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System file extension; What are they, what are they for and what types are there?

System file extension; What are they

A system file is any file that, as its name indicates, is necessary to operate this . They are really important and, therefore, require a very differentiation from the rest , for which the system file extension is used.

This is the nomenclature we give each of these files to be able to differentiate them . Its importance is such that if we move them, modify or, obviously, eliminate, our OS will work badly and may even stop doing so.

As you can see, we are not talking precisely about something small or meaningless, so knowing everything about this resource can keep our team safe. Do not hesitate, then, to take a look at this post and put it in a safe place because in it you will discover not only what exactly are the file extensions of the system but, more importantly, which they are , so you can always have their eyes cast.

What is the extension of a system file or file and for what Is it really useful?

extension de archivos del sistema

We have already seen that the system files are those that are related to the operation of this. That means that a new computer will already include them, it is not something that we are going to download.

In addition, these, in general, remain hidden in their corresponding folders precisely so that the inexperienced user does not access them and modify them, with their corresponding and negative consequence.

As we have seen in other entries about extensions, these are nothing more than, at first glance, a small letter and / or numbers (between two and four) that accompany the name of each of our files. These are placed behind a period , immediately after the file name, without spaces.

With this alphanumeric set we are indicating that this file is , precisely, of the system and not of any other type (text, video, image, etc) . Within these we find icons, libraries, device drivers or themes .

In addition, and very important, we also say to what kind of OS each belongs because these files are incompatible between systems; Each OS has its own.

Types of system file extensions and their associated programs to open them

Although, as we have said, the system files are, in general, hidden, it does not hurt to know very well what they are, identifying their extension or format, so that if, for whatever reason, they are exposed , let’s know how to recognize them and, of course, not modify them in any way.

So, let’s end up seeing what are, in this case, the system file formats:

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Do you know any other extensions that you think are important? Leave them in the comments and we will add them to the list, it will surely be of great value to the other readers!

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