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Telegram Bot API What is it, what is it for and how to create your first bot with it?

To get the most out of Telegram Messenger you can create your first bot from the platform itself. For this it will be necessary that you know what it is Telegram Bot API and what is this tool for?

You will find the answers below. We will explain, in detail, the different tasks that a Bot created with the Telegram API can perform and the benefits of using Botfather.

But this is not all you will read. We will also tell you the steps you must do to create your first bot from Telegram and which are the best tools external to the Bot API. Check out.

What is the Telegram Bot API and what is this tool for on the platform?

The Telegram Bot API is a set of procedures, protocols and definitions that use external developers to integrate Telegram Bots to the main platform. That is, it is possible to carry out the development of a Bot safely regardless of how Telegram’s MTProto encryption works, thanks to the Telegram Bots API.

Therefore, it is possible to develop personalized clients that act as a special account that does not require a phone number to communicate with the Telegram server through a protocol, which has a HTTPS interface.

What kinds of tasks can a bot created with the Telegram API perform?

The tasks that a custom client can perform within the Telegram environment by means of a Bot there are many.

Therefore, we will show you the most used below:

Synchronization with other services

The Telegram bots can be included in chats to adapt the information contained in some external platforms and portals. For example, it is possible to include the robot @youtube to view videos within a community or the bot “Wikipedia Search” to find words from chat in Wikipedia portal.

Incorporate tools

One of the most sought after uses by members of the platform is to include bots to return a certain action that allows the user not to leave Telegram. In this way, it is possible to consult the weather forecast or translate a text within the chat. An example of this is the bot @traduciendobot.

Customize Features

With a bot it is also possible adapt chat settings to give your conversations a unique style. For this you can use, for example, the bot @stickers to create stickers with your own images; or the @vote every time you want to make a survey among the participants of a group or channel.

Receive notifications

You can create a news feed by means of a bot to collect the latest news. For this, you can use @ifttt to obtain the information from different portals or also @TheFeedReaderBot.

Create online games

It is possible to play online from Telegram if the necessary bots are included. In this way it is viable recreate shoot, arcade and even strategy video games in real time. An example of this is bots @gamee Y @gamebot.

Receive payments online

Within the same messaging service it is possible to use the platform Telegram Bot Payments so that Telegram users can make payments to online stores. It is important to clarify that this service is free, since there is no commission to pay for this service. If you want to know more about how an online store works, then you must enter the official Telegram website,

What are the benefits of creating a bot with Telegram’s Botfather?

What are the benefits of creating a bot with Telegram's Botfather?

Botfather is a bot generated by Telegram’s own platform to control all programs or robot that are integrated into the platform. But this is not all, too with Botfather it is possible to create a bot using the Telegram API for its development, so all the bots that you will see in the messaging and that were created by this program guarantee the privacy and philosophy of Telegram. On the other hand, when using Botfather it is not necessary to have great knowledge in computer development.

To create a bot it is possible to use the following commands that are available for free:

  • /mybots
  • /mygames
  • /setname
  • /setdescription
  • /setabouttext
  • /setuserpic
  • /setcommands
  • /deletebot
  • /setinline
  • /setinlinegeo
  • /setjoingroups
  • /setprivacy
  • /newgame
  • /listgames
  • /editgame
  • /deletegame

Thanks to the instructions mentioned, any type of bot can be created within Telegram, so you can do it from Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS. From this it follows that Botfather is a multiplatform program. On the other hand, if you decide to delete the bot you created with Botfather, you can do it through the same tool.

This means that you will not need a special authorization from Telegram or any other program to delete your own programming. Finally, to have the exclusive domain of the bot, Telegram grants a token authorization to send requests to the bot’s protocols and procedures structure. In this way, anyone who wants to program through Botfather can do it and have peace of mind, since its creation will be protected by the Telegram API.

Learn step by step how to create a bot with Telegram’s Botfather from scratch on any device

To create a bot with the Telegram Botfather you will have to do this step by step:

Access Telegram

The first thing you should do is enter the platform and go to the left column of the screen. Then, you will have to write the name of the programming tool in the top bar. Namely, @BotFather.

