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The best keyboard combinations you did not know and can change your life in Windows and MacOS 2022

The best keyboard combinations you did not know and can change your life in Windows and MacOS 2020

The keyboard is definitely the most underrated hardware in the world of computing and computing. Many users ignore the potential it has to improve the user experience .

This input device is so important because many key combinations can simplify many processes, especially those related to accessing a specific location or starting a tool .

If you think there are very few things you can do from your keyboard, you are wrong and we will show you right now. Continue reading so you know the best keyboard combinations in Windows and MacOS.

There are not only combinations of keys to cut (“Ctrl + X”), copy (“Ctrl + C”) and paste (“Ctrl + V ») There are many others that can improve the usefulness of your keyboard.

Next we will leave a list for you of how you can use the combinations on your Windows or Mac:

Minimize all windows

The reality is that many times we urgently need to get to the desk quickly or organize to find something, but the amount of open windows is lush, so you have to perform several actions.

This can be a bit tedious, but if you use your keyboard you can do it in a second just by pressing this keyboard combination .

  • Windows: Windows icon key + M.
  • Mac : Option + Command + M.

Undo an action of Ctrl + Z

It has happened to us many times that we want to eliminate an action but then we regret it because we think it was fine and make an expression of «Why delete it? I’ll have to do it again! », without knowing that there is a combination that overrides what Ctrl + Z does.

  • Windows: Ctrl + Y
  • Mac: Command + Y

Capture screen


Screenshots are one of the most commonly used tools on all devices . We will always have to make one to save some location, important bank data or to create content as we do on this website. Believe me, we know what we are talking about.

Fortunately there is a very fast way to do them with the following commands:

  • Windows: Alt + Print Screen.
  • Mac: Command + Shift + 4, followed by the space key, will locate you there to select the window you want to capture.

Cutting tool

It is also a screen capture tool, the pattern changes for Windows 10 and can only be used for this minor one does not respond to the pattern, it is quick and simple useful .

  • Windows 10: Windows icon + Shift + S

Set a new folder

It is tedious when you want to create a new folder and you have to do a whole procedure in the common way that is to right click on the option to create a new folder and trackpad, there are simpler ways.

  • Windows: type all three buttons at the same time Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Mac: to open a folder in Finder use Shift + Command + N

Place your user in suspension (locked)

For those users who have a password and do not like to go snooping around their equipment, the keyboard has a miraculous duo, for which you don’t have to wait for the suspension time to activate if you have to get up from your chair and you want to block the user. Just use.

  • Windows: Windows icon + L
  • Mac: Control + Shift + Power.

* Note: To unlock simply enter the password.

Chrome in incognito mode

incognito chrome

Many users do not like to register their search history, but sometimes it is annoying to have to go to Google Chrome options and look for the option “New tab in incognito” , it is much easier when you apply the three-key pressure.

  • Windows: To activate this function press these three keys at the same time Ctrl + Shift + N.
  • Mac: in this apply the same pressure but change the Ctrl key by command, that is, Command + Shift + N.

Open links in a new tab

It has not happened to you that you are in a tab with relevant information but a link appears within the text that can take you to more quality information, which you get to use or not, but you do not want to leave the page where you you find.

Within Google there are also patterns that you can use to simplify certain things:

  • Windows: Pressing Ctrl and clicking on the link will open a new tab without leaving the current page which will make you evaluate both contents at the same time without moving forward and backward every time.
  • Mac: Type Command and click on the link.

Open a recently closed tab

It’s a headache when you close a tab by mistake and you have to start over, Fortunately Google Chrome remembers up to 10 closed tabs and there are key patterns to press to retrieve that little sale that you need.

  • Windows: It’s very simple by pressing «Ctrl + Shift + T» you will achieve what many people have a tedious job.
  • Mac: Change the Ctrl key to the command key, the rest stays the same (Command + Shift + T.).

Add a Chrome tab to favorites

Simplifying this kind of thing is what makes a well-managed keyboard, why take so long doing a job that with only two keys is solved. Saving a page in favorites is something important but that is why you should not do so much procedure.

  • Windows: for these users just by pressing “Ctrl + D” you have a determined life to bookmark a page you like.
  • Mac: you must change the “Ctrl” key to “Command” (Command + D) .

Close the current Chrome tab

This is an option for people who like speed, closing a tab is very simple both ways only one is more veils than the other.

  • Windows: To implement the speed when closing the current tab, press beforeCtrl+Wkey.
  • Mac: use both keys but change the Ctrl to Command (CMD+W).

Open a new tab in Chrome

Unlike the previous one, instead of closing, we will open a new tab with a simple combination without using the plus (+) symbol found in the Chrome tab.

  • Windows: accounCtrl+Tpointed
  • Mac: subsidized +T

Search for keyword within a text on a web page

For people who are constant in research and spend hours reading on the Internet looking for some relevant information on a specific topic, they may be more objective when conducting an investigation. There is a keyboard combination that allows you to search for a keyword in the text and see how many times it appears so reading relevant information on that topic is much easier.

  • Windows: accounCtrl+Fpointed
  • Mac: accounted forCMD+F

With this list of combinations you can change the way you use your time on the equipment you use. The combinations are to accelerate any procedure, make them part of what you do every day on your machine and live a different experience .