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VoWiFi: What is it, what is it for and how does this technology work?

VoWiFi: What is it

Communicating by mobile phone in a traditional way has become a headache today. Telecommunications antennas are increasingly saturated, the plans offered by telephone providers are increasingly expensive and their services leave to be desired.

Have you ever thought that if we connected to a WiFi network, we could solve all these problems? Since some time ago this is possible, we can make calls through WiFi and it is not necessary install any additional application on either phone, receiver or transmitter.

In this article we will show you what steps you should follow to call VoWiFi and all the other points that characterize this new technology.

What is Voice over WiFi and what is this technology for? of telecommunications?

Voice over WiFi is a technology by which we can make calls from one phone to another through the WiFi network.

The main features of this system is that it is not necessary to apply an application beforehand so that telecommunication can be done between both phones , and as a second important feature we highlight that it is completely free because Internet is used via WiFi by dialing a phone number.

It is necessary to clarify that not all telephony providers offer this service and also not all phones have the option to enable VoWiFi calls enabled at the factory , for those who do not have this option available VoIP calls we will have to install an additional free application.

VoWiFi vs VoIP Are they the same technology? Main differences

Some people confuse VoWiFi with VoIP, but they have nothing to do with these two technologies. VoWiFi is a function already included in the mobile through your operator. VoIP is an external service or tool that you must configure or install using an app.

To use VoWiFi our mobile device requires a program granted by the service provider and a subscription to it in which the SIM card must be included as it must match the calls via VoWiFi.

While VoIP is a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology, which uses IP data services. In order to establish a call via VoIP it is not necessary to have a SIM card, but if an IP connection, which can use mobile data or WiFi, these calls do not depend on the service operator.

Another difference lies in the way they use the Internet network. For VoIP you don’t need any specific type of Internet, since you can use cellular data or a broadband connection. while for VoWiFi it states precisely that a WiFi connection must be used yes or yes.

What are the main advantages of using WiFi Calling?

There are many advantages when using WiFi Calling, we can list some of them:

Cost reduction

When using a WiFi network, the cost that we will have is practically minimal or zero because our voice is going to be emitted through the mentioned network . We will not use data, we will simply have to activate this service with our telephone operator.

Also if you need to make national and international calls, it will depend on where you place for the phone company to consider it a local call, with this the roaming costs will be very low .


Greater coverage

If there is no signal in the place where we are, for example, in a basement, but there is a WiFi network available we can quietly make the call .

There is a greater coverage of WiFi than 3G / 4G networks in the country, in this way we solve the problem when we are in areas where telephone companies are not very interested in having good coverage.

Decongests the transmitting antennas

Another advantage is that it decongests the use of conventional telephone networks , the antennas will not be saturated when we decompress the use of traditional calls. This is a benefit both for us, who use WiFi, and for people who need to communicate in the traditional way since their communications will have fewer interruptions.

Without previous applications

When you only need a WiFi network, your phone does not need to have an application in place. The alternative to use WiFi is already incorporated since its manufacture , and if not, we should simply update our operating system so that it can be incorporated into this technology.

This results in a little more protection of our security , since when installing third-party applications spy files are usually installed where they can find out about our privacy.

List of operators that allow you to make WiFi calls in Spain

Here is a list of the operators that have the WiFi calling service for our country:

  • Orange : Offers a service to make voice calls with any WiFi access in HD voice quality. At the moment the coverage is only in Spain.
  • Movistar : For a cost of € 10.89 per month plus the cost of the call service according to the tariff schedule, the company It offers coverage throughout the national territory.
  • Amena : If you have a smartphone compatible with this technology you will not have any additional cost, the calls are unlimited and will be charged at a normal rate.

Lista de los operadores que permiten realizar llamadas por WiFi en España

How to activate VoWiFi on your Android mobile and iPhone to call free?

Once we know that our telephone service operator provides VoWiFi service and our phone is compatible with this technology, it only remains to activate the configuration of our mobile.

First of all, we recommend having the chip inserted at the time of service activation and having activated the LTE or 4G network , once the activation is finished you can disconnect mobile data.

For this we will detail step by step the actions you have to do:


When we want to activate the option of calls by WiFi a device with Android operating system we will have to do the following steps :

  • We go to accounPhone Telephone
  • Press permittedMore instead
  • We choose the option «Settings»
  • We click on trustedCalls where
  • Select “Calls with WiFi” li >

If this option does not appear, it implies that the mobile phone operator does not provide this service.

Once you have done all these steps you will have an icon at the top of your screen in which it will indicate that you have VoWiFi enabled.


iPhone. Cómo activar el VoWiFi en tu móvil Android e iPhone para llamar gratis

To activate Wi Fi forest calls perform these steps:

  • We go to differentAdjustments
  • We choose permittedTelephone
  • We click on «WiFi calls»
  • At this time we are asked to confirm our address for emergency services when the service is available

When the “WiFi calls” option is available an icon will appear in the status bar behind the name of the telephone service provider.

What alternatives to Wi-Fi Calling to call for free exist? span>

If the telephone service provider does not offer the possibility of being able to make calls over WiFi we have another alternative, to resort to the installation of third-party applications.

Next, we name the most used applications in which you will not have any problem when communicating. They are:


WhatsApp. Alternativas al WiFi Calling para llamar gratis existen

It’s instant messaging par excellence , connect application we can call our contacts listed in the phonebook. We only need a good Internet connection, either by 3G, 4G or WiFi networks.

This application offers not only a voice call, but you can also make a video call, which will depend a lot on the quality of Internet connection. It is one of the most used apps in the world when communicating by voice.


With this application you can establish calls with your contacts for free . The procedure to call is very simple intuitive, you will need to have a good Internet connection for which the voice quality is as clear as possible.


Facebook has the option to provide free calls to all its customers in the social network and is available for phones with Android and iOS operating systems .

To be able to establish a communication you must be «friend» of the account you want to call, as long as it has activated this level of privacy.


This innovative application allows you to call and send messages without limits, is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry among other operating systems .

Allows you to also set up free video calls. The download is free and has good comments from its users.


With this Google tool we can make calls for free , phones with international and national numbers. We simply have to be a Google customer, and the procedure to call is very simple we download the application «Hangouts Dialer» available in Google Play Store.


It is one of the pioneering applications in the voice call over WiFi. It not only allows us to call with our mobile device but we can also do it with our computer once we install the application . The systems are intuitive and the calls are free and also allow you to call landlines or mobile numbers with a previous charge of money.