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SVG File Extension – What are they and how to open such files?

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Surely you have come across some kind of svg file that you want to open and you can’t because you don’t have the right programs to do this or just because You don’t know the extension.

It is possible that on many occasions after doing double click on the file this indicates some mistake and does not allow to open it, in this case it is necessary to carry out some specific methods and which will vary according to The operating system to be used.

Therefore, in order to open this type of SVG format in you computer or smartphone It will be necessary for you to follow each of the methods that we will explain later.

What is it and what are files with the .SVG extension used for?

files with .SVG extension

Scalar Vector Graphics or also known as SVG is a format of 2D graphic fileswhere it is mainly responsible for describing 2D graphics with text based on the XML structure. This extension offers animations and interactivity, allowing each user to be able to compress images, perform image scripting, search, index, among many others.

It is important to mention that the text editors are able to open, create and edit this type of extension. However, they are created through drawing software. In addition, the SVG allow a lossless data compression, vector graphics, text and bitmaps.

How to open, create and edit .SVG vector format files on smartphones or computers?

How to open, create and edit .SVG vector format files on smartphones or computers?

On many occasions we find a vector format .SVG in our computer or smartphone either because they have not sent it by email or simply download it from the internet and we can’t open them.

This process may vary depending on the operating system where it is done, because of this here we explain how open, create and edit these extensions on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. For it follow each of these methods:

On Windows PCs

In the case of Windows this can be done through Web navigator, a very simple and fast way to open these formats. In these cases, use Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox browserswhere they all provide some support able to read this type of extension.

Therefore, you can open these svg files online without the need to download them to the computer. It is also important to mention that you can use editing programs What adobe illustrator to open these documents, as well as edit and create them from scratch.

On Mac computers

They may be some of those people who are trying open an SVG vector graphic, and double clicking on it throws you a mistake that does not allow you to view said content. if this happens to you you can try to do the following:

  • Login to your Web navigator and go to your location in section “Setting”, which should look like this File:// Users/my:username/folder/folder/my:jstack.svg, this will allow you to open it visually in any web browser.
  • Another way that can be used is by right clicking on the file and then selecting “To open with”, there you select your preferred browser.
  • You can also use some editing software available on Mac What BoxyEditoramong others.

On Android mobile phones

Being able to open these formats from the Android mobile phone It is possible as long as there is an application specialized in the extension. For this we can use an app like SVGViewer, which gives you the possibility to start view and edit this type of graphs from your Smartphone in a very simple and fast way:

On iPhone devices with iOS

For devices of iPhone on iOS cannot be uploaded or viewed directly an SVG file on mobile. However, it can be opened through the mobile web browsers available in the system, this will allow you to correctly open the graph to be able to view it through the Smartphone.

List of the best applications and alternative programs to edit a file with an .Svg extension

Today there is a large number of apps and programs available on the web for open .SVG files since the computer or mobile phonethat is why here we present what they are the best software to download both for your PC Windows or Macand mobile devices Android and iPhone. Take a look at the following list:

  • Adobe Flash Player: This program is available for Windows and is known as one of the most popular and effective when it comes to open documents of different extensionsis characterized by its excellent speed and by occupying Low resources on the hard drive.

Download Adobe Flash Player

  • Adobe Flash Professional: An application that allows you to create a large number of multimedia files with Flash technologyis mainly used for websites and allows to carry out designs and create animationswhich makes it an ideal program to open those documents with .SVG extensions either to edit or view them.
  • Adobe InDesign: This tool has been created and designed by the adobe companywhich is used professionally in the design area, The program is characterized by working very well in publishing brochures, graphics, books, magazines, among many others. In addition, it supports a large number of formats and is available for the mac operating system.
  • Adobe Illustrator: It is mainly used for power create and edit vector graphicsand it is a program that is designed to the windows operating system and has been created by Adobe Systems. It allows to carry out a design with high precision, as well as the edition of those documents that are developed in the program.
  • SVGViewer: Considered by many to be best scalar vector graphics viewer available for Android mobile devicesit is available at google play and help you open SVG documents from the applications File Browser. Is characterized principally for work offline, allow sending through the cloud and work in full screen mode.

SVG Viewer
SVG Viewer
Bostan Constantine

  • CorelDraw: To finalize the list of programs we present CorelDraw, one of the most popular design software in recent years and with which truly surprising results can be achieved. In it you have the possibility of open extensions of all types including that of scalar Vector Graphics, Either for view or edit them.

Download CorelDraw Trial Version

How to convert a file with .SVG format to a PNG or JPG image?

How to convert a file with .SVG format to a PNG or JPG image?

be able to convert a svg extension a a PNG or JPG image It is a very simple process to carry out, for this we can make use of different online converters free that will help us to do this in a very easy and fast. In this case we have decided to work with online-convert.coma website that will allow you to upload your graphic images to turn them into JPG or PNG.

As far as the operation of the portal is very simple, you will simply have to look for the image that you want to convert, to do this you click on the option “Select File” located in the green box. This converter will allow you to upload a document from a urls, since Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to convert a file with .SVG format to a PNG or JPG image

When the image is uploaded to the server select the option to “Start conversion” and automatically conversion will be executed.

How to convert a file with .SVG format to a PNG or JPG image