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Torrent Paradise What alternatives to find torrent series and movies are there? 2022 list

Torrent Paradise What alternatives to find torrent series and movies are there? 2020 list

In the world of P2P downloads, TorrentParadise is one of the best known brands over a large number of competitors. In fact, has displaced portals such as ThePirateBay or KickAss among the options of millions of users who download content via torrent daily .

The advantages of this website in relation to the others is that this is not a database as such, but is a metasearch engine that gives you access to millions of P2P files available on the internet for download . In addition, they are not limited to series and movies, but also allow you to access all types of software, games and more.

However, this website has recently suffered a warning from the authorities. Their fans are somewhat worried because they know that this may mean the closing of the portal, but the most cautious know that it is not so. In this article you will learn why this website cannot be closed and we leave you some alternatives to it if the worst happens one day.

What is Torrent-Paradise and why is it impossible to close?

Torrent-Paradise invencible

TorrentParadise is a decentralized torrent file metasearch engine, created based entirely on the new IPFS (Internet Planetary File Sistem) system . Its database is inspired by the well-known portal ThePirateBay , which contains more than 20 million files under its belt.

Beyond the torrent and the variety of downloadable files, the really striking thing about this website is that it uses IPFS decentralized technology. This is nothing more than a file storage system in a P2P network that has the distinction of being able to keep files alive even if part of the network is deleted or moved .

For this it makes use of a series of complex protocols that you may not understand, but all this translates into an undeniable reality; TorrentParadise is impossible to close .

Why is it impossible to close? To begin with, is a completely decentralized website , which means that its servers are also, which means that no legal body in any country can influence it.

But beyond that, there is the fact that even closing the web completely, the network will always remain, so it is enough to recreate another with a different domain . They currently have the domain, but it is best that you follow their official social media accounts so that you are aware of any future domain changes.

Plane is an IPFS Solution perfect? Advantages and disadvantages of this decentralized system

IPFS Inter Planetary File System

As we were saying, the real novelty of this website is that it is made with IPFS technology . Thanks to the aforementioned qualities, it is becoming one of the main alternatives to circumvent the censorship that the authorities and the large audiovisual producers want to apply.

However, not everything is rosy with it, since we currently do not completely dominate it, and there are some flanks that are still to be covered , so, for now, cannot be considered a perfect solution .

Advantages of IPSF technology

The main advantage of this technology is that allows you to create networks of files that are impossible to delete , since once the indexer uploads a file, it is encrypted and becomes impossible to delete. It’s as if every time you upload a document to the network you are getting a tattoo with it.

This not only happens with the files, programs and videos, but also with each of the files that make up the web in general . This means that the portal code base will always be available, and simply have to be copied to a different server to have an exact replica of it .

What makes if you close a domain, in a matter of minutes you can open an identical website in another. All this is combined to create the most desired superpower by torrent web developers, and it is to be able to create a port virtually impossible to eliminate .

Disadvantages of IPFS technology

As we mentioned earlier, this solution is not perfect at the moment, and all this goes through the issue of access to content . To be able to enter the IPSF version you need a series of technical knowledge about it, since you will not be able to enter it with a common domain.

In this sense it is similar to what happens when you browse the DeepWeb , where domains are strange codes with numbers and letters that you must always remember to enter them.

This occurs due to the lack of a nomenclature protocol such as the DNS we know on the centralized internet . In addition to this, to enter you must enter a series of commands in a terminal to complete the configuration and installation of the network.

Torrent list of best search engines consider if it closes

As you understand, closing a website like Torrent-Paradise is really impossible . However, you always have to be prepared as the authorities have very intelligent people working on finding a way to render this technology useless.

Therefore below we present the best search engines for files in case this new portal closes someday .

This is one of the best known torrent file metasearch engines in the P2P user community. At the time it was also very innovative since its search algorithm was based on that of Google itself, so it was very effective .

It still is because it has a community of millions of users who download millions of files monthly from its interface, which is very easy to use. On the recommendation of the developers themselves, it is best to use a VPN network to keep your IP anonymous.

This is another search engine that, like the previous one, bases its search algorithm on Google’s to give you greater precision when performing your searches. What this website does is connect to more than 400 portals of P2P downloads to find the files you are looking for.

The novelty of this is that only will show you those files that are verified and risk free , thus being one of the safest websites in the world in this regard. However, since it is not a single community that is part of the network of seeders, it is recommended to use an anonymous IP VPN for the Internet.

A less known portal but in a short time it has created a large community of users who use it to search their torrent. Its search algorithm is very efficient, showing you hundreds of results in the same search .

However, it has a mole, and it does not verify the files it shows you, so it is best to always have the active antivirus to protect you from any threat, without forgetting to also use the VPN to be more protected. < / p>

This is a search engine that has many years in the market. In fact, the quality of their services has attracted the attention of the authorities on several occasions when they have closed it completely.

However, they have managed to circumvent all censorship in a good way to stay afloat. From it you can access the available torrent on hundreds of pages of P2P downloads worldwide .

We close with this page not suitable for the most orthodox. Your website does not have the best of designs, nor the most ingenious interface, but it perfectly fulfills its task of searching for torrent beneath the stones .

Without a doubt, this portal is what you need to access all the P2P files on the internet. Its main problem is the large amount of advertising in it, which is very invasive and hinders the user experience.