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Twitch tips: become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2021 list

Twitch tips: become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 list

If you are a follower of digital sports and video games surely you already know this platform very well. Twitch has become a social network or open global community and was acquired by Amazon in 2014 . Being a platform where users broadcast their videogames games live for other fans.

All this allows other members of the community to be able to see each of the other users’ games live live, while learning new tactics, game tricks, as well as share, interact, chat , among many other functions.

Therefore, it has become one of the most popular streaming websites, and of which we will teach you the best tricks so you can improve your skills and become an expert .

What features make Twitch a unique platform for streamers?

This has become one of the best online services of today, which not only focuses exclusively on video games, but thanks to everything The boom that has been achieved has also been included in what is the transmission of the different works of art, talk shows and TV, music and very rarely the transmission of television series >.

This is how this portal is used to watch and stream live video broadcasts .

With this in mind, here we explain the main features that make it a unique platform for streamers:

View live games

This website is mainly dedicated to what is online playback , here you can find real-time videos of the different games made by the members of the platform . The key to all this is that players have the opportunity to very easily transmit each of their games , thus sharing their experiences with the other members of Twitch throughout the game. world.

Enjoy the best online tournaments

Another of the great advantages that this site offers in comparison to other streaming portals, is that it gives your audience the chance to enjoy virtual competitions. This is how in a very simple way you can start following the most important tournaments of the different electronic sports, where professionals compete looking to win a good sum of Euros .

It has mobile applications

One of the most important factors in all this is that it already has the mobile versions for both Android and iOS . All this allows its members to interact even more on the page, as it becomes a simpler and faster way to enter the interface and start sharing and transmit each of its games. As well as being able to enjoy the games of the other players .

An online site dedicated to gamers

As we know, this portal is aimed primarily at gamers , where it has become one of the most popular spaces worldwide > to develop various games online online .

It should be noted here you will have the opportunity to comment and rate each of the videos that appear on the site. In addition, all content is organized by channels created by each user or channels in general that cover a specific theme . And to all this we must add the ease of access to each of the contents of the page.

Stream your games from a PS4, Xbox One or you PC

As we know this platform is ideal for gamers to share each of their games with the other members of the portal through the streaming system , which It presents an excellent performance that requires few steps to use.

This is how the PS4 and Xbox One consoles have an option integrated in their interface that allows to share each of their streaming experiences . In the case of computers, you can use a specialized program for this that allows you to share live everything that is happening directly on the screen of your PC .

List of the best 25 Twitch tricks to get the most out of streaming

As mentioned earlier, this platform has become one of the most important in the world of streaming , as it allows its members to enjoy a lot of options that It will help them achieve very good results.

However, you may not know all the advantages you can have with this portal . With this in mind, here we explain the best tricks so you can make the most of it and become one of the best.

Follow your favorite channels and games

Sigue tus canales y juegos favoritos

If you are a new user of this portal then you may have many doubts or concerns to resolve . One of the first steps you have to take here is to start following your favorite games and those channels that interest you . This will give you the possibility to find only content of interest in your session.

Keep in mind that all these accounts you follow will appear on your main screen as a priority , and you will be notified every time one of these channels begins a live streaming.

To follow a channel or game you must follow these steps:

  • Login to your account and there look for the channel of your interest .
  • When you have found it press on the name of the same to enter your profile.
  • Here you must select the “Follow” option that appears with a heart.
  • In case you want follow a game you must go to accounExplore †.
  • There you will see a list with all available games , here you must select the your preference .
  • When you are in the game profile, select the “Follow” button that appears with a heart.
  • >

Enable theater mode for viewers

Habilita el modo teatro para espectadores

This is one of the most basic functions that we can find here but perhaps one of the least known by most members of the social network . In this case you can also watch the game live in full screen, but you can also observe each of your notifications while you are enjoying live streaming .

In order to activate this function you simply have to open the video player and click on the bottom of the theater mode icon. This will allow you to have a full screen viewing area but now with a chat included .

