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Twitch What is it, what is it for and what business model is it useful for?

In the first instance, Twitch was created with the goal of serving as a streaming video platform focused on the world of video games. However, over time its uses have expanded.

Is already used worldwide by all kinds of users and for different purposes. For example, it is a tool that can be incorporated into the business environment, to make transmissions and share them with other users.

To give you a much broader idea of ​​the subject, we will explain in depth what it is, what it is for, its most outstanding characteristics, some valuable advice and even a comparison of this platform against that of Youtube.

What is Twitch and what is this streaming platform for?

It's just a streaming video streaming platform and whose main function is focused on the broadcasting of live video games. However, since it became the property of Amazon in 2014, its use has expanded to the general public. Through her it is possible to enjoy not only Esports, but also broadcasts of other types of events more general as entertainment, professional competitions, among others.

Because today it has million unique monthly users, many have taken advantage of this within their strategies of marketing to start earning money. The way to achieve this is with the help of Twitch Partner or through donations.

What is Twitch Partner?

What is Twitch Partner?

It is a window that Twitch offers for all those who want to start monetizing their accounts within the platform and contribute quality content to the community. Twitch Partners includes creators who stream various content ranging from music, games, art, talk shows and many more.

But in order to enter, you must meet a series of requirements that we mention in the following list:

  • You must complete the Partner Path (You can find details about this on the website of Twitch). Or you can also belong if you have a wide audience on other platforms such as Twitter or Youtube.
  • Create content that fits both Terms of Service, As the Community Guidelines and the DMCA guidelines.
  • All those who complete the Partner Path, they must maintain the established criteria within the achievement they obtained consistently.

What are the most interesting features that Twitch offers to businesses?

Twitch Features

Although it may seem broadly that Twitch is not a platform especially recommended for companies, it really it has a lot of potential to help you grow and establish a community. The reason is that its popularity is increasing, which means that there is a high presence of users. This allows you to improve your reach towards a wide number of people. Also, if you already have a preset community on other platforms like Youtube, you can exploit the potential of your brand through Twitch.

Because also you can monetize your content. Thus, you will get a double source of income, added to the opportunity to get new followers of your brand. Already in Youtube there are millions of channels talking about the same topics, but On Twitch your sector may not yet have competition, so the chances of becoming an influencer are higher.

Some highlights Twitch offers for businesses are:

  • Have a Partners program of which you can be a part.
  • Can migrate your community from one platform to Twitch.
  • It specializes in live broadcasts of events, launches and much more.
  • There is not so much competition like on other platforms.
  • It has a wide audience.
  • Option of customize your channel according to your needs.
  • Access to a dedicated support team, which will provide you with quick solutions to any problem.

Twitch vs YouTube Which is better and how are the two platforms different?

Twitch vs YouTube

Generally speaking, you may Twitch closely resembles Youtube. However, each platform has differentiating aspects that are worth highlighting. First, Within Twitch there is still not as much presence of channels like in Youtube. This can be very useful if you are looking to gain authority and improve the image of your channel. Because the competition is less. So, if you are starting and want to position yourself as a benchmark in your sector, it may be better to start with Twitch.

For his part, you can become a Twitch partner or partner to earn income According to the advertising that appears within your video practically from the beginning. On the contrary, to achieve this in Youtube You are required a minimum of 1000 subscribers to your channel and 4000 hours of playback. Within this streaming platform there are many advertisers that allow you to choose the times that an advertisement is played in your video. The more advertisers, the higher the profit.

You can also generate income through the bits. These are considered a virtual good that viewers can buy if they want to do Cheers on your channel. So, you get if I support without them leaving Twitch. Once this is done, they are assigned a percentage of the income they receive through the bits.

Finally, those who become Twitch Partners will be able to earn money by accepting subscriptions from your viewers. Subscription options are: € 4.99, € 9.99, € 24.99, or free Twitch Prime subscription. Additionally, partners will be able to unlock up to 50 channel smileys.

Make a live broadcast on Twitch

Make a live broadcast on Twitch

To do any live broadcastYou must have a series of basic elements such as a quality computer, a webcam, a good microphone and a stable Internet connection.

Once you make sure you have it, you can start your live shows on Twitch using the following steps:

  • creat your account on Twitch.
  • Create your channel: enter in Adjustments inside the user menu and configure all the details regarding your channel. Within the section Channel and Videos, modify the design of your channel, mode of accommodation, the chat of Twitch, etc.
  • Set up the Twitch stream: Enter the Issue Information section to configure the different parameters available.
  • Connect OBS and Twitch: this you do within the section Stream. You will be able to appreciate the default configuration or modify it if you require it.
  • The live starts: to do it, you have to press the right button of your mouse in the user interface of OBS (source). There, indicate the recording source you want and start the transmission.

Tips to include Twitch in your marketing strategy and enhance your brand

Tips for including Twitch in your marketing strategy

Without a doubt, this platform has a lot of potential that can be exploited, especially for new brands who want to gain popularity quickly.

So we will give you some useful tips on Twitch that you can include in your marketing strategy:

Use suitable equipment for your transmissions

To be able to stream on Twitch, you need to have a series of tools that will allow you optimal performance during transmission.

Some suggestions are:

  • Quality computer: A computer higher than an i5 is recommended, so that the performance of your transmission is much more fluid. If you can, complement it with a second monitor to observe everything that happens in streaming (check fluency, if there is interference, etc.).
  • Microphone: Audio quality is very important if you want to effectively communicate with users. A good microphone is the perfect complement to interact with the community. You can use the one included in your computer, or place an external one.
  • Webcam: This is a fundamental device because through it people can watch all the streaming. Be sure to use a webcam with excellent image quality.
  • Internet connection: everything mentioned above must be accompanied by a good and stable Internet connection, because it will be decisive for your transmission to be of excellent quality.

Increase the visibility of your channel

Uploading traffic on Twitch isn't that difficult like in Youtube, because there are sectors that are not yet fully explored. This allows you to establish yourself as a reference within your niche specific.

However, in order to increase visibility there are certain tips that you must implement:

  • Have at least two videos to prevent the channel from being empty.
  • Send traffic from your website or other platform to Twitch.
  • Invest in Facebook ADS to increase visibility.
  • If you have a YouTube channel, invite them to be part of your community on Twitch.

Enroll in the Partners program

To start monetizing within Twitch, you need to sign up for their Partner program. This functionality was launched in July 2011, and helps content creators make profits through different means such as ads, subscriptions to their new user channel, etc.

But keep in mind that not all people qualify to be part of said program. Consequently, to do so, a series of requirements must be met, such as completing the Partner's Way or have a large audience, use authorized content within the platform and many others. If you do not comply with these aspects, you can lean towards the option of affiliate program, which you can obtain if you meet the achievement of The Way To The Affiliate. For more information on these topics, visit their website.

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