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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social networks for professional use and companies?

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Social networks They have grown since their launch, so much so that today they have become one of the most important tools for any company or independent professional.

This is because they are platforms where you can interact with a large number of people in an easy, fast and free way, what will allow you to do advertisement about your business or enterprise and that these can be seen by many people.

However, not everything related to the use of social media is positive there are also some problems or disadvantages that this can generate. That is why here we present the advantages and disadvantages of this type of tool.

Main social networks used at the business level that have the best results in our business

Main social networks used at the business level that have the best results in our business

social media has become one of the main means of communication 21st Century World Level, Today there is no trend in the world that you do not pass by social networks. Due to all this, these applications have become one of the best tools for companies when they want to attract customers to their businessesin the same way allows you to create a community of followers that support its quality.

That is why we currently see that most of the world’s well-known brands play an extremely important role in social networks, where they promote their brand and their new releases daily. The same happens with independent workers, whether they are artists, singers, journalists, soccer players, who use media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to interact with their followers and at the same time and showing new things that help them increase their popularity and achieve greater fame.

These applications have become one of the most important tools in the XXI century, since they are the main channel of communication between companies and people, help increase brand recognition, create new brand opportunities, gives more credibilityimproves positioning and increases brand loyalty, all these factors have been causing more and more businesses to include this means of communication to use it as an advertising tool.

But, it is important to clarify that not all social networks launched on the market provide positive results when you want to use them as advertising medium for business. That is why here we present the main platforms most used in the world and the one that provides the best results when associated with any type of company.


Undoubtedly Facebook has become number one at the moment provide positive results to associated companies. So much so, that on this platform you can create your own Company profile where will you have advanced tools that will help you monitor your own business. However, you should study the market for your business and see if it is worth using this social network for it.

whatsapp messenger

This application of Messenger (instant messaging) has become especially Spain in one of the most used social networks when you want to make advertising either your brand or a product in general. In addition, it has become a communication channel for sell different productseither in different WhatsApp groups, friends or family.


Twitter It is one of social networks currently most used by large companies and public figures worldwide, This is due to its great communication capacity and that it also allows you to carry it out in a matter of seconds. It also gives you the possibility to publish content of all kinds and in large amounts of volume, and unlike other networks social allows you to create closer relationships with other users of the site.


This platform has become the currently fashionable social network, it is very difficult to find a person in the world who does not have one account on Instagram. In addition, it is one of the platforms with the most active young audience. Therefore, it has become an excellent tool to promote youth businesses through quality images and videos with which you can get a great rate of interactions. Although not the best network for position a business Surely it will help you make yourself known or make your brand known.


If you want to make yourself known through videos you can do it from YouTubea platform where you can upload a large number of videos daily either for promote your company or your own personal brand. Currently this social network has many YouTuber, who have begun to take full advantage of what this website has to offer.


Now if what we are looking for is a much more professional profile, then we can use Linkedin, a social network that has become the leader for companies that have a B2B business model. This does not mean that it does not work for other types of businesses, since it also has a means of communication where you can give know your brand or your image. However, if you have another type of project other than the models of B2B businesswe recommend using another social network.


Despite being one of the least used social networks, Google+ manage to get a high traffic and have great visibility, which is what any entrepreneur or company is looking for today. Therefore, it is not bad that you try to try on this platform and see how it goes for you.

*Update: According to the latest news from Google, the social network Google+ will no longer be active from the day April 2, 2019therefore it will not be possible to continue using, installing or creating new accounts in this social network, RIP: Google+.

Your Google+ page and other Google+ pages will no longer be available on April 2, 2019


A social network very similar to Instagram, though pinterest It is not very used currently, it still has a large number of active users. So if you know how to label each of your posts Surely you can get excellent results if what you want is to make yourself known.

What are the advantages of social networks for companies and professionals?

What are the advantages of social networks for companies and professionals?

The use of social networks It has become the main tool for independent professionals, as well as for small and large companies around the world. And it is that these sites are no longer only used in order to entertain themselves or spend a pleasant time on them, but quite the opposite, today there are many users who use these platforms to promote and sell some kind of product.

