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Twitch Affiliate Program How to become an affiliate on Twitch and what are the requirements and benefits?

There are activities that seemed, in principle, pure leisure until they took a more professional turn. This happened from the moment platforms like Twitch began to reward the efforts of content creators, through the option to monetize your work.

This is how it came about the platform’s affiliate program initiative. It is nothing more than a way for streamers to fulfill their dream of living on what they love the most. Thanks to this, they can receive monetary rewards that grow as your channels do too.

To make all this much clearer, we share everything you need to know about the Twitch Affiliate Program, what it is, requirements to take part, how much you can earn and in what way.

What is the Twitch affiliate program and what is it for?

In case you consider yourself a qualified streamer or just want to start create your own career in this branch of Twitch, this platform can be an excellent option to start. The reason lies in the fact that it is one of the platforms that better pay for the effort of those who do live broadcasts to broad communities.

But nevertheless, if you are starting you should not worry. Here too you can earn money on Twitch without having a large audience or followers. With this as an objective, the Affiliate Program.

It is a system through which the content creators of the platform receive income that are adjusted to their level of evolution. This means that as your community grows, so does your income. To form part, You must collect a series of basic requirements that the platform provides you. Once you meet them, you can start monetizing with the help of various sources of income: donations, subscriptions, game sales, sponsorships, etc.

What are the requirements to access the Twitch affiliate program?

If you want join the Twitch affiliate program, you should know that there are some minimum conditions what to have.

These are:

  • Reach all 50 followers.
  • To emit 8 hours.
  • To emit 7 different days.
  • Have a mean of 3 spectators.

It should be noted that these conditions must apply for a period of 30 days. Once that is done, you will receive an invitation both by mail and your control panel Twitch. Automatically later, you will be able to appreciate a new section called “Setting”. Through it, you can now register in the affiliate program and activate the Bits.

How much money can you earn as a Twitch advertising partner? How is income determined?

How much money can you earn as a Twitch advertising partner?  How is income determined?

Per the Twitch affiliate agreement, there are a number of costs, taxes and fees that can affect income that you receive through subscriptions. In this sense, before distributing the profit derived from there, first concepts, taxes, processing fees, etc. are subtracted from it.

After that process is complete, 50% is distributed to the streamer and the other 50% to Twitch. Subsequently, that percentage is calculated with tax withholdings, which are reflected in the payment that you can see directly in your control panel. Therefore, knowing exactly how much you can win is more complicated than it seems. Everything is based on estimates, since everything depends on the region and payment method of the subscriber.

However, to have an approximate figure it was learned that “Ninja”, the most famous Twitch streamer, had 121,080 people subscribed to its channel in July of this year. Taking into account that all these users have paid the basic subscription, it is estimated that their earnings are about 423,500 euros per month. This figure comprises subscription earnings only, which means that really Ninja perceive much more. It must be remembered that profits from sponsorship, advertisements, donations, etc. are left out.

Ways to earn money as a Twitch affiliate What are the best strategies?

Ways to earn money as a Twitch affiliate

It is already known that within the streaming platform the efforts of content creators are rewarded, which means that there is the option of generating income as part of the affiliate program.

Next, we share the best strategies to achieve it:

With subscriptions

One of the highest paid ways to generate income with Twitch It is through the subscriptions.

All affiliates have access to subscription options that are:

  • € 4.99.
  • € 9.99.
  • € 24.99.

In addition, there is the option of free Prime subscription, that is, all those who have Amazon Prime do not have to make this payment. In case there are users who contract the VIP subscriptions, you will receive more money from the platform.

With donations

When you are starting out on the platform, generating subscription income can be much more complicated. For this reason, many are inclined to resort to donations. Basically this alternative consists of add a button within your channel, so that your followers can press on it and make donations through different payment methods such as PayPal, Streamlabs, etc.

Without a doubt, it is excellent for small channels that need financing. Remember that it is important provide valuable content that interests your community, so that you can encourage them to collaborate with your channel.

This donation system is named Bits. Affiliates can activate them to ship Cheers to their channels, so that viewers have in their hands the possibility of offering their support without leaving Twitch. Then the Bits they are understood as virtual currencies that viewers have the option to buy to send Cheers to the chat. Cheers are animated gemstone emoticons and, every time the Cheers are shared with Bits the streamer receives a portion of the revenue.

With sale of games

Another very interesting and little known form of generate earnings through Twitch, is through the sale of games and related items to the platform. For example, if a streamer plays any type of game that is available for sale or has items for sale in Twitch and transmit it, a purchase offer will be displayed on the channel page, specifically on the back of the video window.

In the case of affiliates, they may obtain a 5% of income from purchases generated from your channel page. For their part, all those users who make a purchase apart from supporting the affiliates, will receive a Twitch chest for every minimum purchase of € 4.99.