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What are the best alternative applications to Spotify to listen to free music? 2022 list

What are the best alternative applications to Spotify to listen to free music? 2020 list

Currently, Spotify has opened a new path that the music industry has wanted to make the most of, and that is a great music streaming service that is totally important today >. Therefore, has more than 191 million active users every month , of which 87 million are subscribed to its payment service in order to optimally use all its functions and tools. Which translates into that for anyone it is a secret that, this platform is a leader in music transmission worldwide , thanks to the fact that it distributes music content totally online.

However, although Spotify is seen as the best service of this type and the most consolidated in several countries, also presents a serious competition that is distributed on other platforms with good tools also . Taking into account that over time, even though it has had remarkable success, has also suffered certain ups and downs .

Indeed, it is good to know other alternatives to Spotify that are considered excellent applications for listening to music. Therefore, we have made a timely analysis of them to offer you a total of 10 apps in which you can enjoy the best music streaming , along with other features of considerable interest and benefits. The best thing about it is that most are available on several operating systems (especially on Android and iOS) and also are completely free .

What is it, how it works and how Spotify works on Android or iPhone ?

¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cómo funciona Spotify en Android o iPhone?

This platform specifically known as “ Spotify Music ” is now, the most popular application when listening to music over the Internet and from different devices (computers, mobiles , Tablets, televisions, game consoles, speakers and in the car).

Which, it does so legally and with it, has allowed authors not to be affected by piracy , as was commonly the case. In this sense, is estimated as an optimal service of music, podcasts and digital videos in streaming that easily gives you access to billions of songs by artists from around the world and also to other types of contents.

Also, this application gives you the option of choosing between its free version that contains ads and limits some functions , and the paid version that allows you to make use of the same platform in a more advanced and complete way .

Now, in reference to its operation, to start you must access the Spotify service through a download of your app on your device (the you want) Either from its official website or through the famous app stores for Android and iOS.

Next, you need to create a user along with your preferred password , so that you can store everything you want there and manage your account from wherever you want .

Since then, once you install the app, you have to run it and manage the user plan you want to choose to enjoy its functions and tools .

It is appropriate to inform you about the main plans offered to its users , according to the requirements and possibilities of each one; then the same:

  • Open : This is the totally free service that gives you the possibility to enjoy the music you want, only for 20 hours during the month in the country where you registered . And in case you travel abroad, you can use the service for 14 days . Among its peculiarities, we find that it allows you to share with friends those who are listening in real time, but this option shows advertising at all times .
  • Free : It’s another free plan but is accessed by invitation . Thus, it includes radio stations to listen wherever you want and also adds the database of artists. However, like the previous plan, works with advertising .
  • Unlimited : This is a payment alternative , for which you must cancel a total of 99 euros per month . As the name implies, it does not reveal any kind of limit to listen to music both in the country where you once registered, as well as abroad. In short, does not display any commercials throughout the experience .
  • Premium : Allows you to handle all of its functions without restriction > and access all platform content. Even from your mobile device .


Thanks to it being one of the most famous and important music streaming services of the moment, of course it emits a lot of advantages that all its users must know .

Indeed, here are the most relevant benefits that Spotify currently offers :

  • It offers free subscription , which although it does not contain a long duration, is a good feature for its users to manage the platform and enjoy millions of songs of all genres.
  • It guarantees a complete streaming of remarkable quality that all people like.
  • If you use the paid version, the platform does not show advertising and this is a great relief for users around their comfort.
  • It is considered a very simple platform to use . In view of the fact that searches for tracks or artists can be handled by anyone.
  • The application works perfectly on several platforms . That is, on PCs, terminals and mobile devices, Tablets and of any operating system .
  • Provide unlimited music to all its users ; aspect that revolutionized greatly, the way music is heard today.
  • Exhibits a catalog of music virtually inexhaustible . Since it has been stated that has around 20 million songs .
  • If you pay for the “ Unlimited ” or “ Premium ”, you can use the“ Spotify Connect ”function that allows you to listen to all the music you want, without having to have an Internet connection .
  • It has a section called “ Spotify Radio ”, which allows the app to detect the music you like the most and thus find a completely personalized content.


As with all online services, the Spotify platform also exhibits several disadvantages or disadvantages that are appropriate to know and take into account when using this app. Therefore, we detail them below:

  • Free versions, either “ Open ” or “ Free “, show many limitations and the most notable is that it does not have high quality streaming . Which means that you cannot listen to high definition music .
  • Unfortunately, it is a service that is not available in all countries .
  • Of course, it should be noted that for free plans, shows a constant and annoying advertising that may even seem like a commercial radio.
  • If you use the free version and you want to select particular songs on your Smartphone, this is not possible . Because, the lists simply work in random mode .
  • Again another limitation of the free version is that does not have Spotify Connect . Therefore, you cannot listen to music without an Internet connection and you don’t have the possibility to synchronize all the devices you handle.
  • The application no longer has its own lyrics function . That is to say, you currently cannot know the meaning of the letters directly from the platform.

List of the 10 best alternative applications to Spotify to play millions of songs for free

It is recommended that you have other options when listening to music directly from your mobile or from any device and with total simplicity. Therefore, in addition to Spotify, there are also other applications that show excellent features for the reproduction of any kind of music streaming and completely free.

Here are the 10 best and most optimal apps:

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Let’s start with this option that you can use from any iOS or Android device , including Android Wear, Android Auto and Chromecast; that has a similar operation to Spotify . First, because is a freemium app (free and paid at the same time).

As for the free version, contains commercials and a radio based on songs, artists and albums; also supports storage and transmission of up to 50,000 personal collection songs at no cost and issues recommendations based on the activity, location, taste and mood of its users.

