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What are the best 100% safe Internet browsers and search engines for children? 2022 list

The era of Information and Communication Technology, with all its scope, makes it necessary to take certain precautions to protect the youngest from certain risks present on the Internet. That is why we consider it important to let you know everything about the browsers and search engines for kids.

These tools are essential when it comes to protecting our children from inappropriate content, since while it is true that we must allow them some degree of autonomy to increase their confidence, it is also true that we must be vigilant and help them navigate safely.

So we invite you to take note of our suggestions of safe browsers and search engines for children, so that increase your cybersecurity and you can be more calm.

What are the characteristics that a browser and search engine for children should have?

Before choosing a browser and search engine that is safe for your children, make sure that it offers you the minimum content control characteristics to which the child can access.

To help you with the task, here are some aspects to take into account before making the choice:

Parental control

As you well know, this type of tool is of vital importance to keep control of everything that children and adolescents do while sailing and they search for content over the Internet with their computer or smart phone. Although in most cases we choose to purchase the software independently, there are some search engines and browsers for children that are equipped with a parental control drawer that would be saving you the expense.

Blocking adult content

This is a property common to all browsers and search engines for children, which in most cases is described as inappropriate content blocker, with the intention that the child and the pre-adolescent find pages according to their age.

However, you should not overlook that they are at an age when everything can arouse curiosity, which makes them often jump from place to place looking for new things and may arrive by accident to some page for adults. This makes it necessary for your choice to have a form to report inappropriate content, as well as periodically searching yourself to make sure these things don’t happen.

Screen control

This is another component of a good children’s browser, since among other things it allows you control the hours in which your child can be connected from the mobile or the computer, which will give you the peace of mind that the child sleeps the necessary hours and will not be aware of the device in class hours.

Advertising control

While advertising can be inescapable even in search engines for children, make sure that your choice allows as little of it as possible, and also that it comes with suitable content for your child’s age.

List of the best safe browsers for your children to browse the Internet

Here we present you a selection of the safest browsers, that every parent should keep in mind when helping their children navigate safely.

Since their characteristics make them very reliable tools as they are specially designed for them:

Zoodles is a great solution for parents looking initiate the little ones in the technological world. This gives us an idea of ​​how safe it is for the child to learn while playing on their own, without the need for the company of an adult.

It has several versions for you to choose according to the age of the child, one of which has been designed for children between 3 and 8 years old. Besides being adaptable to different operating systems and mobile devicesIn all cases, parents have a panel to control what their children see on the Internet at all times.


KIDO’Z is a browser for children that is widely accepted all over the world, among other things because it is very safe, since its creators have taken great care in choosing the sites that your children can access through it. This practically makes impossible that children can reach unsuitable or dangerous places.

It comes available in 17 languages, including Spanish. As a parent, it allows you parental control to block any content that you don’t like, and additionally you can add others that you consider appropriate for your children to see. You don’t have to be at home to control everything, as you can do it remotely by entering the official page of the browser.

You can choose from any of its three categories divided into games, videos and websites for children to play and learn from the 3 years old. And the best part is that it is completely free and available for all versions of Android.

Zac Browser


Zac Browser is a dedicated Internet browser for children on the autism spectrum, which should give you an idea of ​​how useful it is for this particular case. It has been developed in such a way that children suffering from this condition can keep an interest in what they are doing. You can access the browser completely free of charge, and through your child you will find many games, videos, songs and an endless number of educational exercises appropriate to age and condition. Is available for Windows Y Mac.

Download Zac Browser Windows

Download Zac Browser MacOS



KidZui It is another of the most recommended browsers, since everything that children see through it has been previously approved by an advisory board that is responsible for ensuring that all content is truly safe. This way you can be sure that your child is not accessing directly to the Internet, but each video from Youtube, photographs and any other page comes from the database that maintains KidZui.

Download KidZui Windows



KidRocket is a children’s browser that is usually recommended by various educational entities, both public and private, around the world. This is mainly because it includes a lot content related to teaching, as are math exercises, vocabulary, and many interactive activities. As a parent, you will feel comfortable knowing that it blocks all your child’s access to the Internet, and will only allow them to access pages proven safe for him.

Download KidRocket Windows

Kidz CD

Kidz CD offers you a navigation option for each of the stages of your children’s development, since each version is designed depending on the age for which you plan to implement it. In any case, you can be sure of having a very safe browser for minors.

For example, the Kidz Cd 4 version is designed for young people from 13 years old, which allows them to perform many activities such as chat, games, jokes, sports and news, without neglecting the content related to science, art and many others, all under strict control of the content on your part.

Download Kidz CD Windows



KidSplorer is a browser available for Windows, with which you can exercise the greatest supervision and control over the pages that your young children can visit. For that you have the option to adjust everything according to your preferences and convenience according to the child’s age. In addition, it also allows you the time management option, which helps you to set limits on schedules in which the child can be connected.

Download KidSplorer Windows

The best Internet search engines for your children to find what they like

Before you ask, We remind you that there are differences between search engines and children’s browsers.

If what you are looking for is to get the ideal search engine for your children, we invite you to review our suggestions to help you in your choice:


Bunis is a great search engine for children that offers you many advantages. Among these we can mention that it allows you to know the searches that your children make and eliminate the inappropriate terms for them. Although the search engine may have been ahead of you thanks to its four-pass filter system, very similar to the one used by Google. In addition, it is entirely in Spanish and is free.

Child Finder

Child Finder is another of the options that you should take into account, since apart from being totally in Spanish, it brings with it advantages such as a good amount of educational resources for the early stages of learning. It works based on the same method of including and excluding words that you use Google.


Kiddle has been making its way among search engines for children, mainly thanks to the attractive images that make it certainly intuitive. Although it is in English, these images help the child to quickly understand which is the most suitable search result. Further, has its own library.



KidRex is a search engine for children based on the technology of Google SafeSearch, but we could say that it does it as a form of support, since this search engine is concerned with introducing functions that you cannot find in the search engine. Google, and, more importantly, it does so through a constant update of content filters, so that children have little chance of finding language or images inappropriate for their age. To access this search engine copy the following address


Kidy is a search engine children only, which focuses on the search for content oriented to education, but without neglecting the fun, which allows to be sure that in addition to being away from inappropriate content, children they will be learning while playing. It has a great blocker of adult content.


To end, We leave you this recommendation of Best Kids websites, that your children can use to find quality content on topics such as science, culture from different countries, music, games, crafts or mathematics, all duly organized by categories and totally away from any type of inappropriate content.