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Tricks to buy on Amazon How to get the best discounts and offers that you surely did not know? 2020 list

While it is true, Amazon is a globally recognized e-commerce company, and today estimated to be the greatest of all. Therefore, it houses millions of products in its online catalog and has managed to transform the way of buying online both in Spain like in other countries of the world.

In this sense, as it is the reference in electronic commerce, there are many users who come to its platform to acquire what they need and, especially, to enjoy your discounts during Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday or Cyber 鈥嬧婱onday. Since, these offers are displayed on the front page of the website.

But, What happens to the sales the rest of the year? Many Internet users ask themselves this question and consequently want to know what are the tactics to get the best prices on Amazon at any time. Therefore, we will emphasize these tricks here.

The best 15 tricks to buy on Amazon and get the best discounts

If you are one of those people who likes to enjoy any discount when making purchases, but you are not a fan of waiting in long lines during any event in the discount season; the best will be that take advantage of the constant offers that Amazon promotes for you on its platform.

However, because such sale announcements are not so easily found in this e-commerce store, it is very important to know how to find them. Taking into account that, considering some tricks you can enjoy them, regardless of if you are an Amazon Prime member or a persistent buyer.

That is why, in order for you to save as much money as possible when making purchases over the Internet, we proceed to point out a total of 15 ideal tricks to buy sale items within Amazon:

Track prices with your wish list

If you didn't know by nature yet, prices on Amazon fluctuate constantly And so, for example, what today costs 100 euros, in a few weeks it may have a price of 70 or 80 euros. Therefore, it is important track product prices for a while to be able to take advantage of certain discounts.

In this sense, the trick is based on making use of your wish list. Thus, what you should do is go to the top menu of the platform and in the 鈥淎ccount and lists鈥 section, access its drop-down menu to select the option "Create a wish list". Once you personalize it with any name and create it, you only have to add the products that you are interested in buying and since then, every so often, you will have to check if their price has decreased.

Use the secret offer code

In case you need to purchase a very common product on the platform and, therefore, there are numerous brands and models available; You can use the Amazon offer code to locate products that are affordable for you.

So, you should start by looking for what you want to buy and with it, they will show you all the matching results available (at normal price and some on discount). But for avoid long search, there is a code that works perfectly to filter Amazon offers.

This code is: "& Pct-off = Min-Max" and it has to be used in the URL bar. Once you locate it, proceed to replace the "Min" and "Max" by the range of sales you want to find (in percentage). For example, if you want to make a purchase with a discount between 60 and 90%, the code should look like this: "& Pct-off = 60-90".

Then, proceed to paste it at the end of the link and hit the Enter key to see all the results.

Employ Amazon Pantry to buy cheap on Amazon

Currently, Amazon Pantry is an Amazon service quite unknown in the world, but it is a perfect way to get discounts from this e-commerce store. Thus, it is a parallel alternative with which you can buy groceries and items that you consume in your day to day (food, drinks, alcohol, home, personal care and pet products).

For its part, through this service, users have the advantage of buying cheaper because it houses much more affordable prices than those found in supermarkets or conventional stores And apart from that, it sends automatically every time you need it. However, only available to those who have subscribed to Amazon Prime.

Using filters can also help you

Using filters can also help you

Another of the most frequent tricks to buy at a good cost on Amazon, is to use the price filters that this website supports, while you are consulting product lists (especially if they are similar to each other). Since, based on this tactic, Items with the highest discounts available will be displayed first.

Thus, the method is basically to access the list of products in question and in the upper right corner, you will be able to display a pop-up menu. Then, click on "Sort by: price from lowest to highest" and if it's a list of offers specifically, then click on 鈥淒iscount: descending order鈥 in order to see the cheapest of everything at first.

Buying extravagant items is cheaper

You may be inclined to buy T-shirts, pants or wallets in white or black, but if you dare to try other colors such as yellow or orange, for example; you can buy at a lower price on Amazon. This means that when you get out of the ordinary, you will find a big money saver.

So, if you follow this advice, you will be able to enjoy notable discounts in which the price difference is 20 euros or even more. Which means that an efficient trick to buy cheap in this online store is access less common colors.

