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Virtual number: What is it and how can I get a free one for my mobile phone?

Virtual number: What is it and how can I get a free one for my mobile phone?

Surely, at some point in your life, you have tried to find the cheapest way to talk any time with whomever you want, whether your family or friends and even with your colleagues and / or partners residing in the Foreign. But, this has not been easy for you .

However, today, technology allows to obtain various advantages and among them, is the fact of obtaining a virtual number .

Which, are usual phone numbers, but only work through the Internet. Next, learn more about it and the steps to take to make use of one.

What is a virtual number and how does this technology work?

Basically, virtual numbers are normal telephone numbers that contain 9 digits and the corresponding provincial prefix, but differ from the rest by operating only over the Internet , that is, they are not connected to no physical cable or a directly associated telephone line. Which are also known as “access number” .

In this sense, it is a technology that allows you to obtain a number from any country, without even residing in it. So, you can use it as if it were a local number. So, it reveals a great utility to communicate easily with anyone from abroad just as if it were a local call.

Qué es un número virtual y cómo funciona esta tecnología

Now, to understand this technology more, it is important to know how it works . Which, can be exemplified as follows: It assumes that you have a company in Barcelona-Spain and from it, you market products to different cities such as Paris, for example. Therefore, you need to have a local number in that city to be able to serve customers who place orders from there.

For this, in a traditional way, you should have a work group that is responsible for offering customer service in that city and in all others to which you send products, so that calls made by consumers don’t cost them a lot .

Which could be a point against your company . However, when obtaining a virtual number the same will allow you to configure it to receive the call directly in Barcelona and simultaneously, guarantee the same cost to the customer with respect to a local call.

In short, virtual numbers work to receive “local” calls in any city in the world , without even having to move from where you live.


Why do I need to have a virtual phone number? Benefits

¿Por qué necesito tener un número telefónico virtual? Beneficios

Among other aspects, you will surely wonder what are all the advantages guaranteed by having a virtual telephone number. So, you can know for sure because you require such a number and so you can use it .

Then, then, the benefits of most interest in this regard:

  • At the level of individuals, those who hire a virtual number can save a lot of money , since they will only have to pay a fixed monthly fee, unlike the usual telephone lines . Taking into account that, even canceling the same price they would do for a local call.
  • Around companies and businesses, they can take advantage of the access numbers. Thanks to the fact that, even if they have their company located in Spain, they can count on a telephone number native to London or New York , for example; without paying for a landline.
  • In terms of marketing, this type of number is extremely useful for measuring marketing campaigns . Given that, by obtaining several virtual numbers and placing each of them in a different medium when announced, they can measure their effectiveness and know which of these means is the one that shows the most success.
  • Taking into account Since there are many users with the need to own two telephone numbers , virtual numbers have also been designed to solve this. So, they allow for greater security and even maintain anonymity in certain situations.
  • Another of its best advantages is that does not limit the number of calls to be made by users do not have a specific time restriction either.
  • Other benefits : They offer high quality communication, are flexible with regard to call forwarding and can keep track of calls made.

Steps to get a completely free virtual number for your mobile

After knowing the excellent advantages of using a virtual telephone number, you will surely want to use one of them. Therefore, it is necessary to know the main methods that exist for acquiring such a number and without paying anything at all.

In order to use it directly from your smartphone:

From WhatsApp

The most famous trick when obtaining a virtual number for free, without a doubt, is through WhatsApp Messenger . In principle, because it is the most qualified instant messaging app worldwide to maintain direct contact with whoever you want.

But, in order to use this trick, it will be necessary to meet some requirements that are:

  • Have an active and efficient Internet connection.
  • Have a device that operates under Android ( version 4.4 KitKat or higher ), in order to install the virtual number provider apps from Google Play Store. Taking into account that, none of them are related to WhatsApp nor are they owned by it.

On the other hand, there are several applications to execute this method on your mobile or tablet. But then we will announce two of the best alternatives there are , so that you can select the one that best suits you:

Telos Free Mobile Number

Telos Free Mobile Number

It stands out as an application that allows its users to save, notably, on calls and text messages internationally. In view of that, it allows you to add two, three and up to four virtual numbers on your phone and tablet via WhatsApp . This, at no cost and without the prior requirement to change SIM or phone company cards.

