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Types of computer viruses What are they and how to protect ourselves from them? 2022 list

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when we take over the best information about types of computer viruses that exist, that no one should doubt are always a latent threat to our equipment, we will be able to protect each of the devices we use in the best way.

Companies and corporations at different levels can attest to this, which sometimes have a department dedicated to face the threat to suffer an attack of any malware. But this is not the case for most users, who can also be victims of an attack that would cause data loss, and sometimes even total damage to their equipment.

In this sense, in our desire to be proactive and spread the greatest amount of information on the subject, we have decided to make this content available to you, in the certainty that it will shed light on the full understanding of something so delicate.

What is a computer virus and what are the risks of having one on our computer?


We are talking about software developed in order to negatively affect the normal functioning of the operating system of any computing device. Sometimes it can come as a piece of code that is hosted in some file, designed with the same malicious purpose as a complete program of the same malware.

As you well know, there are different types and classes of malware, but when we talk about computer viruses we must make it clear that The term is closely related to its ability to self-replicatethus gaining the ability to spread from one computer to another like any virus would in humans.

One of these malicious programs can reach your device in different ways, such as email, audio or video files, photos and any other attachments that we share on social networks, insert infected USBs. It can remain dormant until some circumstance causes the program to activate, infecting everything connected to the same computer network.

Although sometimes computer viruses do not go beyond causing some inconvenience, which makes them somewhat harmless, other times have catastrophic effects and devastating for the victims’ teams. Among these last risks we can mention the following:

  • Theft of passwords and other data
  • Redirect spam to your email contacts
  • Provoke keystrokes
  • Significantly lower computer performance
  • Partially or totally damage one or more files
  • Take control of your team

These are all things that can happen to your device once you install an infected program on it, which often happens without you even realizing it. Once that happens, the malicious software it stays in the RAM memory regardless of the fact that you have not done the complete download.

List of major known viruses in modern computing