Added to that, with respect to shoe sizes, you can also get incredible discounts. Since, in some models, very small sizes or the largest of all, usually cost less. Unlike the average sizes, which, due to having a higher demand, are much more expensive.

Access the "Deals of the day" section

Access the "Deals of the day" section

Although it may seem a very obvious solution to make cheap purchases on Amazon, the truth is that many users do not use it and even, there are some who do not even know that it exists. However, it is helpful to access this section to see what are all the products that are on sale at that time. Whereas, they are sales that are only for a limited time.

Now, all you have to do is locate yourself on the main page of the website and focus on the tabs at the bottom of the search bar. So, click on "Deals of the Day" which is located in first position and after that, just filter results by department on the left side, depending on what you want to buy.

It should be noted that, at the bottom of each available product, you will see the percentage of reduction that has had in the price, like the number of copies there are and the time remaining for the offer to conclude.

Wait and take advantage of the best day to buy

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, the best Amazon offers arise on certain days of the year and, therefore, it is ideal to make the most of them in view of how beneficial they can be. Below, we list the most recommended periods of time to access Amazon and make numerous purchases saving money at the same time:

  • Amazon Prime Day: It is listed as the best day of the year to make any amount of purchases on Amazon, without a doubt, since provide thousands of offers in case you are a member of Amazon Prime. Although ordinary users can access Prime's free trial to take advantage of these discounts. In 2020, will take place on July 15 and 16.
  • Black Friday or "Black Friday": Just as it is done in millions of stores worldwide, Amazon also offers promotions this day of the year for its various users, taking into account that sales usually start a week earlier. In 2020, It will be on November 27.
  • Cyber 鈥嬧婱onday or "Cyber 鈥嬧婱onday": It is a kind of succession of Black Friday, that is, the promotions of that day continue in online stores and Amazon could not be left behind. In 2020, of course, it will take place on November 30.
  • Christmas offers: At this time, Amazon publishes a large number of offers and gifts for Christmas, especially if it is clothing or toys. Said discounts arise throughout the month of December.

Use reload promotions

Use reload promotions

Since this e-commerce store has virtual wallets, you have the possibility of using recharge promotions to obtain discounts and, at the same time, it allows you to manage your budget in order to better plan your purchases and save as much money as possible to get many more items.

Thus, generally, the promotion works as follows: If you choose to buy a gift voucher on Amazon, the company will give you a discount code of 5 euros to spend within a stipulated time limit. In addition to this, this mechanism also provides "10 euros extra for your first recharge", for example. So, in this case, you would already get 15 free euros to spend on whatever you want.

However, everything will depend on the days that Amazon launches such promotions and it is important to clarify that, they are usually only valid the first time you use it.

Get a 5% discount on everything with the Amazon credit card

Today, frequent Amazon shoppers choose to get a credit card from this company to enjoy all the benefits it provides and the rewards it allows you to obtain at any time of the year. Taking into account that, beyond the remuneration that it provides online, it also allows you to save on gasoline, restaurants and pharmacies.

In this sense, thanks to the fact that when obtaining the Amazon credit card You will receive a 5% refund on anything you buy, you can enjoy this excellent utility to get a discount on everything you want. In addition, if you manage to save coupons, you will enjoy many more promotions on any item in the Amazon catalog.

But, for this, it is important that you make sure pay the full balance during each month, in order not to have to pay interest and thus, avoid spending much more than stipulated when enjoying said 5% discount. Also, it's likely to give you special financing of six months without interest for making orders greater than 140 euros, for example, and many more plans of this type.

Review price history

Review price history

On many occasions, you get products at a great price on Amazon, but you don't know if it really is a promotion or not. Since, it is likely that, although it seems economic, maybe a few months before it was much cheaper. Therefore, to know when an item is accessible or expensive, you have certain tools that allow you consult the price history easily (either in the last months or years).

