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Types of groups on LinkedIn What are they and how are they different?

This platform has become the number one user around the world at the time of Search for job or professional offers for your companies. This is because it has a wide variety of tools and functions that favor users in various aspects, especially in the workplace.

This is how this platform has different types of professional groups that will help you get very versatile tools at the time of wanting to be specifically connected to a topic of your interest. And it is that these groups are created specifically so that the user can Contact other professionals in the same area, either to answer questions, resolve problems or increase knowledge about a specific sector.

Therefore, each of these groups is created specifically in relation to a topic or a professional sector, with the aim that all those Members interested in this topic can access it. According to the importance of this tool, here we are going to show which groups are available on LinkedIn and how you can create one of them.

What are the types of groups that exist on LinkedIn and how are they different?

LinkedIn groups have become a tool that allows Professionals interested in the same sector can meet in one place to share their experiences, opinions, offer orientation plans and, above all, to establish successful professional relationships. This means that all this has been created with the intention that the people of the social network can belong to a kind of forum where only their interests are discussed and discussed.

All of this has become an easier and faster way for each of platform members can find your interests much faster. In addition, it has become the best option for each of the professionals can get to establish any type of professional relationship through the platform.

Currently you can create two types of groups which we will show you below:

Posted groups

Are those public groups that will constantly appear in the search results you perform on LinkedIn. In the event that you are already part of some of these public groups another member of your profile They will know that you are there. In addition, you will be provided with groups that are related to your professional interest.

Unpublished groups

Everything happens here the opposite of the previous case, that is to say that in this case these types of groups do not appear in search results of users who are not part of it, so they will not be visible to the other profiles. The the only way to access them is to receive an invitation to the same, either because The administrator has sent you the invitation through a direct link or some of the group members pass you the invitation link.

This is done with the aim of having private groups where the administrator is in charge of authorizing which users can be part of it or not. It is used mostly when you want to have a group in which you only want them to be part certain types of people, whatever they are only men or women, who are only Spanish residents, among other alternatives.

When to create a published or private group on LinkedIn?

When to create a published or private group on LinkedIn?

You should bear in mind that these groups can create any user of the social network, here something very similar happens to what they are Facebook groups, but in this case professionally oriented. Therefore, these groups should be created especially when you want to form a group of people interested in the same topic either to share knowledge and experience among all and thus learn much more about the subject.

Many professionals often create these groups also to search for certain people who have sufficient knowledge about a specific topic, so they use these tools to evaluate the behavior and responses of each of their members. Also, the administrator can grant certain charges to some users within the group in order for them to help manage it.

There are also many groups in their mostly private which are used to carry out certain administrative tasks about a business, where each of the members of the same carries out a fundamental charge in it. In this way, these elements of LinkedIn allow most professionals to get a easier when you want to establish any type of employment relationship, even for look for job offers or hire optimal personnel for your company.

Learn step by step how to create any LinkedIn group

Learn step by step how to create any LinkedIn group

Keeping in mind the importance of all these groups, it is essential that you have the necessary knowledge so you can create them when you need them. Please note that these Groups are created to help answer questions to others through the knowledge of each of its members. Therefore, this type of tool is created for both the professional atmosphere as for mutual collaboration between each of the members.

Therefore, here we show you the main steps you must take to create published and unpublished groups in your LinkedIn account, for this follow each of these steps:

From a computer

In order to create a new group from your computer it will be necessary to follow each of the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • The first thing will be to access to the main page of "LinkedIn Groups" .
  • Now you must select the option of "Create a new group" that option is located on the right side of the page.
  • The next will be complete each of the information boxes that they request there.
  • In the tab of "Sector" you must add up to a total of three sectors to which your group will be related.
  • Now in "Location" You must specify the location of it, for this you can help yourself with the drop-down menu that appears there.
  • In the "Visibility of the group" you can select "Published" or "Not published". In case you select "Published" your group will be public and any member of the social network can access it. Whereas if you choose the option of "Not published" then it will be private and not will be visible in the search of other users.
  • As to the permits, you must select the option of "Allow members to invite their contacts" if you want your team members to invite others.
  • And finally, you must click on the option "Create" in this way you will immediately create your new group.

From the phone

In the case that you use the mobile device to make use of this social network then you will want to know what are the steps to follow from your mobile app. It is important to mention that the steps for the Android and iOS operating system are very similar.

To do this, follow each of these steps:

  • Accede to the mobile app on your terminal and there click on your profile picture.
  • Now in the options menu that appears you must scroll to the section of "Groups" and then select "See all groups".
  • In the upper right corner of your screen you will find the option to "Create" which you will have to select.
  • The next thing will be to start select information what do you need.
  • Now in the option of "Sector" You can add up to three sectors to which the group you are creating will be related to.
  • In the option of "Location" You must select the location of the same, for this you can lean on the drop-down menu that appears there.
  • You should also select group visibility, whether you want it "Public" or "Private", in the case of wanting it to be "Public" you must choose the option of "Published" and if you want it "Private" then click on "Not published".
  • Choose the corresponding permissions, in this case select "Allow members to invite their contacts" this will allow each of the participants to add new people.
  • And finally, click on "Create" so that your group is created correctly.