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Twitter Fleets What are they, what are they for and how can we get the most out of this new functionality?

The Twitter Fleets is a new function that the social network has to upload stories on your profile with certain characteristics. If you don’t know what this tool is about, don’t worry! because in this article we will explain everything you need to know.

The first thing you can read is what is a Fleet for and what particularities does it have in Twitter Then We will explain the process you must go through to create your first Fleet in a simple way.

But this is not all, we will also analyze the difference between Twitter Fleets, WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories to determine which is better.

What are Twitter Fleets and what is this new platform function for?

In mid-November 2022 Twitter launched a new feature called Fleets whose duration is 24 hours. This tool allows users to upload short stories that disappear and they can do so in image or video format. In addition, it is possible to add texts and icons in the edition, react and know who watched the Fleets.

Although it had some drawbacks in its launch Because these stories remained more than 24 hours, if it was accessed with a browser by entering the URL of the video or image, Twitter corrected the codes development of the function and informed the users through an official statement. In this way Twitter is one of the latest social networks that is incorporated into 24-hour stories, competing with WhatsApp Statuses, LinkedIn Stories and the famous Instagram Stories.

Characteristics of the new Twitter Fleets What can we do with them?

Characteristics of the new Twitter Fleets What can we do with them?

The new Twitter tool has special features, for example, it does not allow retweets and you cannot like these short 24 hour stories. But this is not the only unique thing about the Fleets from the bird’s social network.

So we will show you below the most important features that this recently added function has:

  • To create a Fleet you can do it only through your mobile. This means that if you have logged into your computer and want to upload a short story, you will have to turn to your smartphone so that you can achieve your goal successfully.
  • In addition to not being able to retweet, it is also not possible to make public replies. In the event that any user wishes to reply to your Fleet, they must do so by means of a message. For this they will have to click on the Send a message option.
  • It is possible to react to a Fleet sending an emoji.
  • You can mention to other users using the @.
  • It is possible to add tweets inside a Fleet. For this you will have to go to the tweet you want to add and click on Share, this will open different options, so you will have to search Share on a Fleet and click on it.
  • You can choose to receive or not direct messagesIn case you decide to do it, anyone can send you a private conversation. On the other hand, if you configure your Fleets to not receive chats from just anyone, only the users you follow can react to your short stories.
  • If you are one of the people who like to protect their Tweets You should know that the Fleets will also be protected.
  • When you create a 24 hour Fleet users will be able to access it by clicking on your profile picture. Also, if they belong to the group of followers, your story will appear at the top of the home screen timeline.
  • Through the function “Seen by” you will be able to know who looked at your fleets.
  • In addition to images and videos, you can also add texts and GIFs to your stories to create a Fleet.

Twitter Fleets vs WhatsApp Status vs Instagram Storie Which is better and how are they different?

Twitter Fleets vs WhatsApp Status vs Instagram Storie Which is better and how are they different?

A little we have already talked what are Twitter fleets, but it’s necessary compare this function with similar tools from other social networks.

For this reason, if we take into account the WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories that also last 24 hours in the user’s profile- we can obtain the following analysis:

  • If you want to include your favorite song in a Storie you can do it without problems. On the other hand, on WhatsApp and Twitter you will not be able to listen to background music.
  • When you need to insert texts to an image, the functions offered by Instagram for this situation are more complete. In addition to adjusting the text manually, it has more tools and fonts that improve visual quality.
  • In the States the words are adjusted automatically and there is not as much variety of sources as in the Stories. On the other hand, on Twitter the text has a single size and you can only choose the color of the letter and put it in bold. Although this can be changed by adding third-party tools, the application itself does not offer this option natively.
  • The scope these short stories can have it is configured so that they are only seen by some or by all users. This happens on all three social networks.
  • Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status and Fleets cannot be replied to by other users. Instead they offer the possibility of a direct message to the account of the creator of the story, provided that this option is enabled.
  • Image filters are undoubtedly the featured elements from Instagram, as there is a wide variety of distortions that can be added to Stories in a quick and easy way. On the other hand, to obtain these results on WhatsApp and Twitter, it will be necessary to make the modifications from the mobile gallery and then upload the images.

