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Telegram Instant View What are they, what are they for and how to use them in your account?

If you are a Telegram user and what you want is to start save your mobile data, then you can’t pass the function of Instant view, which will allow you to access different websites without leaving the platform and reducing data consumption.

In this way users of this application can view articles from TechCrunch and Medium in native page form with zero page load times.

It should be mentioned that this tool has some similarity to the Facebook Instant Articles, that is why here you We are going to explain a little more what this Telegram instant messaging service consists of.

What are Telegram Instant Views and what are they for on the platform?

It is a courier service that began to be available from the November 20, 2016, Since then, it has become more and more popular among the members of the application, since it allows them to decrease data consumption when having to access articles from different websites. This is how users can view articles from the web without loading times, that is, when they obtain a link to a website through the application.

You just have to press the button “Instant view” so that this page opens immediately and you can see all the information contained there. All this has allowed the users of this application to enjoy articles from different media or blog in a uniform way and above all easily readable. It supports both text and medium of any type and has even been found to work very well for websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.

Best of all, instant view pages are very light and they are stored in cache on the app servers, that is why they can be loaded immediately. In this way you will not have to waste a few seconds or minutes waiting for the site to load correctly. And the best of all and that can be highlighted is that you do not need to make any changes to the web so that instant views functions correctly.

What are the main features of this Telegram functionality?

What are the main features of this Telegram functionality?

There is no doubt whatsoever that the Instant View service has become a great help for most users, especially those who do not have a wireless connection and they should save their mobile data as much as possible. In addition, it should be mentioned that this service is characterized by offering very outstanding functionalities that are worth knowing.

That is why below we show you the main characteristics of this function:

  • Anyone can create price views of articles thanks to the new “Instant View Editor” of Telegram, which allows more and more articles that are available there.
  • Added the ability to change font type and size, ideal for those who have vision problems and the website has a small font.
  • It has a lot of themes added with different background colors like sepia, gray, dark, among others.
  • If you want to copy or share a part of the text of the article you are viewing with Instant viewSimply press that part of the text for a long time until the paragraph is selected so that you can copy it or share it with whoever you want.
  • It has a support for Widgets.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instant View Is it better to access websites through them on Telegram?

Advantages and disadvantages of Instant View Is it better to access websites through them on Telegram?

You have to be very clear that when a new function comes out on any platform, it must have a series of advantages for the user that motivates him to use it, otherwise its success may be compromised. That is how Instant view offers a series of very important benefits for Telegram members, but as you can imagine it also has its disadvantages.

This is how we will show you the main advantages and disadvantages of this function below:


  • It can be said that this is the greatest benefit that all this brings, and that is that the loading time of instant views they are practically zero.
  • Users will not have any Ad type.
  • Offers a wide variety of colors, sizes and fonts available.
  • Lets achieve a greater saving data by not having to load very heavy websites.
  • It stands out for offering an ease of reading compared to others websites very heavy.


  • In this case, websites cannot keep track of the number of users who read their articles through the service of Instant view, which affects the owners of the pages.
  • Despite all the service improvements and updates, there are still many web pages that are not supported.
  • In the case of smaller websites, they can be affected by a loss of income.
  • If you want to have one instant telegram view Officially, you must first wait for them to accept your website URL.