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Spotify tricks: become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 list

Spotify tricks: become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 list

Streaming platforms have become one of the most important for most users today. This is how Spotify continues to position itself among one of the most popular worldwide, which is used today by a large number of public figures .

This online music platform has a free and paid version . Where the paid version offers a large number of tools that will help you get the most out of it. However, for users of the free version all this is a bit more limited .

Therefore, if you are a user with a basic account, and want to start getting the best possible performance to your profile, here we will show you What are the best tricks for both your free and paid account and that way you become an expert.

What features make Spotify a unique streaming music library?

The battle between streaming platforms has always been very close. However, Spotify has known how to capitalize on all of them, which has led it to become one of the most popular becoming a completely unique music library.

This is how it has a very well crafted and fun interface that stands out for its easy handling. Where you can find a great music library , as well as a great compatibility with almost all devices . It is important to mention that the free plan has had some better recently.

With all this in mind, here we present the main features of this online music portal.

Spotify Radio

The music application has the advantage that offers a radio tool to its users. This allows to identify the client’s favorite songs or type of music. In this way the system will provide you with songs that are similar to the ones you want to hear.

Create playlists

One of the main features to highlight is that it allows the creation of playlists with those favorite songs, this will allow you to place all those melodies that you like in a single reproduction to start enjoying of a music time . In addition to creating your own lists , you can also access others created by other members who have published it on the system.

Listen to music offline

This option is very useful for most users, but it is only available for the Premium version , which also does not offer commercials . On the contrary, it happens with Free accounts , which will have to have a Internet connection and listen to all the commercials that appear there .

A very extensive music library

One of the great advantages over other sites of this type is that it offers one of the largest and largest libraries in the market , where it currently offers more than 25 million songs . In addition, it has a search engine to make it easy for you to search for your favorite tunes.

Compatibility with different devices

Unlike other streaming platforms, Spotify has great compatibility with almost all devices . This is how it can be used on both computers, mobile devices and tablets .

List of the best 40 tricks and tips to get the most out of Spotify

Therefore, if you are a user of this online platform and you want to start getting everything to your advantage and become an expert . Then it is necessary that you begin to know each one of the tricks that we will teach you next, with which you can start to get new functions and tools .

Create infinite playlists

Crea listas de reproducciones infinitas

If you are listening to one of your favorite tunes , either by the type of lyrics, genre or rhythm, and you want to continue listening to more similar songs, then you should go to the option of “Go to song radio”. Automatically start creating an infinite playlist where you can find only those songs that have been directly related to your favorite track.

This gives you the opportunity to spend an entertaining time listening only to those melodies you love without having to select or search for the songs.

Modify the quality of the songs

Modifica la calidad de las canciones

In general, Spotify applications have an option called “Normalize volume” which is enabled by default . The problem with this is that this option makes the volume of each song reach its maximum, which becomes a problem with those songs that have a very high volume type.


In this case you can deactivate it and that way you set the volume yourself, which will help you improve the quality of the melody greatly. In the case of the Premium account has a quality of 128 Kbps , it is advisable to place it in 320 Kbps (Very high) . However, this can lead to increased consumption of the Internet.

Use it as a remote control

Utilizalo como un control remoto

This is one of the tricks less known by users, in case you are playing a song from your mobile app and have the PC connected to the same WiFi network, then you can select at the bottom of the screen the option of “Available devices” , there you must select play on PC and automatically after pairing will start playing on the device.

In the case of the mobile app will start working only as a remote control, where you can choose which topic to listen to and the volume you want . You can do this from your free or paid account.

Listen Shazam

Escucha Shazam

In the case that you like to use Shazam to search for new music and you have found a song that you like, you can start listen to it on Spotify > without any problem. Ideal for you to enjoy all those melodies you want directly from this streaming platform . Note that you must first log in to Shazam.

