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Virtual Memory What is it, what is it for and how does it work?

Surely on many occasions you have heard about virtual memory but you really don't know what this element is and what is its main function. Considering that this is a computer element very important that allows managing different operating systems.

Accordingly, knowing this tool is very important, since it can be both controlled or modified by the user. Also, it is important to mention that this It is not something typical of the Windows operating systemit is also used by others operating systems as they are Mac and Linux.

Therefore, if you want to know a little more about this tool and thus know its main operation in SO, you must follow in detail everything that we will explain in the post.

What is virtual memory and what is this piece of software for?

When you talk about virtual memory on computing devices it simply refers to what is the use of the RAM of a computer with the combination of the hard disk. This means that when the team has a low or small RAM memory, So, the virtual memory act moving the existing data from the RAM memory to a space that is known as “Paging file”.

All this is done in order that it can create extra space in RAM, something like increase its size so you can do each of the tasks you are doing more easily. Considering that if it gets crowded its performance may start to be very low, which will bring inconveniences when using the equipment.

This means that virtual memory is used for sperfectly mimic what is a larger RAM, thus allowing it to collect a greater amount of data without being affected. As there is a Larger RAM on a device will make it have Greater ability to run applications with full data.

However, it is important to mention that despite perfectly simulate what is a RAM, the virtual memoryHe doesn't usually be as secure as ram, since this can present some bugs in execution. But without a doubt, it will help you prevent your computer from working slowly and creating difficulties to run some applications or programs on the system. Please note that while the smaller the RAM the greater the problems on the device.

How Virtual Memory Works How much and how does this memory run?

As previously mentioned in the post, a virtual memory (MV) on a computer it will simply help that its operation is betterespecially if you have a reduced RAM (MR). This means that when a computer has an MV the addresses of the programs that are generated by the cpu can refer to a space greater than physical space really available in main memory.

This means that in this type of equipment it is necessary to differentiate what the virtual addresses generated by the CPU and the space of the existing real addresses in the MR, as well as the determined number of address bus lines.

This whole process consists of divide the program into several pieces, to what is known as Overlays, where overlay 0 It is the one that was executed first and when it finished it called next coating for this it run. However, some of the coating systems were very complex, so that several coatings accumulated simultaneously on the MR.

The MV generates that all these coatings that were kept in the disk and in the system will be exchanged between the disk and the memory as needed, thus avoiding the existence of a congestion that delays tasks. Thus, the MV combines the team's MR with temporary space on the hard drive.

All this it is activated when the MR already has little space available and the MV moves all the data to a space called “Paging file”, allowing free up RAM space so that it can work optimally and thus complete all its tasks.

In which devices can we find virtual memory or similar?

Without a doubt the use of MV It is something that has been improving the functionality of modern devices, especially for its operation. As already mentioned, virtual memory is responsible for expanding the capacity of RAM avoiding this suffer delays or inconveniences when carrying out their tasks.

All this speed is improved using an SSD. Therefore at improve data access speed, allows teams that have problems with the memory can cope satisfactorily the various locks constants that appear along the way.

Virtual memory or similar memories this can be found in computers and that are used by different operating systems as they are Windows, Mac and Linux. In this way it allows computers to run different programs simultaneously regardless of size nor be affected in its operation.

Virtual memory and Cache memory What are the differences between one and the other?

Virtual memory and Cache memory What are the differences between one and the other?

Finally, it is important clarify what are the differences between what is a virtual memory and a cache memory. Taking into account that many users tend to confuse them thinking that both work the same way when this is not the case.

In the case of the MV is nothing more than a kind of complement to the main memory of the computer, which allows you hide information from the actual physical memory of the system thus allowing you to expand your available space to store data and programs. This means that the data contained in RAM are passed in a disk and when they are required they are returned to the principal memory.

In the case of the MV generates addresses in three ways, one of they are charging instruction, one of storage instruction or looking for an instruction. In addition, its main benefit is that it is able to use lto main memory in the best way, thus taking advantage of every available space in it.

While cache memory, is a Smaller, very high-speed memory. In her It stores data and addresses from main memory that are used multiple times. All of this data may be available as a reserved part of main memory or as a external storage device.

In addition, access to cache memory It is very fast, especially when compared to the access of the MR. This is used when the processor needs read or write an address of the MR, verifying if said address is already in cache memory. For this, the system compares the address with all cached labels. If said address is in cache memory it is known as success and on the contrary like lack of cache.

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