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Trends in social networks What are they, what are they for and what types are there?

As there are different social networks not all speak of the same. This is because in each one users are interested in different topics. But when one or more of them start talking about the same topic, it is because a trend was created.

This is an advantage that the company must take advantage of Because you must involve related marketing strategies in your content when these events happen.

So you can better understand what a trend We have prepared this article for you. We will show you what it is for and the different tools you can use to measure it.

What is an Internet trend and what is it for in marketing?

Trends on the Internet can be defined as the topics that a good number of users are talking about on different social networks at a certain time. On each of the platforms they may or may not have the same trends, depending on the nature of these. However, the most important trends are those that are present in all networks. Content marketing uses Internet trends to create advertising campaigns from them.

In this way, when an event involves a topic that a company deals with, it can take advantage of the current trend to create a makeshift campaign. Aiming for the audience to generate a positive response for the brand. But this is not the only sense, it can also occur in the other direction. Some companies manage to create a trend to boost your recognition and sell products based on marketing strategies.

Types of trends How are current topics classified in the 2.0 environment?

Types of trends How are current topics classified in the 2.0 environment?

In the social networks, the trends or themes of the moment, are classified according to the duration they may have. exist three types, trends periodic, the temporary and those of Long duration, each one has its own particular characteristics.

Therefore, the trends are divided into:

  • Periodic. They are those that happen every so often. These usually involve world events such as some conventions or recurring events. Some of the most popular are technology product launches that take place on a specific date or a soccer world cup.
  • This kind of trends They are the most popular and well-known, thanks to these it is that the trends receive their recognition in the networks. These They are usually generated by some important news or event that impacted people on one or more social networks.. They can be related to humor or not and are characterized by staying for a certain time. The normal behavior of a temporal trend is that it disappears as the hours, days or weeks pass.
  • Long-lasting. In this type of trends situations can be found that last many months or even years and are generally generated by campaigns marketing.

How do you create a trend in social networks?

Trends are generally created for events that are considered high impact issues. There are trends that dazzle a particular group of people or community due to the occurrence of some important event. However, there are companies that have advertising equipment, they can create trends. Which is quite difficult to achieve and this generally leads to a great deal of work, preparation and investment, among other things.

Trends by companies or brands can be created in two ways. The first It is making known the launch of a new product, achieving that as time passes more users begin to generate curiosity about the subject, so it creates a "Trending topic". The second option for create a trend by companies, is making the organization become news. However, in many cases this is not as favorable as it does not always create a positive trend.

Why is it important to attack the trends of our niche in social networks?

Within the marketing strategies used by brands in social networks is the audience segmentation. This is because the efforts to provoke emotions in the target market are more effective. From this it follows that a brand or company talks about specific topics that relate to their products or services.

When create a trend in the topics that are related to the brand it is advisable to make the most of the situation. To achieve this, it is necessary to give a quick and intelligent response, attacking trends through content creation. originals that manage to attract attention.

Top 5 tools to identify trends on social media

To identify trends that exist across all social media, there are different analysis tools.

The 5 best options are the following:


This tool is designed to analyze consumer behavior and find out what appeals to them.. Thanks to this, you can save money and at the same time, create a very complete report with different variables.

By using this platform you will be able use functions that will help you to know in the shortest possible time the different topics that are discussed, which will increase the possibility of generating great income and making your brand known. Knowing all the information it gives you Keyhole, you could create a trend without having to involve large resources, which you don't have yet.

Brandwatch allows you to analyze the information that is available on the Internet through the collection and analysis of different trends, especially those that are related to your market. This tool will allow you to know consumers' minds more deeply, the people who follow you and your potential future clients.

If you want to improve your public relations or simply analyze the different trends to attack them on time, Meltwater it is an excellent option. You should only link your social networks to this platform to Know the different types of information that is obtained and also how users behave with your company. If you know how to use Meltwater the right way you are going to be able to create trends or join some, even before it happens.

When you need to know the impact of your brand on social networks, know when you are trending and find a way to create one, Brand Mentions is a good option. This platform allows you to monitor and manage the reputation of your networks from one place. You can learn more about your competitors and learn negative trends before they appear, avoiding damaging your company's image due to any error.

The trends are started by one person, which influences another until a snowball is created among the users who comment on their social networks. Reputology Seek to analyze the behavior of your company and learn about these trends as soon as they began to be created. With this platform you will be able to know if a content marketing strategy is working or it is time to change it.

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