Learn step by step how to make your first Fleets on Twitter and share them with the whole community

Anytime make your first Fleet pay attention to the guide that we will show you below because you can find all the necessary steps explained in a simple way.

Let’s get started:

Open the application on your mobile

Remember that to create a Fleet You can only do it through your smartphone, so you must open the Twitter app and write your email -or user- and the access password.

Enter the home screen

Enter the home screen

Once you have entered your profile, the first thing you should do is go to the top left of the screen. You’ll find the photo of your Twitter account with the + (plus) symbol and a caption Add. Click on this icon to continue with the process.

Choose the type of Fleet you want to create

You will see a black screen with the message Share a passing idea … below it you will have four functions.

These are:

  • TEXT, which you can use to create a Fleet with only words.
  • GALLERY, you will have to use this function when you want to share an image that is stored on your device.
  • CAPTUREYou will have to use this tool when you want to capture photos from the Twitter app. You must bear in mind that you have to allow the social network to access your camera, multimedia content and the microphone so that you get better results.
  • VIDEOAs with the previous tool, you will have to use this function when you want to record a video using the social network application.

Create your first Fleet

Create your first Fleet

Once you have chosen any of the functions that we show you before, you will have to click on it to share your 24-hour story. For example, you can use GALLERY to access the device’s image library. If you use another, the steps will be the same. What you should do next is choose the image with which you want to make the Fleet. At the bottom of the screen you will find two icons, on the left you will have all the options to edit a text.

So you must click on Aa to activate the keyboard and choose the color of the letter, if you want to highlight it in bold and the location of the phrase. You can add emojis by choosing the options that your keyboard has. When you finish you will have to click on Ready. You can change the location of the words by moving the text with your finger, this will also help you to delete it (a trash can will be activated) and write again.

Once you are done you will have to click on the second clip located to the right of the bottom of the screen. When you click ALT You will see the option to write an alternative text and describe the photo. You will have 1000 characters for this. Click on Ready to finish homework.

Upload the first Fleet to the social network

Upload the first Fleet to the social network

Once you have finished with all the previous steps you will be able to upload your first Fleet. To do this, you will have to go to the upper right part of the screen and select the button Fleet. A poster will appear informing you that the publication process is in progress. After a few seconds your first 24-hour story will be ready on the social network.

Twitter Fleets Ideas You Can Do To Increase Your Number Of Followers On The Platform

If you want increase the number of followers on your Twitter account pay attention to these tips to have the best Fleet of the entire social network.

Check out:

Level up content

You must not forget that the quality of the images and videos are decisive to attract attention. Thus, you must take into account details such as lighting, the place where you are going to make the video or capture a photo and also the clothing you use.

Use all the tools

Twitter gives you different options that you can use to have a greater reach in your story. Therefore, you should not ignore mentioning influencers through the use of @. You should also take into account those tweets that had a great impact, which will help you address trending topics.

Include topics of interest to your audience

Include topics of interest to your audience

It is important that you know the tastes and customs of your audience. That is, if you want to become a true influencer, you must segment the set of users and establish what things catch their attention. Once you have studied this division, you should upload topics that are liked by the people who follow you.

You must be careful in treating topics that don’t link to your Twitter channel or profile. For example, if your followers expect you to talk about music or video games It is not recommended that you upload videos that are related to politics.

Create the fleets at the right time

In addition to talking about the topics your followers are interested in, You must keep in mind the metrics that Twitter offers you. With these reports you will be able to know the time and days when your audience is most active. This will help you the contents do not go unnoticed and are shared more frequently.

Make your account public

You should not forget that if your profile is in private mode, the fleets you generate will be too and they will only be seen by the people who follow you. When sharing a short story with other users, They will not be able to access the Fleet because your account will be blocked. For this reason, if you want to become an influencer on Twitter, you must unblock your account and make it public.