Add two-factor authentication

Añada la autenticación de dos factores

One of the most important things when we open an account in a social network or global community is its security . Above all, when there is a movement of money in that account with some type of virtual currency . In the case of Twitch it gives you the possibility to perform two-factor authentication which consists of setting more than two passwords, taking into account that only one is not enough.

In order to configure this 2FA tool, you need to go to the “System configuration “, there you go to the “Security and privacy” section and finally you enable the “Enable two-factor authentication” option.

Use this platform on any device

Utiliza esta plataforma en cualquier dispositivo

As mentioned earlier, today it is possible to enjoy Twitch from any device to be able to see your streaming content officially . For this, free apps have been created for both videogame consoles, Amazon Fire Tv and for Android and iOS smartphones.

One of the main advantages of these apps is that you only have to log in once. Therefore, every time you receive a notice of any retransmission you can go directly to it. You will also have the ability to add channels to your account, as well as enjoy the chat .

Follow your favorite streamers

Sigue a tus streamers favoritos

One of the great advantages of this community is that it gives you the possibility to follow more than the favorite game categories , but you have the possibility to follow all those streamers you want. That is, if you want to know about a specific game such as the Fortnite , you can start following those Fortnite star players .

It’s important to keep in mind that most the most famous youtubers also usually make recordings for Twitch , so you can easily follow them and Start enjoying each of your posts .

Design your own custom clicks

Diseña tus propios click personalizados

On many occasions you are doing some transmission for your followers and you want to show some part of the specific reproduction , either because it is very important or it is simply some kind of trick you want to teach and you want all the attention to go to that place . This type of case is where these custom clicks come in.

To create them you must click on the custom click icon that is located at the bottom of the player . You can also activate it using the “Alt + X” buttons on your keyboard. Here a window will open where you must select the name of the click , you can edit your way and finally share it on your social network.

Show or hide your connection status

Enseña u oculta tu estado de conexión

On many occasions we do not want to show our connection status and thus prevent the other social network users from realizing that we are connected to the interface . In these cases you can hide or teach this.

In order to activate this function it is important that you enter the image of your profile , there will open a menu of options where you will find a section to ” Disable the connected option ”. When you deactivate this item, a new one will appear right away so you can go back to “Activate” and be able to appear again connected.

Use the audio-only mode

Utiliza el modo de solo audio

Please note that this tool will only be applicable for those mobile applications on Android and iOS . It can be used for those moments where the person is in motion , either because he is driving, jogging or walking and wants to hear everything that happens. That is, this function will allow the person to listen only to the audio from the live stream .

If you already have your mobile application installed on the smart device , then in order to activate the audio-only mode you must go to the “Settings” area and there you select the “Audio only mode” section. This will allow you to enjoy online playback without the need to consume a lot of data .

Use it in full screen and send it to Chromecast

Usalo en pantalla completa y envió a Chromecast

There is nothing better than enjoying the content we like on large screen . In this case it is a question of activating the full screen so that the reproduction takes place in the whole screen of your monitor . This gives you the possibility to enjoy content on large-scale streaming and that way you won’t miss any of the details.

Now, in case you want to see the content on an even bigger screen, then you can start using your Chromecast device and that way send the playback to the TV screen .

Use Pulse

Utilice Pulse

It is possible that most users do not know about Pulse , this is the social network built-in Twitch that allows to carry out publications and updates of the status of all members of this platform . In it you can publish images, texts, videos, links to videos among many other elements.

Therefore, if you want to start using Pulse you must enter some text in the box located on the Twitch homepage >. As well as all the links you think necessary.

Customize your channel

Personaliza tu canal

You don’t need to stream content on your channel to be able to customize it, or that it is the most visited on the network. Keep in mind that every time that you leave a comment on one of the posts anyone can access your profile to visit it . With this in mind, it is important that it is personalized and well designed .

Keep in mind that you can place a striking profile photo , add and configure different elements such as panels, extension bars , among many other important details edit to give your channel the best possible presence.

Enjoy advanced statistics

Disfruta de las estadísticas avanzadas

Most people prefer to know all the details of the reproductions that are being watched, this will allow them to keep informed of everything that happens. To do this, you just have to go to the system settings and then select the “Advanced” tab, then select the “Show video statistics” option.