On the other hand, in reference to its subscription features , you must pay 9.95 euros per month or if you want the family plan for six people, you have to cancel 14.99 euros in total . Thus, it gives you access to more than 40 million songs , you can listen to music without an Internet connection, it does not contain advertising and allows you free access to YouTube Music at no additional cost .

In short, Google Play Music is about an ideal service that consecrates millions of songs and thousands of playlists for any occasion .

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Another excellent alternative is this service native to the renowned YouTube platform, which includes various functions for both computers, as well as for Android and iOS mobile phones . In principle, it shows an extremely elegant and simple interface to handle that, in addition to everything, integrates perfectly with the Google Home speaker.

Also, adds live themes in its catalog and this is hardly found in another application. Best of all, is a completely free platform from any app store . However, it offers a paid or Premium version that costs 9.95 euros and, in addition, allows you to listen to music and watch videos without having an Internet connection.

It should be noted that is considered a new streaming music service and for greater interest, it gives you the ability to find all kinds of songs, albums, live presentations, remix and covers that exist . In addition, to simplify the search, you can carry it out by means of a description or by its letter, in case you don’t know the name of the track.


MusicAll Como alternativa de Spotify

As an alternative to Spotify, this is one of the best to enjoy streaming music completely free and thus, it provides an extensive catalog based mainly on the music libraries of the YouTube platform .

In this sense, it is appropriate to distinguish that MusicAll has a simple and classified search , from which you can locate any song, album or artist and get absolutely complete and sectioned results.


Thus guaranteeing, great assistance and much more advanced than other official services . Since, for free, it allows to listen to music without an Internet connection and through any device of your choice.

Added to this, it can be downloaded directly from its official website or from the main mobile app stores. Additionally, it has a function with which you can create your music and synchronize it , that is, it allows you to create your own playlists and save them to favorites, just as as if you had a personalized library .

In addition to this, it presents a “ Top of songs ” through which it is possible to explore the songs most listened to by the users of this application.

Apple Music

Apple Music

Of course, this is the most popular service among iOS users to enjoy unlimited streaming that has a monthly subscription plan that can be canceled individually or as family plan.

The first, has a cost of 9.95 euros and the family, has a price of 14.99 euros . This allows access to 50 million songs and radio stations . For more coverage, allows use on Apple Watch and even provides an Android version . Although not available for any computer operating system.

In reference to its free version, there is no one that is clearly free but only offers a free trial plan that lasts about three months and this can be very advantageous because it is a good time to manage and enjoy the platform, compared to Spotify.

Among other things, Apple Music allows you to access the library stored in iCloud and in addition, is compatible with 200 vehicle models through the use of CarPlay , that is, Siri’s voice assistant. In this way, it also allows to create smart playlists and has its own station, concerts, programs and music videos.

Since works since 2003 , this is one of the most common streaming music services on the Internet. Which, over time, has been adapting to the news of the digital world and therefore shows perfect support for mobile devices , so you can get your application directly from Google Play Store or App Store .

In this sense, it is estimated that a great alternative to Spotify, thanks to which is a kind of social network of musical tastes and also manages to play music online with the help YouTube or allows you to buy it from iTunes directly .

But well, it is definitely a service that works for free and for greater advantage, offers reliable data of the world’s most listened to songs in real time . Therefore, it is responsible for segmenting the results according to countries and regions to facilitate searches to suit each user.

Additionally, allows you to visualize an alternative ranking that is usually performed by the main radio stations worldwide. It also emits great simplicity so that all people who use your app, see their favorite artists, albums and tracks more quickly, as well as a thorough follow-up of the most important musical events of the moment .


Deezer Music

Deezer Music

With a library that adds more than 53 million songs , this refers to an app that although not as massive, provides a service very similar to the recognized Spotify and thus, it allows you to listen to music online, communicate privately with the community and receive various recommendations attached to the musical tastes that you specify once you register on the platform.

Thus, consecrates a free version that is in random mode and like almost all of these recommendations, shows advertisements for being free .

Now, as for the Premium version of Deezer Music , we mention that is priced at 9.99 euros per month for individual subscription, 14.99 in family rate and 19.99 if you are a Hi / Fi subscription . Among other specifications, the application is available on Windows and Mac OS computers, as well as Android and iOS devices, and accepts connection with Smart TV .

The latter, gives the alternative to listen to all the tracks and see their lyrics through television to facilitate karaoke sessions wherever you want . Finally, it presents a function identified as “ Flow ” that combines your favorite themes with recommendations chosen around the tracks that you have already marked as favorites.

SoundCloud Music

SoundCloud Música

As another ideal alternative to perfectly replace Spotify, we recommend this application where you can directly search songs of all genres, artists and other users, if you want .

This platform has been cataloged as an independent website that is responsible for promoting projects that until now, are in its first steps and thus, intends to position itself as one of the main streaming music apps and of course, it has achieved .

In this sense, you can download it directly from the main stores of applications for Android and iOS , in addition to being able to use it from your PC through its website. Among its most important features, we find that it gives you the ability to discover the latest music news , various songs according to the genre, create your own playlists and share them .

Like the option to pause, skip or play certain songs from the lock screen. In addition to record sounds and be able to share them directly to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

SongFlip Music

SongFlip Music

This is a completely free alternative that has been considered many times, as the best streaming music player and therefore it can be a great Spotify substitute.

First of all, because it allows you to search and stream millions of songs quickly and easily , as well as keeping track of the best tracks of the moment and those that have been most successful.

To simplify your search, provides an option with which you can navigate by genre and other options, in this app you will be able to create playlists and for more personalization, organize all your favorite songs .

With SongFlip Music you can control your music directly from the lock screen and it is definitely an easy-to-use application with a very striking interface. This, it is possible to find it in Google Play Store and App Store to download it either on your mobile or Tablet .