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Twitter Analytics What is it, what is it for and how can I make the most of this tool?

With the tool Twitter, which you can download for free, you can access a Detailed analysis report on your tweets and home page you have on the social network.

In this way, Twitter Analytics becomes an important function to grow in the RRSS and strengthen the content marketing plan., since you can correct deviations at the right time.

It is not difficult to use this tool, but you will need to know in depth how you should understand its results. For it, You will have to read this article where we will show you what this Twitter function is about.

What is Twitter Analytics and what is this Twitter tool for?

Twitter Analytics is a native function of the social network that allows you to obtain reports about the behavior of a Twitter account.. In this way, you can know the number of followers, the reach that the tweets had and the interaction that existed with a certain web page, among other metrics.

Thus, This tool is used to know if the strategies implemented in the social media plan are being carried out correctly. or if it is necessary to modify some points to obtain greater efficiency in the reports that it delivers Twitter Analytics.

What are the most useful functions and tools of Twitter Analytics?

When you register in the application and link it with your twitter account you can get information about the activities you did in the last 4 weeks and what did your followers or from the community. In case you need to modify this range, you can do it without any problem. With this tool you will get a detail about the impact your tweets had. I mean, you can meet the amount of impressions and retweets they had and the times they clicked on your user profile.

In case you have published a link in a tweet, you will also know the number of times they clicked on it. Also, you will find out if your followers did the same in a URL or on a card that you indicated. With Analytics you will have knowledge of number of responses and the times that users marked your tweets as favorites.

You must not forget that you will also know the times when you are most active are your followers and what is or are your followers with more followers. Finally, you will be able to know the times that your profile was mentioned in tweets from others.

Learn step by step how to use Twitter Analytics to analyze the impact of your strategies on Twitter

The steps you will have to do to use Twitter Analytics are the following:

  • For this you will have to write in the address bar “”.
  • Then click on the option Login with Twitter.
  • Enter your username, or email, and then password access to the social network.
  • When you find yourself in Twitter go to your profile clicking on your photo.
  • Find the option Analytics and click on it.
  • You will see a window where you will have a tabbed control panel the upper part where you can choose each one to obtain a different type of information. If you click on the Tweets tab, you will be able to know a activity of your messages They will be divided into graphics of total impressions, a list of tweets and the interaction they had.
  • In case you do click on the Audience tab, you will find General information, the demographic data (to know the country of origin and age of your followers) and the Lifestyle (It will help you to know what is the interest of your followers). Finally, the moving footprint which is used to know which telephone operators your audience uses.
  • If you click on Plus, this tab will take you to know the activity you had through your cards. You can also know the click on urls that you tweeted and chronological changes.
  • When you click on Retweets, you will find information about the behavior that tweets had and that were forwarded by your followers.

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