Enter Botfather

The previous step will allow you to see a list with the available alternatives, you will have to choose the first option to enter the programming tool. For this you will have to click the bot icon to access all software commands.

Press “/ newbot” and choose the name of your first bot


Once you are inside Botfather a box will appear, so you must click on /newbot, or write this command and click on Send. This will cause a message to appear asking you for the name of your new bot.

Choose the username

Once the application has approved the name of your bot, what you should do now is choose a username. Remember that this denomination must end with the word “Bot”. For example, ipap_bot. When you have this requirement ready you will have to send it to the Botfather.

Copy the token

In this step you must copy the token that will appear on the screen and keep it safe, since with this information you can enter the Telegram API to configure different alternatives.

Configure general options

Do not forget to choose a description and a picture of the bot profile. To do this, you must choose the command /setdescription and then start writing what the bot can do. This information will be seen by other users. When you’re done, you’re going to have to press Send. If you want to add an image, you will have to use /setuserpic. When a box is displayed at the bottom of the screen, click on the clip icon. This will open the photo library, so you will have to choose the one you like the most.

Create your bot commands

Once you have edited the entire profile of your bot, you will be able to enter the functions that your first Telegram software will perform. This step will depend on what you want your bot to do, but what you should do is write /setcommands to add one by one the instructions of your robot.

What you will have to do now is write the name that your command will have, then you will have to enter a hyphen and, finally, the description of the task of the command. When you finish press /empty to add that function to your list.

Verify the operation of the bot

To check that you have carried out all the steps correctly, enter the chat window and search for the name of your bot. Then, click on the Start button and verify that all the commands you created work correctly.

List of the best tools external to the Telegram Bot API to create a Bot on the platform

If you wish create your own bot with tools external to the Telegram Bot API, then you can use one of these programs.

See below:

You will be able to create your own structure to handle the language (Java, Groovy or Kotlin), add functions and control the necessary framework. To use this tool, you will have to enter Botfather, create the new bot and obtain the token to work with the Telegram Bots API.

You must configure the webservice through Webhooks. After this you will have to obtain the URL and the port, so it is advisable to select 433, 80, 83 or 8443 to keep the bot safe from attacks. Lastly, you are going to have to create a controller that executes the prompts or requests with the framework. For this, you will have to establish the path, the waiting time and the logic of the bot.



The tool that we show you before is ideal for advanced users, since it requires the management of programming and development codes. But this is not the only way you can choose if you don’t want to use Botfather, there are also others like Manybot, which It is a tool with which you can work from Telegram similar to the official bot of the platform. This makes it one of the most chosen alternatives by users who want to program their first bot.

To use Manybot, you will have to search for its name in the bar located in the upper section of the left column. Then you must click on the first option that appears so that you can access all the available commands. To start, you will have to write /addbot and then continue with the instructions that the bot will show you.


You want to do everything from your mobile you can use this application that is available for Android. To install this tool you must enter the Google Play Store. Once you open the app you can choose if you want a paid version or a free one, with this last option you will have a little more limited tools, but that will also help you create your own bot for Telegram.

It’s easy to use, you will have to choose the name and description of the bot. Then you will have to incorporate the commands so that it begins to work with the Telegram API. Do not forget that you must get the token through Botfather.


You will have to choose if you want to contract a paid version or use the free subscription. The latter will have a little less tools, but it does not mean that it is not a complete platform to create your own Telegram bot.

Once choose what type of subscription you want to have, you can incorporate extensive functions that will help you launch your own Bot on Telegram in a simpler way. On the other hand, you will have a support team to answer your questions when you want to incorporate bot commands or other tools.


To use this bot, you will have to search for him with his username, @chatfuelbot, in the search bar located in the left column. With this tool you can create your own bot in a simple way, you just have to press START at the bottom of the screen to enter the list of available commands. Then, you will have to assign a name to the new bot, an image and the description that other users will see to incorporate your creation in their Telegram chats and groups.