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Twitter tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

Twitter tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

It is no secret to anyone that, Twitter is considered one of the most famous and advantageous social networks in the world, so millions of people access it every day. Taking into account that, shows a wide coverage worldwide and is a place where there are still many things to be discovered.

In this sense, each social network is estimated as a new world that has its own particularities and beyond that, they have unique functions and tricks that is valuable to know to obtain the best utility of they. Which, of course, also happens with Twitter, which, although it shows easy operation, is full of options that may be unknown to most of its users.

So, in order for you to manage all your tweets and your activity on this recognized social platform in the best way, we want to detail a compilation with the main tactics you can use on Twitter to get the most out of it .

3 Data about Twitter you might not know

To begin with this important discovery around Twitter, we will point out some relevant data on that platform that, although they may seem very elementary, are actually unknown by virtually almost all users of the network social.

So, below, we will detail three of these:

Number of monthly users

This renowned social network allows you to keep track of the number of followers you get on your profile. To do this, you must access the “Analytics” panel in “More options” and there, observe how much your fan database has increased during the last 30 days or, in the last month.

In addition to this, you can see how many new followers you acquired per day. Which also allows you to determine the cause of it, thanks to the fact that if on a specific day you notice that you gained or lost many followers, you can check that you tweeted that day . This is a great help for entrepreneurs, brands and companies that want to win customers or greater visibility.

It’s still a trend

Although, currently, there are other apps that can show more power compared to Twitter in various countries of the world, the truth is that this social network is still a trend and is not at all obsolete . Taking into account that, it was categorized as the most downloaded news application in the App Store and is kept completely updated.

Which means that, beyond being a social network, it is a news site where you can manage different information and activities . Since it allows you to know what is happening at any given moment in real time and even on the other side of the world.

Powerful Marketing tool

With the remarkable development that shows the world of Marketing, a large number of users of social networks seek the most optimal to publicize your brand, its products or its services and without doubt, to win more customers Thus, Twitter is considered an excellent tool for this today.

The main reason for this is that this social network helps you understand the behavior of Internet users , thus being of great support to get to know your potential clients better and know what you can offer them before your requirements.

Additionally, it is a place that makes it easier for brands to show their personality , increase their presence on the Internet from the corporate image and also increase their positioning in the minds of followers. Even for brands that are not clear about their personality, it is also a good tool because it allows them to experience it more easily.

What features make Twitter a unique social network?

Qué características hacen de Twitter una red social única

Starting because Twitter is a two-way communication platform with the nature of a social network, it can already be said that it is a different alternative to those recognized as Facebook or Instagram, for example.

Thus, Twitter is considered a unique social network, although it limits its publications to a total of 280 characters (currently). But, to emphasize more in the originality of the platform in question, it is necessary to take into account many other features that, here we indicate in detail:

It is very efficient around information

It is no secret to anyone that, on this platform you can find a lot of quality information and in a short time . In addition, it helps you quickly reach the best sources of information regarding any subject, since it shows the opinions and recommendations of other users.

In this sense, it has managed to create a culture of “efficiency” among its users, since forces to make the most of the available space to type what they want ; so they will have to get to the point quickly. Ensuring thus, a remarkable agility in the people who use this way of communication.

Get closer to people who are separated by a physical distance

Although many social networks have been created to shorten distances, especially; many of them fail to deliver a pleasant feeling of closeness. But, with Twitter, the opposite is true, because it provides its users with that feeling by being so agile and instant communication there .

In this way, it is an optimal mechanism to always be connected with your family and friends and even to meet new people and access public figures that remain active in the social network and are you interesting. Being like this, much closer to your day to day.

A very versatile alternative

Another original aspect of this platform is the user interface it exhibits. Since, when using SMS-type messages, it takes up very little space and this favors the use of mobile devices that is in full swing today. Thus, an extremely versatile and highly mobile application that has become the preferred option for many.

It allows you to promote your company with Twitter Ads

For those who do not know, it has an advertising tool known as “Twitter Ads” that allows companies or brands to promote their tweets and thereby get more followers, interactions and traffic.

Among its greatest advantages, we highlight that, although it is paid, the advertiser will only pay for the user to follow his account and not for visualization, being extremely economical . Apart from that, it allows you to define the target and provides analytics where you can know the scope of your promotion.

You can synchronize your Twitter account

In order that you do not have to lose the information you leave on your profile depending on your number of posts and followers, this social network allows you to synchronize it between devices and so, everything matches with the times of publication, monitoring and even around the amount of readings.

Being this, a completely free feature that will help you review and manage what you want within the social network and from any device you have at hand , without any limitations.