Among other features, provides international phone numbers for many countries , among which are: United States, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, etc. In addition to this, it is ideal for traveling abroad and receiving calls and text messages regardless of location. It should also be noted that the people you call, do not need to have this app installed .

2nd Line – Second Phone Number

2nd Line – Second Phone Number

This is a virtual phone numbers app that works very well in several countries (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.) and allows you to use it for personal use or even professionally. One of its greatest advantages lies in its great simplicity of use because you simply have to download and install the app, to select your own phone number and that’s it.

For its part, it also allows you to receive voice calls, has support to send messages with images, supports emojis and stickers, has caller ID , with it you can add your own signature in each text, assign specific ringtones to whoever you want, etc.

Using Google Voice

Empleando Google Voice

This Google service offers you the possibility to obtain a new phone number or choose it. This, just having a Google account active and from there, gives you excellent options to manage calls made to that virtual number.

It should be noted that, calls can redirect them to other lines , in case you prefer not to ring your mobile device. Either the landline of your home, the office or any other. Highlighting other uses of Google Voice, the service allows you to send and receive text messages as well, as well as play voicemail messages and enable “do not disturb” mode.

Luckily, this is a completely free application that you can use whenever and wherever you prefer. However, sometimes the application may be a bit inefficient and some aspects of the web interface are completely confusing.

Using Burner on Android or iPhone Usando Burner en Android o iPhone

It is an application that is available for both mobile operating systems and uses real numbers and not VoIP to allow its users to easily obtain a mobile virtual number. Taking into account that, at the same time, it helps you keep your real number more secure.

For its part, the application has a series of functions that allow it to be classified as one of the most complete in this environment, both for personal and professional use. Among these functions, it is valuable to highlight that Burner allows you to call, send text messages and manage your contacts directly from the application, it is compatible with Dropbox, SoundCloud, Slack, Evernote , etc.

In short, it is an ideal mechanism to maintain contact with whoever you want regardless of where you are and at the same time, protect your personal information by avoiding providing your private telephone number. It is an app that offers a free trial for a certain period of time .

List of the best websites to get a free virtual phone number or paid

On the other hand, there are also several websites from which you can acquire a virtual telephone number very easily. Here is a brief list with some of the best alternatives available today :

It is a payment solution that handles different rates and is based on a website that offers virtual numbers, especially to those users who are not used to not limit themselves while talking on the phone or to establish a business without a territorial framework. Thanks to the fact that, regardless of your location, you can connect a phone number wherever you want .

Thus, it is valuable to note that Zadarma’s virtual numbers are multichannel and thanks to that, your business customers will be able to call and not miss a single call. Also, is convenient and easy to reserve , it supports immediate activation, it has apps for the main OS and for companies it facilitates virtual switchboard integrated with the CRM system that will allow you to track all calls.

From around 2.27 euros , this website allows you to answer phone calls from anywhere worldwide. Because of this, there are many users who choose to use this online option to acquire a virtual number and, likewise, they already have more than a million companies that use their services >.

In this sense, the website was implemented in order to allow entrepreneurs, to empower themselves in the most remote corners of the world , since they can eliminate distances from this telephone service and make significant progress by obtaining more clients with greater loyalty. It is valuable to note that it is a very secure website and offers a free trial from Android or iPhone .

It is a somewhat different web page, since it is based on a free service from which you can receive SMS text messages and voicemail online very easily, since You don’t even need to register . So, once you access the website, what you will have to do is choose your phone number from the list that they offer you and that’s it.

As you will see, the website provides a long list of virtual telephone numbers from a large number of countries, so that they can communicate with you as if it were a written or local voice message so that the other people located in those countries do not have more spending on it.

Among its best benefits, we note that offers remarkable speed to access and receive messages in real time and additionally, exhibits great reliability when sending verification codes or activation once you join any of the numbers available there.

Finally, we announce this alternative that allows you to choose between several numbers to receive and verify any text message and also listen to voice recordings that emit you through your virtual number in different countries. Thus, a service that has been designed as a solution for those users who do not want to reveal their real telephone number and / or receive spam.

Added to this, it is a free website that protects you in real time . Since, in case the chosen telephone number of any country receives many SMS or blacklists, it is responsible for automatically deleting us and then, the number in use will be archived simply. So, for more security, replaces the virtual numbers available with total frequency (until every day).

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