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TempMail What is it, what is it for and how does this temporary mail tool work?

TempMail What is it

Have you ever wondered if there is a possibility of having a temporary email account ? It is not something very frequent because, generally, when we communicate with someone we want it to be recorded and that the information always comes to fruition and that it can be answered, that is, be available.

However, yes there are situations in which a finite email can be interesting , and that is precisely what we will see today with TempMail. This is an application that, as its name indicates, will help us by creating temporary email accounts.

If you are interested in knowing how this software works and what uses you can give it keep reading because you will find out below.

What is Temp Mail and what is it for? Uses and advantages

Temp Mail correo electronico temporal anonimo

TempMail is a software that generates a temporary and disposable email account . This means that, after a certain time, it will disappear.

This can be used normally both to receive electronic messages, read them, download attachments, etc. You have your inbox, your update button (if you’re in a hurry, hehe), the possibility of generating another account and deleting the current one.

Sometimes, accounts have a predetermined lifetime that can be extended or not. In the case of this software, the address lasts as long as we want, disappearing with the press of a button . Knowing that has an extension for Chrome , which shows you the email account and the possibility to change it as well as if there are emails and access to your tray. This can also be installed from the website.

The main use and that more a domestic user can demand is that of having an address to register anywhere and that, afterwards, we are not shot at SPAM . We generate an account, we use it for the record that interests us, the verification and the reception of some automatic content if necessary and goodbye, “very good”. Contests, promotions, sending pdf files and other digital gifts, etc.

But not only frees us from SPAM . Our temporary account will be sold, along with thousands of others, as part of a database, something much demanded by companies that later use the addresses to do email marketing or, from these, look for more information about the user, reaching the point , even, to contact us by phone if they get it.

Or, worse, your account goes to cybercriminals trying to hack it . They do! There will be nothing of interest, when they want to access it there will simply be disappeared.

Another use we can give to this type of temporary mail applications (although it is not the case of Temp Mail) is sending anonymous correspondence . You can say what you want to whoever you want from an address that has nothing to do with you, impossible to associate with any of your data.

How does the anonymous temporary mail service TempMail work and how to create an email free?

Crear correo electronico temporal desechable Temp Mail

It really has no secret. The operation of this application is really simple both in its web version and if we use the app for mobile devices.

Create account from the web

Once you enter the site, you will find the following:

  • Email address: It is located in the upper area, framed in a box. It is generated automatically and randomly as soon as you access the web.
  • Copy button: It serves to copy the address and have it by hand to make Ctrl + V right and left.
  • Update button: Refresh the inbox.
  • Change button: Allows you to choose the name of the address, character by character and choose between different domains. When saving, the previous address disappears, being unrecoverable, ceasing to exist completely.
  • Delete button: The temporary address disappears along with all correspondence received.
  • Message . In the inbox you can see sender and subject of each message received. You can click on them to know the sender, the date of receipt, the content, download the attachments they may have and delete them .

Use using the app for Android or iOS

Aplicacion correo electronico temporal anonimo Tempmail

You can make use of its mobile application for both Android devices as tablets or smartphones as for those that work with iOS , such as iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone,

The operation of the application is identical regardless of the OS and device used and also turns out to be very similar to the operation of the desktop version.

When you open the app you find an interface identical to the Chrome extension that you can get from the website.

This includes:

  • Email address : It was automatically generated when the application starts and is random.
  • Change button: A new account is generated randomly.
  • Copy button: Copy the address so you can easily paste it.
  • Icon About: It shows you, with a number, the number of new messages received. Click on it to access the inbox. For now, it does so by redirecting you to the web, using a browser, identical on your mobile to the desktop version.