Thus, they are two truly effective services to review each and every one of the prices that any item from Amazon has taken during the entire period of its publication. One of them refers to a website called "CamelCamelCamel" which provides the facility to track cost history and even create follow-ups to receive alerts when prices decrease, via email or Twitter. For this, the process to follow consists of:

  • First of all, enter the official website of 芦CamelCamelCamel.com禄
  • Following that, you will see a search bar in which you have to insert the exact URL of the product you want to review. But, you can also search with the keywords of that article on Amazon.
  • Once this is done, the platform will proceed to show you all the prices of that specific product.Review price history

In addition to this online tool, you also have another alternative at hand that is known as "Keepa" and it consists of a plugin that you can install in your web browser in order to show you additional information about the evolution of the price of any item you want to investigate. Thanks to this, this tool will allow you to control the price of a product directly from the Amazon platform.

Buy reconditioned products

A reconditioned product refers to an item that has been returned to the company of origin and, therefore, it has decided to completely repair it to offer it again in your sales catalog. Thus, a system that Amazon uses regularly.

Thus, although you can find promotions on new products there, you can also get much more impressive discounts when you buy those reconditioned or 鈥渞efurbished鈥 items. Taking into account that, they allow you save up to 40% and they are usually in very good condition.

Filter items by discounts directly

Filter items by discounts directly

Just as Amazon provides a section called Deals of the Day, where you can view the full catalog of all those products that are on sale for a limited number of hours; the platform too offers an option to filter them according to the available sales.

In that sense, you should start with click on "Deals of the day" and then, on the left side of the screen, a long list of options will be displayed that allow sectioning of the content with respect to some particularity. So, in this case, you have to Find yourself in the 鈥淒iscount鈥 section and there, select the option you prefer among these:

  • Discount of 10% or more.
  • Discount of 25% or more.
  • Discount of 50% or more.
  • Discount of 70% or more.

Make purchases from other Amazon stores

A poorly managed and very efficient trick to save money when ordering on Amazon, consists of take advantage of the other stores of this service, that is, you should not limit yourself to buying only and exclusively on Amazon Spain. Well, this store allows all its users to purchase products from any of its platforms using the same account.

It is because of that, we recommend you visit Amazon Germany, Italy, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom; Because there you can also get excellent promotions and even, much better than those in Amazon Spain. Whereas, even if you have to pay the shipping costs, the product will continue to be economical for you, in most cases.

If you are a university student, take advantage of the benefits of Amazon Student

If you are a university student, take advantage of the benefits of Amazon Student

In case you are interested in subscribing to Amazon Prime to enjoy all the benefits that this service provides to its customers, but you do not have enough money or want to save as much money as possible, you can use Amazon Student, in case you are a student.

Luckily, thanks to this possibility, university students will have a Prime account just pay half the subscription, once the 6 months of gift are completed. Since, the service offers a completely free 6-month membership for university students. Whereas, to take advantage of this promotion, users simply they must provide their email address with the domain ".edu" and immediately, they will receive said discount.

Use the shopping cart to "trick" Amazon

If you want to buy t-shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, appliances or any item that do not require very urgentlyYou can use this truly effective trick to buy cheaply on Amazon.

Thus, the tactic consists of log into your account and enter all those items you want to get at a lower price in the platform's shopping cart (located in the upper right corner of the panel). Once you add the products in question, proceed to complete all the steps to 鈥渕ake the purchase鈥, except the last one (that is, you should not pay yet).

Once this is done, the same Amazon system will detect that you have not completed the purchase order and They will start sending you emails notifying you of this information. Thus, to retain customer loyalty, the company often choose to lower the price a little or even could Give you a discount coupon to make this order. Taking into account that, the time for this to happen is undetermined.

The best browser extensions to get the best discounts on Amazon

Just as there is a platform and a plug-in that you can use to review the price history of an item for sale on Amazon, in order to help you during your purchase processes and save money, too There are several extensions suitable for the web browser through which the best offers can be obtained in this e-commerce service..

In this sense, so that you can help yourself to the maximum when buying cheap on Amazon, then we mention 10 of the best extensions you can use to enjoy its optimal discounts while possible and have better management of your account:

Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant

Basically, it consists of the official Amazon browser extension and is ideal for making the best decisions when you go shopping on the platform. Considering that, provides you with product comparisons that can save you a lot of time and money.

Added to this, through Amazon Assistant, you can keep up to date with the Deals of the Day, too offers you shortcuts to the most popular Amazon destinations from the comfort of your browser and you can manage the universal wish list directly.