Provide comparative data

In order that you can know how your brand performs in several marketing categories, the bluebird social network has the most complete information available about your followers and also regarding the social network in general and certain audience groups .

Thanks to this, there is the possibility of comparing your followers with a remarkable variety of profiles of people, as well as demographic data, consumer behaviors and interests , to get to know how your project works in these categories.

This is a viral platform

In view of the fact that it is a platform of social, global and synchronous character at the same time; It stands out for offering brands and companies the opportunity to generate different content to guide the actions of their followers and without a doubt, to viralize any content .

This, especially, because Twitter simplifies the rapid circulation and multiplication of messages. Thus generating an excellent advantage to viralize brand communications and open the conversation with customers.

List of the best 35 Twitter tricks that will allow you to take advantage of the platform maximum

Now, we have reached the most interesting section of the whole post. Since, once you read and perform the best Twitter tricks to make the most of this social network, your experience on that platform will change completely .

Thus, below, we detail 35 of the most interesting tactics to perform here:

You can share the capture of a text to save characters

Puedes compartir la captura de un texto para ahorrar caracteres

Although many users love this social network, they estimate that the amount of 280 defined characters for each tweet to publish, on many occasions, may be insufficient. But, for this, there is an excellent solution that from now on you will know how to manage.

In this sense, you can write all the words you want to publish in your tweet from a word processor and then share that text as if it were a photograph.

Then, to carry out this ingenious idea, you can do the following:

  • Enter Word or notepad (or any word processor you prefer) and type in there all the text you want to publish on your Twitter post . >
  • After that, proceeds to take a screenshot with the particular keyboard shortcut. Taking care, of course, that you only see the text (you just have to cut it to your liking).
  • Finally, go to Twitter and share the capture of the previous step as an image .

Activate night mode

Activa el modo nocturno

Many people prefer to use dark themes or night modes on any platform where they want to stay a good amount of time. Either for comfort, for vision problems or for any other reason. Well, Twitter offers a function that allows to activate night mode in both the web and mobile versions .

In order to do this, complete the following step by step :

  • Access your social network account and open the menu, clicking on the icon of your profile “More options” .
  • Subsequently, enter the “Screen” option located between one of the last of the small menu.
  • Now, you can click on “Dark Night” or ” Clear Night ” to enable this mode to your liking, by clicking on ” Done “. As you will see, you can also customize the screen with other colors.

Prevent videos from automatically playing back

Evita que los vídeos se autorreproduzcan automáticamente

If you find it annoying that the videos shown on the social platform, start playing by themselves, that is, automatically ; Twitter contains an option to avoid this for users who don’t like it.

Then, to do it in the browser version, perform the following procedure:

  • Open your social network account and access the “More options” .
  • Once the new menu is displayed, go to “Settings and privacy” .
  • Now, when you are within that option, go to “Content” or “Use of data” (in this case).
  • Finally, click on “AutoPlay” you just have to deactivate the option by selecting “Never” .

In case you want to do it in the mobile version, you must also enter the Settings and privacy menu, but after that:

  • Click on the “Use of data” option that you see in the general section .
  • Then, click on “Automatic video playback” , which will display another new menu.
  • In that menu, select if you prefer that the video clips are never seen, if you want them to always be seen with mobile data or WiFi, or that you can only observe them when you browse with WiFi.

Poll your followers with surveys

Realiza sondeos a tus seguidores con encuestas

As well as other social networks with great fame, Twitter also allows to conduct surveys of followers . Which means that, you can post a question with several response options and with that, let the followers choose the one they think is right. So, when the time period is up, you can show the results .

This is done like this:

  • Enter the platform and start writing a new tweet , as well as any other.
  • After that, select the survey icon that is located in third position, when you move from left to right linearly.
  • With this, they will show you two new options to write an answer in each one (these will be the ones that followers will be able to to select). If you want to add more possibilities, click on “Add an option” or the sign ++.
  • Finally, choose the duration time of the survey and click on accounTwittear†.

Manage multiple accounts on your smartphone Gestiona varias cuentas en tu smartphone

If you manage Twitter directly from your mobile through your app, it is possible to access more than one account at the same time . This is a long-awaited feature in the version of the social network that, unfortunately, is not yet available.

To proceed to manage multiple accounts from your mobile device, run the following process:

  • Open the side menu within the application and click on the arrow pointing down, just to the right of the name of the profile you have opened.
  • Subsequently, a menu will be displayed in which you can add an existing account or create a new one .

  • Then, once you type the username along with your password and enter the account (s) you want, you can manage each one by opening that side menu again (as shown in the image).