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What are the best alternative applications to Google Calendar to use as an agenda? 2022 list

What are the best alternative applications to Google Calendar to use as an agenda? 2020 list

Currently, controlling time and organizing everything you need to do is increasingly important in the world of work. However, in most cases, people have a thousand things in their head and it is extremely difficult to remember them all .

This is why, it is essential to make use of agenda or calendar applications. Among them, the most practical and used solution is Google Calendar , since it allows you to integrate other tools perfectly and if you use it in Chrome, it provides you with additional functions.

Thus, in this post we want to tell you why it is appropriate to use Google Calendar as an agenda, and its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, it seems valuable to let you know several of the best alternatives to this application ; which allow you to organize to the fullest.

What is Google Calendar and why use it as an agenda?

¿Qué es Google Calendar y por qué utilizarlo como agenda?

In order to easily organize and control your time, Google Calendar has been created as a great alternative in reference to the use of agendas and calendars. This application is based on a completely free personal space that provides you with all the necessary tools to create, manage and share events within your agendas .

While it is true, it is a service made, designed and facilitated by Google, which works linked to Gmail email accounts . Therefore, it is very easy to use this application, because today most Internet users maintain an active account in this email client.

Thanks to its excellent features, it is estimated that using Google Calendar as an agenda is very practical and ideal for those who prefer to control their activities. Taking into account that, the service offers many possibilities of use, both in personal terms and also around working life.

With this, you will not lose sight of your pending activities, you will never forget important dates and you can keep to-do lists as well. Like set up alerts to get your meetings on time and check your calendar from wherever you want.


Given that it is a great option to maintain the organization at all times, it is worth highlighting the main benefits that Google Calendar can acquire . Which, we detail them below:

  • It is a completely free service , so it is available to any user.
  • The interface of this Google tool is available at various languages ​​ and in addition to this, it gives you the ability to enter information in the calendar in languages ​​other than those initially set.
  • It has mobile access , so which you can receive notifications as well as appointment reminders from your smartphone.
  • There is no possibility of losing your calendar , that is, everything you save in Google Calendar it will remain intact.
  • It has unlimited storage space , even if it’s free. Which reveals great productivity without restrictions.
  • In addition to creating events , it also allows you to share them with your colleagues, friends, colleagues and even with your customers.
  • It gives you the option of managing different calendars , depending on the reasons, jobs or customers. For example, you can manage a personal calendar and, at the same time, a work calendar.
  • You can reorganize your agenda with great simplicity and speed, in case of any unforeseen events.
  • No internet connection is required to enter the calendar and manage it.


Although there are more advantages provided by Google Calendar, this service also reveals certain cons that are worth taking into account when using it. These disadvantages, refer to:

  • As for its interface, it could be specified that is very unattractive , compared to other services of this class.
  • Sometimes, the Google calendar may have synchronization problems with the Gmail account for different reasons.
  • Sometimes manual editing of events becomes a bit slow .

List of the best alternative applications to Google Calendar to organize at maximum

As we indicated from the beginning of the post, it is also necessary to have other alternatives to Google Calendar at hand. Since, technologically, it is always good to have more and new solutions that allow you to use different tools with which, in this case, you manage to maintain a perfect organization. Next, the 10 best options available on the Google Play Store :

Calendar Business Agenda, Organizer & Widget

Calendario Business Agenda, Organizador & Widget

One of the best alternatives to the Google calendar is this free application that has great features. Among them, we highlight that has six main views very well designed, such as: month, week, day, agenda, tasks and year. Additionally, it offers event planner and various task management.

For its part, allows intuitive navigation through the sliding between month, week and day. It also contains dragging events at the right time quickly, you can show and hide calendars with the Favorites Bar , offer smart suggestions, allows you to invite event participants, search in real time in all views, etc.

My Personal Agenda

Mi Agenda Personal

It is also another of the most famous organization applications in the Google Play Store, as it reveals a large number of downloads on Android devices. Among its main features, it is worth noting that this app adds different modules , such as: Diary, Notes, Task Lists, Calendar, Notices, Contacts, Keys and Drawings. Which allow you to manage everything you want in a very complete way.

Added to this, My Personal Agenda has data encryption , making it a great solution for storing all types of personal information. It even allows to enter password . In addition, it facilitates backups, conversion to PDF, email submissions and is an app that is constantly updated.