Compare amazon products

Compare amazon products

Although it is a very simple browser extension, the truth is that it can be a great help when ordering on Amazon. Since, through it, you can compare existing products in the catalog easily and so, find the highest quality at the best possible price.

For that, you just have to access the section you are interested in seeing on Amazon and right click this tool, to select "Add to comparison" and thus start the comparison process quickly.

Amazon Price Compare

Amazon Price Compare

Similar to the alternative explained above, we have this other add-on for Amazon that has the ability to study and compare the prices in all the stores of this company within the European Union. That way, you will get the ease of buying the cheapest items from one of the 5 Amazon sites, to save money.

It should be noted that, in addition to comparing prices, this extension also Calculate shipping costs and perform currency conversions to get the lowest price in Europe. Thus, you can more easily put into practice one of the tricks that we recommend during the previous section of the post.

DS Amazon Quick View Extended

DS Amazon Quick View Extended

It consists of one of the best productivity extensions for browsing Amazon and, of course, for shopping there. Since the same is responsible for offering a complete price history to its users, in order that they can check if it is a real discount to ensure good savings.

In addition to this, provides an interactive graph of the famous Keepa service and therefore, if you have an account there, DS Amazon Quick View Extended will deliver the BSR data to you directly. Likewise, displays the lowest FBA price and it has some filters that simplify the search for products.

Amazon International Shopping

Amazon International Shopping

Another of the most appropriate tools that you have to use when searching for products on Amazon and making purchases, is this extension that has the ability to find juicy discounts across the platform, including the most hidden of it.

So, in such a way, you can get and take advantage of discounts of up to 99% and for greater advantage, it facilitates the search processes to the maximum. Since, in just seconds, it will show you the cheapest products available in its catalog globally.

Amzvar – Price Viewer of Amazon Variation

amzvar - Price Viewer of Amazon Variation

This refers to a plugin that mainly offers the price list of the products available in Amazon Variation and for better management, it also presents you with the complete price history, so that you can compare the costs of the products with total simplicity so that get the lowest price. Apart from that, it provides recommendations for all kinds of products on a frequent basis.

Sakura Checker Plus (Amazon)

Sakura Checker Plus (Amazon)

Although it can be a bit confusing for some users, it is actually very easy to use and also very helpful. In this sense, its main function is based on add a button to the browser to display the verifier evaluation result of this tool, known as "The grade Sakura".

Additionally, it also provides detailed information about the price history associated with Keepa or MonoRate management, and therefore adds an extra tab on Amazon for each service. That is, one tab will show the results of the evaluation of Sakura Checker, another the price history of Keepa and another that of MonoRate.

Budget control for Amazon

Budget control for Amazon

Yes, beyond finding items at a good price, what you really want is save money around purchases made on Amazon, this extension may be ideal for you. Because it is a tool that allows you to control your expenses made on the platform, easily.

In this sense, Budget control for Amazon focuses on creating reports to show you all your movements made in the online store with respect to the orders placed and, also, allows you set a budget limit to spend on Amazon. With this, you will keep track of all your consumption and even you will receive notifications in case of exceeding the established limits.

Amazon Search

Amazon Search

It is an extension of simple searches in terms of Amazon purchases, with which you can make your orders through the quick links it offers you And that way, you will get the best deals on Amazon every day.

In addition to this, Amazon Search it also helps you get updated coupons to use within the platform when you want to take advantage of a discount. Among the most important characteristics of this extension, we find that it is very effective and easy to operate.

Buoni sconto Amazon (Amazon Coupons)

Buoni sconto Amazon (Amazon Coupons)

Finally, we emphasize this other ideal plugin to use on Amazon, thanks to the fact that it refers to a tool that offers you the possibility of winning a discount coupon during each month. Which means that, by installing this extension in your browser, you will have a good chance of taking advantage of sales every month and so save money without waiting for the days of special offers in the online store.

For its part, it is important to take into account that you must follow the official social networks of this extension to to see the promoted prizes, as well as the winners of every month. In case you are deserving of the prize, they will ask for an email address and by that way, you will get the coupon. Whereas, in order to register for the draw, it is necessary that install the extension, click on it and register there.