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Todotorrents closes What alternatives to download Torrents are still open? 2022 list

Todotorrents closes What alternatives to download Torrents are still open? 2020 list

The websites of movies and series torrent P2P do not usually last long in circulation and less with the measures that are putting the authorities to find and close them. These types of websites when forced to close leave thousands of users without knowing where to download quality content.

One of the most popular and successful pages that has disappeared and has left us adrift is Todotorrent, its advantage was the catalog in which we could filter the content according to language, quality or gender, in addition to improving the content every day and as the movies were released it was possible to find them of better quality. But being so persecuted, it is convenient to start looking for alternatives since its final ending is more than close .

If you are a torrent lover and do not know where to continue finding downloadable content in this way, in this article you will find what you are looking for. We present these alternatives to continue downloading audiovisual material and software at the speed of light that you must inevitably know .

What happened to Doesn’t work or have they closed?

Like many other portals, this has long been pursued by authorities in different countries to close it permanently. Over the past two years Todotorrent has made several maneuvers to avoid being completely blocked , but in mid-2018 they have decided to surrender and continue with other less problematic projects.

Triste por el cierre de

Currently it is not possible to find the web with any existing extension so that the lovers of this portal have been on the air without knowing where to continue obtaining the content they liked Goodbye TodoTorrent! Your fans will miss you .

List of the best Torrent (P2P) alternatives to Todotorrent

perro webs piratas

When you close one of these sites, what happens is that they lose domain , so it is possible to find many with “new names” and domains, offering the same quality service in other accommodation, but It seems that has not done this, but has decided to say goodbye forever.

In this case, it is convenient to know other similar sites and it is good to have several saved in the bookmarks of the browser or elsewhere to be able to access quickly and have options in case anyone else decides to close. Although in this list you will find websites that are 100% enabled, we recommend that you do not stay with one in particular since it is very likely that in the future it will also be closed , so try as much as possible use several websites.

pirata de contenido digital

In 2015 the original Rutracker faced threats and blockages by several countries by offering more than 22,000 albums of songs so that users could download for free. However, today it is possible to continue enjoying all that content in a simple way through the interface , with an intuitive and easy-to-use design.

This is a P2P system that inspires and bases its operation on the Google search engine . Upon entering the site, you will find a search engine like the following, very similar to the Google interface, there you can search for the content you want, what Toorgle will do for you is to search and give you information about the content you want. It should be noted that among the results you can find fake pages or viruses, so before downloading anything you should read the comments.

This website has a fairly simple style inspired by minimalism , attracts more than 6 million users. This popularity has been gained thanks to its incredible design and of course, the amount of quality content they offer. In Monova it is possible to find not only videos or series, but also movies, softwares, e-books and more. The only drawback with this platform is the amount of advertising, which also cannot be blocked with apps. If you want to use it, keep in mind that you will have to endure this.

A leader in torrent downloads was the well-known, this because since its inception the founders decided that they would not include any type of advertising, nor would they undermine cryptocurrencies on users’ computers (as most of these do platforms to stay afloat). The cost of maintaining the web without profit has made them close at the beginning of 2018. However, published all the files on a site and several clones have been created , among which we recommend for be the closest in operation to the original.

This platform oriented more than anything in anime , is ideal for those who want to watch movies or series of this type. Normally, if you search on other torrents pages you won’t find many anime options, so Nyaa solves this kind of problem . Although its interface has a good design, the files are not published in Spanish, but you can use the translator and search using the bar.

The web with more time offering content to download in a simple way to users from all over the world. The Pirate Bay has more than 15 years on the web and has been renewed many times, with the continuous closures it has had. In spite of that you can now access through your new domain and search for the content you want.

This option is ideal for those who do not want to find surprises after minutes or hours waiting for a download. In this platform the administrators in charge of offering content pay attention to the details and verify each link that is published , thus avoid many problems related to this type of downloads and for you it is great because you can be sure that There are no risks.

In addition to TodoTorrent, torrentz was a very popular download website, which has been permanently closed recently. is a clone of this website that closed, therefore the system is basically the same, with a simple and minimalist interface based on search engines, through which you can find more than 30 millions of links of different content.

This page has been on the web since 2009 , making it possible to download files easily. Just enter and choose from the most popular files or use your search bar to get the content you are looking for and download it easily. Due to the trajectory and good service of KickAssTorrents, is in trouble and is being persecuted by the authorities , but each time it manages to appear again with a different domain. There are currently several, including

Most of the download websites of this type that have greater relevance among users, are those that have a great track record and offer content for years. As Limetorrents, founded in 2003 and with a very good way to search for specific content, it offers the possibility to filter the search between the file type and other categories.

A copy of , that has improved in many ways . After it closed, a new platform with a different domain came to light and at the hands of other people who have known how to use the site’s popularity. In this new website, the design was improved and all the content that was in the previous one is added, but new downloads links were updated and included, all reviewed and working.

Considerations to consider when searching for and downloading torrent files span>

pirateando películas de cine

While this is the method preferred by all, we have to tell you that no matter how much the portal you enter says otherwise, not all torrents are safe, so it is good that you take your precautions. The first and most important thing is that you virtually ensure and download with a good VPN network to keep your IP private .

You should also take care of viruses that can always exist in any content you download from the internet. For this, what you must do is have a good antivirus installed on your computer. In addition it is also recommended that you read user comments before downloading anything , in them you can usually find information on how reliable the torrent material is and if it actually works or not.