In this way, here we present the main advantages of using these social networks for your business:

Helps you improve your personal brand

Currently social networks have become the main medium where the famous resume To get a job. All of this has made the classic paper resume a thing of the past. It can be said that the most demanded areas are related to social media and digital marketing. All this has made the value of the personal brand on the Internet begin to take on great value.

Differentiate yourself from the brand

Another advantage that we can obtain with the use of social networks is that it allows you to differentiate yourself from other brands in a very simple and economical way. Therefore, you simply have to take care of creating a completely new and attractive design to start standing out before the competition. Keep in mind create designs in images, since people nowadays prefer to simply see an image than a video.

Advertise at no cost

Being able to count on accounts like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter It will allow you to advertise your business completely free. However, there are channels like Google Adwords, which has a fairly cheap cost and that will help you make your brand known.

Being able to attract potential customers

This has become the main tool of companies and professionalsas social networks have become an ideal place for attract customers. Thanks to these platforms you can increase leads (prospects or contacts) in a very economical way.

Increase sales

It is important to clarify that companies seek social networks mainly with one objective, this is to increase sales of your products or services through them. However, it is important to mention that this is not the case in most cases, it is generally estimated that companies only reach sell 14% of their products online. But, despite this, these platforms are an essential point for Increase face-to-face sales.

An ideal channel for the dissemination of your content

The main advantage offered by the different social networks is that it allows you to reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes or hours, which can make you get customers fast. In addition, your brand can begin to be seen by thousands of people, which will help you gain popularity in the market.

Instant messaging

With the arrival of instant chats it was possible to replace the letter sent in person or phone calls, which causes a delay in communication or an expense of money either in shipping or in the telephone service. Thanks to technological advances and these applications, today it is possible to implement this chat type where in just seconds you can communicate with the person you want in real time.

What are the dangers and disadvantages of using social networks for companies and professionals?

What are the dangers and disadvantages of using social networks for companies and professionals?

Using the service of social networks Not only does it ensure good results, but you also run risks when interacting through social networks with people you don’t know, taking into account that there can be so many buyers as fake sellers.

In addition, trying to sell through some of these platforms does not guarantee you any success, especially since it has become a very competitive market. That is why we present you here the main advantages to use these types of tools.

less personal contact

By surfing the net with people you lose what is the personal contact, this being a very important factor for some users, especially if they are very important jobs. In addition, by becoming a very comfortable and simple means of communication, social skills that characterize every human being.

the trolls

No one has said what to want selling or advertising online for your business or personal brand will be an easy task. Note that there are many trolls that the only thing they want is to entertain themselves with the efforts of others without caring if they harm people. Therefore, you should be aware of these types of people who can undoubtedly damage your reputation before others, either with fake comments or fake accounts.

Lack of knowledge in the regulations of social networks

Despite being a free and open application you must also be governed by a set of rules, which can often start to cause inconveniences, especially when you want to make some publications that can be a bit delicate. Please note that you are series of standards They vary depending on the application you are using, so it is essential to know what can be done and what not in each of them. social networks that you drive

They are a foreign place

Keep in mind that you cannot leave all the success of your brand in the hands of one or several social networks, especially since they are not yours. These are private business that at any moment they can go down and cease to exist, keep in mind that most of them usually work at a very high point around 5 to 10 years, and after that time they usually lose its popularity. Therefore, looking for alternatives outside of social networks is a very good option.

Weak privacy settings on social profiles

This is an inconvenience that occurs in most applications of this type, which becomes a disadvantage for social mediasince the configuration that these sites offer are not very good at all, It is not optimized or 100% protected. Therefore, before giving yourself to one of them, it is recommended that you read in detail Privacy Of the same.

The use of personal and private images within the platform

Note that none image is private on this type of site, when loading a photography or video You are sharing any social network with thousands of people, whether you know or not. Therefore, you must be careful with the type of content you upload, there are many young people using them.


This is one of the most sensitive issues in the virtual world, keep in mind that there are many people who are dedicated to carrying out illegal actions on this type of site, either identity fraud. So if you have a business site you can get to suffer some of these attacks at any time. Many people usually create fake profiles imitating other brands to sell and scam, being something that can destroy your business success in just seconds.

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