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Telegram for Smartwatch Wear OS What is it, what is it for and how is it different from the smartphone version?

Android operating system has an official version for smart watches which is known as Android Wear OS and supports an optimal level of customization to suit user needs. Therefore, it allows use instant messaging apps directly.

In the case of Telegram, the same platform has native support for Android Wear OS and thanks to this, people have the facility to download it from the device itself (or smart watch). Unlike other apps that have certain limitations in terms of timing.

Next, you will get to know more closely what is Telegram for Smartwatch Wear OS and what is it for, what are its main features and functions. Like, the steps to follow to install it.

What is Telegram Smartwatch Wear OS and what is this version of the application for?

Telegram Smartwatch Wear OS is defined as a version of the renowned instant messaging app suitable to install on any smart watch that works under Android Wear OS. Thus, it is classified as a solid application that is available to the user from the comfort of your wrist and it does not depend on a mobile device, so it is very versatile.

Although it does not provide the same functionalities as Telegram for computers or Telegram for Android and iOS, the truth is Telegram for Wear OS Smartwatch includes the basics to ensure an optimal user experience. This means that, Contains the Chats, Contacts and Settings sections.

Therefore, it is an app that serves to manage Telegram chats easily, as well as, having the platform contacts at hand, observing photos, videos and map previews, listening and recording voice notes. As well as, send a contact or a location, mute a chat and set up the account effectively.

Features and functions of Telegram for Smartwatch Wear OS What can we do from it?

To learn more about Telegram for Wear OS Smartwatch, it is substantial to know what are the most interesting features of the application and what functions does it have.

Among its characteristics, we highlight:

  • Is an application completely free.
  • Work as one standalone app, that is, it is not necessary to synchronize the mobile to use Telegram on a smart watch.
  • It does not limit the user to see what arrives as notifications Android, because its solidity also allows view other types of content in chats (photos, videos, stickers, etc.).
  • It is highly customizable, thanks to that, it allows select from 20 color themes available in the settings.
  • This application Supports battery saving on watches with AMOLED displays, by means of its theme with pure black background color.

For its part, its most relevant functions are:

  • It has three main sections that are accessible by swiping the top of the application and they are about: Chats, Contacts and Settings.
  • In the Chats section, it allows start a new message and see all the conversations the user has on Telegram, including channels and groups.
  • Has the option of “Saved messages” (a conversation with yourself) and these are shown in the form of a chat with your user profile of the app.
  • Makes it easy to view images, videos (even quick videos), stickers, map previews, create and listen to voice notes, send contacts, mute chats, etc..
  • It is ideal for consulting your ongoing chats and responding quickly through one of the three Wear OS tools, which are: Dictation by voice, drawing of emojis or via the virtual keyboard on the screen.
  • He is able to attach items to chat beyond a text response, just by swiping up.
  • In the Settings section, supports the following: choose from 20 color themes, determine if you want to receive notifications of chat messages and notifications of new messages in groups (each with a self-contained environment).

Learn step by step how to install Telegram on your Smartwatch quickly and easily

In order to use Telegram on a smartwatch with Wear OS, first of all, the instant messaging application must be installed and the process to do it consists of:

Enter the Google Play Store

Enter the Google Play Store

From your Smartwatch, open Google Play through the list of apps and use the search engine to locate Telegram there. When you find the corresponding option, press the button that says “Install” and wait a few minutes while the installation process completes. Like version of Telegram for Wear OS occupies few megabytes, surely this installation it will take very little time. Although it will also depend on the speed of your Internet connection.

Login to your account

Login to your account

Open the app Telegram and enter your phone number associated with the platform in order to proceed to verify your identity through a code that the service sends by SMS or through a chat Telegram (in case your account is open on another device).

Use Telegram for Smartwatch Wear OS

Use Telegram for Smartwatch Wear OS

With this version of Telegram for wearables, you can manage your Telegram account from the Chats, Contacts and Settings sections. When accessing any of them, you simply have to swipe the upper part of the app and choose the one you need.

Default, in the Chats part you find all the conversations you handle in your Telegram account and you can also start a new message. In the Contacts section, you can see the information of the other users that you have added there. Through Settings, allow you to modify the theme, modify the message settings and optimize group notifications.