Agenda 2019 Free

Agenda 2019 Gratis

This is a novel solution to keep and keep control of your work, commitments and special dates. Since, basically it is an app that provides you with the necessary tools to schedule favorite dates, create reminders, save notes easily and apart from that, it offers you a code and document scanner .

One of its best features is that it is a simple and complete option at the same time and yet, is completely free . In addition to this, it offers games for you to be distracted in your free time. It should also be noted that this application contains a very useful, accurate and functional QR reader to plan your day to day.

DigiCal Calendar

Calendario DigiCal

This is a very interesting alternative to keep all your plans organized. First, because it has seven elegant calendar views, in which you can plan your work with the views, whether by day, week, month, textual month, agenda, list and / or year. In addition to that, provides several types of simple widgets to customize .

For its part, it offers global weather forecasting, contains built-in place search (being faster address access with Google Places Autocomplete). Apart from that, it emits calendar notifications with alarm, it has combined date and time selector to speed up the scheduling of events , as well as offering appointment planning both in local and foreign time zones. p>



Although it is a simpler application than the options indicated above, it is considered other good alternatives to the Google giant calendar. In this sense, it works as an electronic agenda that manages to organize and coordinate any type of activity you want in a very simple and effective way, taking into account that it offers a completely intuitive navigation.

With regard to its main functions, we highlight that it offers a monthly, weekly and also daily calendar view. Additionally, it allows you to manage your personal and separate agenda, you can have a strictly working agenda and provides text notes manager, as well as voice notes manager . Among other details, it has a perfect game to streamline the mind and has a module of remains and goals to meet.

Task Agenda

Task Agenda

Free of charge, this productivity app offers you different useful tools to help you organize and remember activities and even make better use of time each day. Since, all its functions have been designed to be able to divide users’ time in a more balanced way and thus generate less stress.

In this way, you can include all kinds of tasks on the platform, add reminders that will be notified on your mobile and with it, manage your daily activities perfectly and easily. Apart from this, you can customize the application to your liking and even add a widget to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet, so that the next duties to complete are constantly displayed.

School Agenda

Agenda Escolar

Focused on providing good assistance to students, especially; This application was created to allow to organize the academic life of young people who prefer to have everything under control. Whether in their primary, secondary or university school. Taking into account that it shows a simple, efficient and intuitive interface.

On the other hand, the application allows you to manage your class schedule and manage an agenda so as not to forget homework, exams or special reminders. In addition to this, it offers a calendar, colorful themes and issues notifications of the relevant academic events that you keep there. One of its biggest advantages is that it allows to back up Google Drive and you can register all your classes.

ColorNote Notepad Notes h3>ColorNote Bloc de notas Notas

Another of the best alternatives is this simple app that offers a quick and very easy editing notebook experience , where you can write the messages you want, shopping lists, etc. In reference to its operation, the platform simplifies the organization of your work sectioned in different colors , in order to classify them according to what you require.

Apart from that, you can protect your notes with password and use a lock password for more security . It also supports synchronization of notes between your mobile and your tablet, you can set powerful reminders that the app will automatically issue, share notes of interest by email, SMS and even Twitter, among other features.

Smart Agenda Personal Agenda Agenda Inteligente Agenda Personal

Another of the applications available in Google Play Store that we recommend, is Smart Agenda Personal Agenda that works as an excellent alternative to organize your day to day. Since, it has simple but effective options and tools to plan all your activities , regardless of whether they are personal, work, academic, etc.

Among other details, the application has a calendar, calendar and to voice recorder and games with which you can entertain during your free time. In reference to its main advantages, we emphasize that it is its ease of use , so it is an ideal solution for any user to manage from wherever they want in a very practical way.

Week plan Plan de la semana

Finally, we refer to this app that gives you a free trial period for seven days, with which you can also take complete control of your commitments, tasks, special dates, notes and many other things from the comfort of your Android mobile or tablet .

Thus, we highlight that it is a very easy to use tool to use as personal organizer , especially. In this way, you can select the start of the day of the week to present the planning to your liking, it also allows you to modify the design, select the language, enter and verify notes for the necessary time, create events that are repeated every certain time and cancel them if required, configure and receive notifications, etc.

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