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VOD: What is Video On Demand, what are its advantages and the best service providers?

VOD: What is Video On Demand

The VOD is one of the most widely accepted computer tools today . The level of choice towards these videos grows day by day. It is estimated that more than 60% of households in Spain own this system.

Users turn to this system to view content because it offers a wide range of amenities when choosing a particular program, being able to opt for the most comfortable time for the viewer, among other advantages.

If what you want is to inform yourself about this fabulous tool that technology provides through the Internet, do not miss the article that we present to you to enjoy with your friends anywhere and through any method of streaming, by computer, TV or just your smartphone.

What is a Video On Demand (VOD) service and for what does it work?

Video on demand or VOD (“ Video On Demand ” in English) belongs to a set of so-called “on demand” services.

It consists of a television system that allows all viewers to access content in multimedia format in a personalized, efficient and really comfortable way.

That is, with this system each viewer can choose the moment they want their program to start, stop watching and resume it whenever they want in the same part of the movie or other content where they left it.

In order to obtain this system it is necessary to have preferably high-quality Internet access and receive that signal on a specific device . If your wish is to see a live program, the system foresees that you can do it too, that is, there are no limitations for all the audiovision alternatives that exist.

Spanish viewers mainly choose to watch Vs movies , secondly, they follow the original series of service providers and in third place the programs they are looking for entertain the viewer with football matches, live television, news and others .

In Spain the VOD system is offered by different companies which we will analyze later.

What are the main VOD monetization models that exist?

There are different types to monetize video on demand services. Next, we detail you according to the study that we carry out in the market of the suppliers of these systems the most relevant:


AVOD is “ Advertising Video on Demand “, with this system users can watch videos for free, but they have advertisements inserted which can be removed after a few seconds. In many videos users have to see the full advertising, there is no option to remove.

Generally, the insertion of advertising is at the beginning of the video, but it can also be found in the course of it. The advertising time will depend on the choice the advertiser has had and whether or not it can be taken away from it.

The clearest example of this system is the YouTube platform, on which you can watch the video, but when it starts, the start of advertising usually occurs. Currently this streaming platform inserted two ads at the beginning of the desired playback.


When we talk about this system, its acronym corresponds to « Subscription Video on Demand » which means that the viewer or user has the possibility to watch programs or videos through a subscription, usually the membership It is done monthly.

This has the advantage that the viewer can access your content at the time you want it , since your account is personal and no other user can modify it so they can watch other programs.

There is the possibility that each membership will be granted two or more users, that is, with this, you can have in a single account different people with different tastes thus generating an important and very comfortable advantage when it comes to entertainment. Some systems allow you to download videos for free. An example of this system is Netflix .


The system « Transactional Video on Demand » or TVOD is very similar to the previous case, but it has the characteristic that the user can only choose a program for a certain time and pay for it.

This way of watching television is generally aimed at sports shows such as fights or football matches in which there is a large audience for them.


Why is a high demand audio visual service than TV? conventional? Advantages

With what we are developing, we are in a position to decide whether or not to see a VDO system. Of the advantages of audiovisual systems we can name the following:


From the point of view of the company providing audiovisual services, there is the possibility of charging directly for the services provided, this generates, although a user expense, a level of demand for the products offered.

That is, when paying for a VDO system the user has every right to demand that his company provide the best videos , best schedules and the latest trends in shows with high quality and without variations or technical alterations.

Wide and varied offer

When obtaining the very profitable streaming providers, in recent years they decided to invest enough money to be able to provide excellent services to their customers.

This has a great advantage for us since we can choose from a wide competition, compare their prices, the quality offered by their images and videos and above all the cost of acquiring some of these products.

Custom delivery

Other of the great advantages that we can mention is the personalized delivery to each of the users. That is, each one will have the streaming program they want, being able to choose between adult programs and children’s programs.

The algorithm that develops these platforms is indicating what could be the programs or movies that you would like to see .


As the main feature of these video on demand platforms . The retransmission or pause of the transmission is an advantage that does not have a normal or traditional television. With these systems we can see again and again the programs we have chosen, also leaving paused to resume it at any time .


VDO currently offers the best and trendiest programs in the entertainment or information experience. A clear example of this is the Spanish series of Netflix that speaks all over the world and in which it obtained millions and millions of viewers which is La Casa de Papel .


We can choose between different types of devices to transmit the programs in VDO . We gain comfort by sitting in the comfort of our home or seeing through our smart device when we travel on a train or some other public transport.

All programs are updated between devices to devices , achieving a comfort option and not wasting time searching for where the video was.

Plurality of users

As we have previously mentioned, this type of image emission offers to have different users for the same membership , managing to have different people (with their different tastes) updated with their preferences avoiding the loss of time to know what the program they were watching previously.

Ventajas de este tipo de tecnología

List of the best video on demand services on the internet that you can hire

Diferentes proveedores de VDO

Among the best services or companies that provide this audio-visual system that offer its technological services for the different electronic devices and decoders installed in our home.

We can name the following according to the experiences of the users that we could collect:

Movistar +


This Spanish capital company sends your data through fiber optic technology or DSL in your telephone lines. It has its own service called « Yomvi » which is a video service that belongs to the Telefónica group and provides its services through iPlus decoders.

You can find their programs, movies, series, children’s programs, sports and even adult movies. They can be added to “favorites” or removed from them for convenience.

Ono – Vodafone Group

Ono provides a video rental service through its decoder « TiVo «, which allows to obtain better performance in a broadband and fiber optic. It is mainly aimed at movie rental. It has different plans which provide greater access to some exclusive channels . Some versions indicate that they will continue to expand their multimedia services, in addition to their cable video.



This operator offers videos on demand in its television offer of its programming “ OSOA FAMILY “, which includes not only fiber optics but also fixed telephony. It is a highly sought after company that does not have many complaints from its users.



Provides “ on demand ” services with a truly amazing customer service system. It offers its services through an excellent high-tech equipment, which includes fiber optic and landline with free calls. Its decoder is called “ new tedi ”.

Orange TV

Orange TV

We can’t stop talking about this giant of audio-visual services. The company provides exclusive and very high quality services for its customers, it has a very sought and chosen offer among users of technologies of this type. The offer of high-quality optical fiber and up to 100 Mb plus a fixed telephone service are one of the most recognized services in the audiovisual market.



A platform that is a true legend of the world of internet television. If what you are looking for is content on demand this is the best application where you can find it. Many say it went viral because it was private, but it would not be fair to deny that it is also the best .

Not only has the broadest catalog, but also the best content, with original series and movies created by its producer , and an excellent team that works to offer us the best of the best of audiovisual world.


HBO España

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