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What and how many versions of Microsoft Office are there to date? 2022 list

What and how many versions of Microsoft Office are there to date? 2020 list

Microsoft Office is a program that helps you perform various types of activities, and with it you can share files, edit and even create content. In case you need to make different types of documents, try this fantastic option.

Well, since it was created, it has provided different types of updates, providing various services to users; That is why every day has new features and functions so that whoever executes it meets its objectives.

There are many versions that you can find available through Windows and Mac operating systems. That is why here we will indicate some of them and what are their essential functions to customize your work in the way you need.

What is Microsoft Office and what are its office tools?

This is a computer program that has essentially been designed for office work. It was created by Microsoft Corp. As this is a conglomerate of functions and applications with which users perform office tasks , which means that they execute it in a simple and automated way to perform their work office.

The first version of this useful program was created in the year 1989 , containing two fundamental applications: on the one hand one that had Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, and on the other hand one that It was integrated by Schedule Plus and Microsoft Access.

Now, Word is a widely used system that is integrated into Microsoft Office. This is a program through which you can make texts, as well as correct them and use different types of sources in the scriptures.

It is necessary to indicate that this program has license , that is why to fully enjoy its services, it is recommended that it be purchased and that pirate versions are not used.

Microsoft Office is an essential support for companies because it provides different types of options and various applications and packages. Its essential office tools are for personal creation, writing texts, making spreadsheets, creating databases, graphing and managing emails .

What are all the programs in the Microsoft Office package?

Within the different versions of the programs that Microsoft Office has you can find:


Es un sistema que se utiliza esencialmente para redactar cualquier tipo de texto ya que permite crearlos, así como generar cualquier tipo de gráfico, formatos, imágenes o utilizar diversos instrumentos que necesites para realizar un documento u otra actividad.



It is a program with which numerical activities can be performed. It is usually known as a spreadsheet that was designed in the 60s with the intention of speeding up accounting work.

Likewise, it serves to save numbers, perform statistics and do different types of mathematical calculations.



It has been created with the intention of creating and creating slides , with which videos, images, texts or animations can be made. This with the intention that people personalize their work.

In addition, with it you can incorporate information to other types of programs, such as Word or Excel.



Serves to manage emails . This means that with this program you can perform several tasks both sending and receiving emails.

Provides the option of having an address book and a calendar for people who use it to schedule their activities or their work, since it sends reminders automatically.



With it you can create databases to process very large information that cannot be managed with a document made in Excel. In addition, it offers the option of having visual instruments , with which it is possible to create, investigate, display and process data, eliminate unnecessary things and properly organize the tables.



It was created with the purpose of create notes and collect information, notes, lists, images, articles, and much more. With this program, users can design blocks and share them so that people have adequate access to information and thus modify it. Also with him texts are reorganized.



With this program you get the creation of materials and documents, such as envelopes, boards, drawings, inventories, publications, booklets, yearbooks, among others.

In addition, it provides other options with which activities are edited or use different types of templates to make formats . As well as make own graphics or texts.

Chronology of all versions of Microsoft Office Which will be created until the Microsoft Office versions your future?

Motivated to how important this package is for different activities, here is a brief chronology of this excellent tool since it was created until today:

Microsoft Office for Windows 1.0

It is a package that contains 3 applications : Microsoft Word for Windows 1.1, Microsoft Excel for Windows 2.0, and Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 2.0

Microsoft Office for Windows 1.5

The Microsoft Excel 3.0 version was created here, with which was updated Microsoft Office for Windows.

Microsoft Office for Windows 1.6

It was designed together with the previous applications where Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 2.1 were located.

Microsoft Office for Windows 3.0

It was designed in 1992, where it was composed of Word 2.0, Excel 4.0, PowerPoint 3.0 and mail 3.0. This being a collection of applications was released on CD-ROM.

Microsoft Office 4.0

It included Word 6.0, Excel 5.0, PowerPoint 4.0, Mail, and Access. Its foundation was to use the same version of Word.

The intention of applying this version was to compete with Word Perfect, since Microsoft Office 4.3 was extended in its version of 16 bits , being the last version with which Windows 3.x was compatible .

Microsoft Office 95

The coding of this version was transformed with the intention of making it similar to Windows 95. It was also created in 2 versions where it they found Office 95 Standard and Office 95 Professional.

Microsoft Office 97 (Office 8.0)

It was a notable modification because it contained many features and updates, where included command bars, spell check and help assistant .

Microsoft Office 2000 (Office 9.0)

Incorporated a setting menu , where programs that were not widely used by users were hidden.

It also incorporated new features of protection , because it automatically established macros with signatures of its designers to provide confidence. This was the last version that had Windows 95 support.

Microsoft Office XP (Office 10.0 or 2002)

It was added to the market together with Windows XP, this being one of the most important updates, because it provided the option to use Outlook applications and start with the form of failsafe .

Its form of protection allowed any type of damage to the system to be found.
Also, it incorporated a voice command and powers for text writing and handwriting recognition. It was the latest version compatible with Windows 98, ME and NT 4.0, but the first version that activated anti-plagiarism precautions.

Microsoft Office 2003 (Office 11.0)

Implemented a new design, and two new systems: Microsoft InfoPath and OneNote. It was the first time that you could use icons equal to the Xp design. Updated several applications and its version was compatible with Windows 2000.

Microsoft Office 2007 (Office 12.0)

Provides new options in its interface, because toolbars and menus are replaced .

Microsoft Office 2010 (Office 14.0)

It has a new logo and was launched with a number more than the previous one. The Office button has been supplanted by Backstage with the intention of managing the files and making new documents.

Other modifications in this version is the possibility of being able to edit the documents of other users through other applications that are used online. In addition, you can capture photos in windows and place them in documents. Also in sparklines there are small graphics that show a variety of data.

Office 2016 finishes installing in the cloud and wants to conquer it

It was created in 2015, with the intention of bringing together the activities of the cloud , due to the Office 365 version, although its interface did not have a significant modification or transformation.

Microsoft Office 2019

Finally, in 2019 we can get a new update, which can be downloaded if the license has been purchased. Well, this new version today is one of the most used by users, due to its great news , however some activities from previous versions are still preserved.

This new version is currently available for Windows 10 and versions that are higher than Sierra in macOS , which is why if you don’t have them, don’t you can use it.

Office 2019 has many features of Microsoft Office 365, as it contains features that have been updated, such as: its image on the screen, has new animations for the PowerPoint program, incorporating modifications and zoom options .