Listen to music as you like best

Escucha la música como mejor te gusta

You also have the opportunity to equalize your favorite songs to listen to your best style. This can be done if you are a basic account user. Simply enter the mobile app and enter the “Library” section located at the bottom of your screen. Then go to “Settings” and then click on “Reproductions” and finally on “Equalizer”. Here you have the opportunity to place the reproduction to your liking.

Check the upcoming concerts in your city

Revisa los próximos conciertos en tu ciudad

If you are one of the people who likes to be attending artist events , then this option will surely interest you. And this platform also gives you the possibility of being aware that artists are about to appear in your city. That way you can know the date of the presentation and the place of the event .

To know all these details you must enter the “Menu> Explore”, then select the option of “More” and click on the tab ” Concerts. ” Keep in mind that you can change your location if you want to know if an artist will be performing in a nearby city.

Use it privately

You may be one of the people who like to have everything privately . In this case you can log in privately so that none of your views are published in the app feed .

In order to start your private session and prevent the rest from finding out your musical tastes you must enter the tab and then on < strong> “Private session”.

Store your weekly discoveries

As we know the platform every week launches a series of songs that can get your attention depending on your tastes. Which you have the opportunity to store , but These usually clear on their own the following week. In this case you can start moving each of them to the playlist that you want so that they are not deleted and that way you can store them.

Recover your deleted playlists

Recupera tus listas de reproducciones borradas

Surely it happened to you that you deleted a Playlists and then regretted it. Or you just deleted it by mistake and now you don’t know what to do to recover it. In this case you have an option to go back to reset all this , you Try clicking on the down arrow head icon in the upper right.

There you must enter the menu and select “Accounts”, in the new window that appears on the screen select “Recover playlists” and then in “Recover ”, in this way you can start to restore all previously deleted material.

Add your music

If you are using the mobile app and want to start add the music that you have stored on the device to the streaming application , then you must go to “Settings”, there you have the opportunity to add the songs you have in the “Downloads” or “iTunes” folder so you don’t have to be entering one app and another at every moment.

Import your playlists directly from iTunes

Importa tus listas de reproducciones directamente desde iTunes

You may have a lot of playlists in iTunes and want to import it to Spotify . Being able to do this is a very simple and quick process to achieve, for this you must enter the menu and there to “File”, then select “Import playlists” and select iTunes . All lists will automatically begin to be passed directly to the online music app.

Play your favorite music while driving

If you are driving and want to play your music from the app in the car you can do it through your account. This process is very simple, simply entering the interface configuration you can program all this. One way to enjoy your favorite songs while transporting you from one place to another.

Enjoy the functions of the Settings

In the application settings we will find different functions that will help us improve the experience within the platform. One of them is the possibility to program the system so that the device does not connect to any music player available through a WiFi network , this will prevent your music from playing in unwanted devices .

Another of the possibilities we find here is the offline mode . This will allow you to use it when you are without mobile data on or have an Internet connection. For this, it will be necessary that you previously have some melodies already downloaded to the equipment.


Interact with other devices

Interactua con otros dispositivos

In the case that you are listening to music on your computer, but you have to go to another place in your home, you can quickly pass these themes to your smartphone. For this you simply must program your devices in real time , in that case you enter the options and set the possibility of listening to the music on that device.

In addition, you have the opportunity to control all playback from any Spotify client without needing to be from the same team that is playing the themes >. That way you can pass songs in real time from computer to smartphone and vice versa.

Reorder the playlists

Reordena las listas de reproducción

You may be listening to some playlist and have started playing different melodies that you don’t want to hear . In this case it is possible that you can reorder them and place the ones you want to hear in the next ones.

This will require you to go to the playback screen and press the symbol in the upper right corner , there you can see which themes are queued. In this case, select the horizontal lines on the right of the screen so you can start changing the order.

Stop using the mouse

Deja de utilizar el mouse

In case you are using the platform from your computer , you have the opportunity to operate it without the need to use the mouse . To do this you must use the shortcuts that will make you use the interface faster and easier. In this case you should know what each of the key combinations are that will help you carry out the functions. You can do all this on both Windows and Mac.