamadas VoIP gratis y de pago

Considered by far one of the best and simplest SIP softphone . It is one of the first to appear in the Google store.


This SIP is very popular among users of this technology, the features it presents are very good, its interface is simple and the instructions for handling this software are simple and intuitive, generating a good feeling in the user.


You can download it for € 4.98 , it includes SRTP support, and Codecs G.711, G.722 (in HD quality) and GSM. The configuration for IP providers is very simple to adapt.

Britix 24

It is a business-oriented softphone , which has an automatic dialer and CRM. Among its services you can offer are automatic calls , recording them, voicemail and rental of telephone numbers, which can be national or international.


For € 25 a month you can have a call center system, which is aimed at all sizes of companies so they can control their businesses in an efficient way, provides support for help the users.


Aimed at small businesses , a 100% cloud-stored phone, provides international numbers, and has advanced call center features that are integrated through mobile and web applications.

It has a free and monthly version where you will have to pay € 19 per month .

VoIP / SIP PC Softphone

This company presents a free software , through which you can turn our computer into a second telephone line for free by allowing calls, at a low cost, to mobile or landlines .

Use the VoIP / SIP PC Softphone network


It is not only a virtual telephone system but also a technology that provides a PBX tool for small and medium businesses.

Provide new phone number to users or directly absorb existing numbers. Another of the outstanding features presented by this software is that it provides a virtual answering machine.

It has a free version and a payment for € 12.99 per month .

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